10 Life Lessons from the Buddha

10 Life Lessons from the Buddha

Just that will help you change your life for the better and discard all unnecessary.

Buddha Shakyamuni (or Gautama Siddhartha) was a spiritual teacher and founder of Buddhism in ancient India. His instructions were written and gathered followers.

We offer to listen to these tips, which nowhere you do not oblige, but they can make your life better.

1. Start small - this is normal

"The pitcher is filled slowly, drop by drop. As a wise man gradually filled with good. "

Uoldo Ralph Emerson said: "Each artist was once an amateur."

We all start out small, do not neglect it. If you are consistent and patient, you will succeed. Nobody gets everything at once: happy is he who is willing to start small and work hard until it fills the jug.

2. Thoughts are material

"All that we are, - the result of what we think about ourselves. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain following him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure intention, happiness follows him, that is, as shadows, will never leave. "

Buddha says: "Everything in our minds. You become what you think. " To live correctly, you must fill your mind "right" thoughts. Evil thoughts destroy you. Your mind determines actions, your actions determine the outcome. If you change your thinking, you change and your life. Buddha said: "All wrong actions are dependent on thought. When thinking changes, whether evil misdeeds remain? "

3. Goodbye

"Hatred never ceases hatred in this world. Only love to end it. It is an ancient law. "

When you release those who are imprisoned in the prison of unforgiveness, you free from this prison and himself. You can not suppress anyone, not suppressing, and myself too. Learn to forgive, learn to forgive as quickly as possible. Buddha said: "In the light of the fire, there is no stronger than passion, fierce sharks more than hate, and the hurricane more devastating than greed."

4. Your actions have to

"If there is something that is worth doing, do it with all my heart."

To develop, you have to act every day. The proverb says: "God gives every bird a worm, but does not throw it into the nest." And if you take up something, put his heart and soul to the cause.

5. Try to understand

"Answer is always only the good, the only way to make this world a better place. Answer good or do not respond in any way. If you respond to evil with evil, then evil is growing. "

Stephen Covey said: "First, try to understand, and only then try to understand you." Easy to say but hard to do: you shall make every effort to understand the point of view of another person. When you feel angry, forget it. Listen to others, understand their point of view and you will have peace of mind. More focus on how to be happy than to be right.

6. Control your mind

"Taming of thought, barely contained, lightweight, stumbling anywhere - good. Curbed thought leads to happiness. "

Who will win yourself one more powerful than any ruler. To win yourself, you need to win your mind. You should control your thoughts. They should not rage like waves of the sea. You might think: "I can not control my thoughts. The thought comes when she wants. " This is the answer: you can not prevent the birds fly above you, but, of course, you can prevent it to build a nest on your head.

7. Live in harmony

"Victory brings hatred. The defeated live in pain. Happy pacified, giving up victory and defeat. "

Do not look outside of what can only be in your heart. Often we can get carried away by searching outside to distract from the truth. Harmony - this is not a new job, not a new car or a new marriage, harmony - within you.

8. Be grateful to

"Health - the greatest gift, contentment - the best asset."

There is always something for which he should be grateful. Not all were able to wake up this morning, yesterday someone asleep for the last time. Someone daily struggles with a serious illness. A grateful heart will make you great.

9. Be true to what you know

"As a strong rock can not be moved by the wind, so the wise men among the steadfast censure and praise."

We know a lot, but do not always do what we know. If you fail, it will not happen because you do not know what to do; This happens due to the fact that you did not do what he knew. Be loyal to yourself.

10. Share the happiness of

"Thousands of candles can light from a single candle, and her life will not be shorter. Happiness does not become smaller when they delishsya ".

Happiness is not only getting smaller - it gets bigger. Therefore, do not hide it from the people who make others more kindly.

And finally, the main thing: "Do not believe everything you say, but check everything on my own experience. Be your own guiding light. "