22 Arthur Schopenhauer quote about true freedom

• 22 Arthur Schopenhauer quote about true freedom

22 Arthur Schopenhauer quote about true freedom

The famous German philosopher of XIX century Arthur Schopenhauer was known misanthrope, an inveterate bachelor and lover of freedom. But such a cautious attitude to the people did not stop him to explore human nature in all its forms and talk about their observations frankly and categorically.

Introducing philosopher saying that in this age of sound fresh and sharp.

Smart is not so much looking for solitude as avoid hassles created by fools.

From the point of view of a young life is infinite future, in terms of age - a very short history.

Who is cruel to animals, he can not be a good man.

There is only one inborn error - a belief that we are born to be happy.

It's reasonable to often say to yourself: "Change I can not do, is to extract from it."

You can not do anything about the environment you stupidity! But do not worry in vain, because a stone thrown into a swamp, does not make circles.

Without women, our lives would be at the beginning - is defenseless in the middle - not fun, at the end - no consolation.

Mediocrity is concerned with how to kill time, and talent - as it's time to use.

Lichtenberg said: "If a collision of the head with a book sounds hollow sound, then is it always the sound of the book?"

Who does not like being alone - does not love freedom, because only in solitude can be free. What we are really meant for our happiness is much more than what we have.

Each person can hear, but not with everyone worth talking to.

Wealth is like salt water: the more you drink it, the more thirst. This also applies to fame.

Sometimes we feel that we yearn on some remote place, whereas in fact we yearn for the time that we spent there, being younger and fresher than it is now. So while deceiving us under the guise of space ...

Poor man who does not have nothing that he could be proud of, grabs the only possible and proud nation to which he belongs.

To voluntarily and freely recognize and appreciate other people's dignity, need to have their own.

What people call fate, it is, in essence, a set of stupidities perpetrated by them.

Thoughts greatest minds can not tolerate ordinary filtration through his head.

Every child in some way a genius, and every genius in some way a child.

Do not tell your friend that does not have to know your enemy.

One of the major obstacles to the development of the human race should be considered that people do not listen to the one who smarter than others, but the one who speaks the loudest.

World - a hospital terminally ill.