The most dangerous city in the world

Going on a trip, we tend to expect that it will be an exciting adventure for us. However, in the world there exists a lot of decent-looking cities, trip that may turn out to tourists is quite big trouble.

The most dangerous city in the world

We will name the top ten countries where the level of criminal offenses rolls to the limit, and which are concerned about their safety of tourists is better not to meddle.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The most dangerous city in the world

An extremely high level of crime is widespread in many Brazilian cities. For shine and luxury Rio actually hides a lot of dangers to travelers. However, the city remains a popular destination for leisure travelers in Brazil, particularly during the annual Brazilian carnival.

10 years ago, Rio could lead this list, but to date the level of violent crime and murders fell slightly. Theft, robbery and violence are still very common thing, especially at night or on crowded beaches.

Cape Town, South Africa

The most dangerous city in the world

In the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the already high levels of crime. Visitors are attracted here picturesque scenery and proximity to the reserved places, but the tour is not recommended to go beyond the tourist areas, traveling alone and attending disadvantaged areas and the poor slums.

A huge gap between the social classes is preserved because of differences in ethnic attitudes and economic inequalities. Such offenses as kidnapping, murder, rape, racially motivated crimes and robberies are part of everyday life here.

Guatemala, Republic of Guatemala

The most dangerous city in the world

As with many cities in Central America, Guatemala has faced the problem of drug trafficking, which pulls the influx of weapons, "dirty" money and violence. Shooting, street showdowns, robbery, car theft occur almost daily, and tourists almost get in the crossfire.

Another problem in Guatemala is linked to the robbery of buses when armed thugs stopped public transport and clean out tourists and travelers.

Poor infrastructure, corruption of the police and armed to the teeth with drug traffickers - all this makes it extremely dangerous to Guatemala city for tourists, who come here to see for themselves the descendants of the legendary Maya and enjoy the beauty of local nature and ancient monuments.

7. Baghdad, Iraq

The most dangerous city in the world

Decades of war have done their job, and now the city with the transition is almost the worst place for tourists. US forces very slowly leave the war-torn country. As a result of the ongoing fire, bombings and explosions, people are killed almost every day.

The constant struggle between the government, armed groups and the army has created enormous tension in the country. Extremely high level of threat to tourists movement by terrorist acts.

Acapulco, Mexico

The most dangerous city in the world

You might be surprised that such a magnificent city, which was chosen by tourists from different countries, ended up in this list. Nevertheless, the increase in drug trafficking, robberies and violent deaths have created an extremely unfavorable environment for exploring the city. Visitors should always be mindful of the local crime statistics: 100 thousand residents account for 142 murders a year. Yet the main tourist routes are relatively safe, and most of the crimes are concentrated in remote areas.

Caracas, Venezuela

The most dangerous city in the world

drug trafficking and gangs of criminals abound on the streets of Caracas. Tourists are often subjected to attacks of robbers or thieves, and the murder rate is extremely high in this country. The Foreign Policy magazine dubbed Caracas' crime capital of the world ", as, according to official statistics, only in December 2008 in the city for at least 510 people were killed. Since then, the number of murders increased by as much as 67%.

Kabul, Afghanistan

The most dangerous city in the world

Located in the combat zone of Kabul for 10 years bears the title of "one of the most dangerous cities in the world." Violence, bombings, shootings and bombings have become so natural and unpredictable (like the future of the city), which is a walk through the city turns to newcomers in Russian roulette.

Because of the desperate struggle of local authorities, the American troops, terrorists, and power-hungry militias formed a very complex situation, which represents a serious threat to foreigners.


The most dangerous city in the world

The coup in the political system, ethnic conflicts, clashes on religious grounds, the increase in violence and suicide bombings, robberies and holdups turned the city into a place where all problems can be solved by force of arms.

Karachi is also unsafe because trafficking thrives. Kidnappings often take place, and the city is considered to be the main point for the transport of sex slaves in the Western world.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

The most dangerous city in the world

Ciudad Juarez, just south of the US border, has not a good reputation as a city where criminals feel at ease of all kinds, and corrupt police, drug cartels have long bribed, turned a blind eye to things happening in the city chaos and numerous atrocities.

Only in 2008 in the war more than 2,600 people were killed between drug traffickers. Residents Syusad Juarez simply fleeing the city to safer places.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The most dangerous city in the world

San Pedro Sula tops the list of most dangerous cities in the world for several years. The world narkostolitse reigns violence and lawlessness, and the illegal arms trade has given impetus to the emergence of armed gangs and to increase the proportion of fatal crimes committed with firearms.

Just think: in the 100 thousand residents account for 169 murders. This is the highest murder rate in the world. Most of those killed were members of armed groups killed in street skirmishes, as well as civilians who waylaid by a stray bullet.