Rules of Life by Robert De Niro

• Rules of Life by Robert De Niro

Rules of Life by Robert De Niro

THOSE WHO SAY, do not know and those who know, never say. So everything revolves.

Life rarely change you whole, but it is constantly changing you in the details. For example, early in my childhood, I loved the sweet and now I eat it only when they are in the restaurant. Well, I think, since I'm here, let it be sweet.

If I love to bask in the sun and if I can spend half a day on the terrace with a good view, it does not mean that I have decided to retire. My attempts to enjoy the little things do not have anything to do with old age.

I HAVE A BAD MEMORY. But I do not like it when I'm reminded of it.

A long time ago, as a child, when I went to drama school, the director once asked me: "Well, why did you decide to become an actor?" I honestly do not know what to say, and so did not reply. And then he said: "To express yourself, you fool," I nodded: "Yes, of course, so it is."

TALENT - is first and foremost the ability to make the right choice.

I LIKE TO GO TO THE THEATRE. There's no one bothers me. I was not even always know.

The most annoying thing in the profession of the actor - the fact that people are too polite to you. For example, you're talking to someone, and you all nod - even if you are carrying a monstrous nonsense. But the person in actual fact need someone who tells him things he does not want to hear. The most in my work, I appreciate the opportunity to live the lives of others and never pay for it.

I would have given for that course to learn how to distinguish good advice from bad.

I like it when advice is given CHILDREN. No, I do not always agree with them. I just like this situation.

AS SOON AS YOU APPEAR offspring, you appear and problems.

Until you try it, you will not understand. That's what I tell my children.

MY MOVIES LIKE my children, but with one exception: children can not be reissued in 3D and re-enriched.

The actor, who is sent to the audition, I always say: "It is not so important, you will get this role or not - the main thing to get noticed."

There are people who will convince you that the drama - it's easy, but comedy - it's hard. Nonsense! In recent years, I have played in several comedies, and confirm that it is not. You starred in the drama, and the whole day you're trying to score someone to death with a hammer or something like that. In comedy you just have to, that come to the site, to cry for an hour at Billy Crystal (American comedian -. Esquire) - and you're free.

IF Martin (Martin Scorsese -. Esquire) ask me about something, I'll think about it seriously - even if it seems I'm not interested.

I always feel the debtor Coppola.

I THINK Direction - this is the work of the President. Too similar goals. I've still never found the time for it to review all of its movies in a row. I do not particularly like to review your movies. Me from them tends to sleep.

When we finished the shoot "The Deer Hunter" (Michael Cimino film about the Vietnam War, shot in Thailand -. Esquire), I realized that Thailand - a great place and I have to go back there as soon as possible. But I did it only after 18 years!

I think that people are not only changed the climate of the planet, but also to do something eventually. Have not you noticed? Now ten years it passes as before three.

SOMETIMES I envy the dead man: they have plenty of free time.

I'll never have time to read all the books that would like to read. So it is better not to ask me about it.

I prefer not to have unnecessary things. The more things you have, the more energy you spend on them.

People are different: while some reflect on how to create something really special, others are thinking about how to benefit from it the maximum profit.

BIG MONEY not very well get on with this quality. At least in the movies.

If the chair is good, then you do not spend a lot of time trying to get it.

Good hotel - this is the hotel where I'd left off. That's all.

I never liked Los Angeles. It is the only city where I agree to go only after I pay for it. ITALY LONG already changed. However, Rome - is Rome.

In me is Italian blood, but I do not fully Italian. I'm a little Dutch, a little French and a little German. But I have an Italian name, and that's why I used to associate themselves with the Italian side.

Today I laugh more often than laughing in his youth. I think I began to tell people less severely.

Together with old age always comes caution - this is what I noticed.

There is no more important things than to stop being afraid. But do not confuse courage with recklessness.

I recently read that, according to recent research, women feel more comfortable undressing in front of men than men undressing in front of women. In my opinion, everything is simple: the woman always looks appreciatively at the man, and the man looks at a woman with gratitude.

Lose weight much easier than to look younger, but even this is possible.

I envy Dustin Hoffman. It can be funny and smart at the same time. And I never did not work.

REALITY at everyone.

If God is, then I have a lot of questions for him.

But I did not converge on the "Avatar."