26 best hotels in the world

The average price per night for a luxury apartment is about 660 US dollars. The man who decided on such costs, it is reasonable to expect that it will serve as a mega-star, but room from floor to ceiling is full of the most unimaginable comforts.

Well, I must say, the way it is in many hotels.

We offer you a list of the 26 best hotels in the world, based on a pooled data of four most respected ratings published elite travel publications and websites.

26. Hotel "Nayara Springs" "Arenal" National Park, Costa Rica

26 best hotels in the world

Set deep in the Volcanoes National Park, the hotel "Nayar Springs" offers to dissolve in the pristine nature never for a moment losing all the advantages of a luxury hotel, such as the magnificent spa, gourmet restaurants, daily yoga classes, Spanish lessons, and it is stunning living rooms with separate deep pools of water from natural mineral hot springs.

The starting price - about $ 500 per night.

25. Hotel "Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa" (in the past - "The Chedi")

26 best hotels in the world

Elite Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was acquired by "Anantara" and was re-branded in 2013, but still remains one of the most prestigious hotels in the northern Thailand. It is placed on the banks of the river Ping on a site formerly occupied by the British Consulate. The main idea - a harmonious combination of historical atmosphere with super-modern comfort.

Rooms are rented for as low as $ 200 per night.

24. "Lodge" at Kauri Klifz, North Island, New Zealand

26 best hotels in the world

The remote New Zealand hotel previously held one of the first places in the list of best hotels in the world, but now has moved to the twenty-fourth. Private secluded manor, occupying an area of ​​about 24 square kilometers, has a magnificent golf courses, tennis courts, beaches and panoramic swimming pool, as well as the famous mineral baths for guests' entertainment. For one night in this hotel will have to pay not less than 1290 USD.

23. Residence "Franschhoek", Franschhoek, South Africa

26 best hotels in the world

In the heart of the South African grape valley is this private mansion with the surrounding area with a total area of ​​120 thousand square meters. Residence - The luxurious and at the same time cozy place famous for its unsurpassed wine cellars and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and vineyards.

Rooms are rented for as low as $ 700 per night.

22. Rancho "Triple Creek", Derby, Montana, USA

26 best hotels in the world

Ranch "Triple Creek" - a combination of rustic and elegance, is located on the boundless expanse of "Big Sky Country" in Montana. Guests can stay in separate rooms or large apartment and enjoy the beauty of wildlife, making hiking or horseback riding, traveling on rafts or engaging in ski sports.

Minimum price - $ 950 per night.

21. "21c" Hotel-Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

26 best hotels in the world

The hotel-museum "21c", as the name implies, is not only modern and comfortable hotel. He is also a museum of contemporary art and the public cultural center. After enjoying a tour of numerous exhibitions and installations, guests can retire to their rooms, equipped with all the facilities of modern comfort.

Where you can stop paying from $ 200 per night.

20. The hotel "Jade Mountain", Soufriere Santa Lucia

26 best hotels in the world

attractive aspect of the hotel "Jade Mountain", are undoubtedly the natural beauty of the hilly Soufriere terraces and stunning sea views. Each of the twenty-nine rooms - is unique, but there is one thing in common: in each of these, only three walls. This architectural feature is dictated by the desire to maximize the magnificent panorama of the surroundings. The starting price - $ 1,000 per night.

19. The hotel "Banyan Tree Mayakoba", Riviera Maya, Mexico

26 best hotels in the world

Located in the luxurious district of the Riviera Maya (hundred-kilometer coastal strip of the Caribbean Sea, which stretches from Cancun to Tulum), the hotel "Banyan Tree Mayakoba" is popular due to excellent service and beautiful surrounding landscapes. Guests enjoy relaxing on the beach and admire the beauty of the unique ecological system combining mangroves, calm turquoise lagoon and endless coastal dunes.

The most affordable rooms here cost about $ 480 per night.

18. The hotel "The Peninsula Bangkok", Bangkok, Thailand

26 best hotels in the world

Overlooking the Chao Phraya, Thailand's major river hotel "The Peninsula Bangkok" is often called one of the best in Bangkok. This truly luxurious hotel complex is distinguished by modern comfortable apartments, a splendid panoramic roof-top pool, luxury spa facilities and unsurpassed service.

Where you can rent a room for as low as $ 215 per night.

17. The Palace "Taj Lake", Udaipur, India

26 best hotels in the world

Exquisite white marble facade of the palace, located at the shores of Lake Pichola in the northern India - a dream come true tourists who dream to see the true luxury of the East. Once upon a time the palace belonged to Raja, but today, after reconstruction, it is worthy to accommodate the royal court.

The most modest quarters in the palace cost around $ 300 per night.

16. Ramba Palace (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

26 best hotels in the world

Taj Palace Ramba could place the residence of the Maharaja. Here, stunning landscaped gardens and lawns, breathtakingly lush apartments and grand architecture. Tourists are delighted with the authentic Indian hospitality and unforgettable luxury.

To stay in this palace can be for $ 250.

15. The hotel "Bristol" in Paris, France

26 best hotels in the world

Talking about the French luxury often mean the interiors of "Bristol". This is one of the few hotels in France, was awarded the status of the palace - a sign of belonging to the highest possible rank in the hierarchy of hotels. Here are placed the sights of Paris, such as the restaurant "Michelin", "Le Bar du Bristol", and also has its own mineral springs.

$ 1100 per night - such is the price of the lowly accommodation at the legendary "Bristol".

14. Hotel "Capella Pedregal", Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

26 best hotels in the world

One of the best Mexican hotel "Capella Pedregal" is located on the southernmost tip of the Californian peninsula. The hotel area is about ten thousand square meters, opening up access to the beach and the mountains. Guests are proud to offer a large pool overlooking the ocean, fashionable restaurants and the beautiful room.

The minimum price for the night at this hotel - $ 600.

13. The resort complex "Four Seasons Bora Bora", Bora Bora, French Polynesia

26 best hotels in the world

Due to their isolated cottage-style bungalow, located just above the surface of the water (many of them, however, have a private swimming pool) and infinite forms on the serene turquoise waters of the South Pacific, the resort complex "Four Seasons" on the island of Bohr Bora is the perfect place for a happy honeymoon.

However, on one condition: for the most modest bungalows will have to pay $ 1,500 per night.

12. Hotel "Four Seasons Hotel Firenze" Florence, Italy

26 best hotels in the world

Guests Florence, staying at the "Four Seasons Hotel Firenze", building primarily at different times are placed palazzo and convent feel as if were in an Italian palace during the Renaissance, admiring the gilded ceilings, frescoes and murals, and also luxurious decoration of rooms. Spend a night in this hotel is not less than 865 dollars.

11. Hotel "Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet", Istanbul, Turkey

26 best hotels in the world

Once the building that houses the hotel "Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet" Istanbul was a Turkish prison, but since then everything has completely changed: a luxury hotel with 65 spacious apartments and residences reminiscent of anything, except prison.

By the way, take a break in the former chamber can be all for 680 dollars.

10. Safari Hotel "Singita Kruger National Park", South Africa

26 best hotels in the world

The estate in the Kruger National Park - the perfect place for the safari lovers who want to stay with all the luxuries imaginable. There are two separate "hunting lodge" in a common area - "Lemba" and "Sven". Guests are invited to check out on safari twice a day.

This African hunting lodge to spend the night for $ 1,700.

9. The hotel complex "St. Regis Punta Mita Resort ", Punta de Mita, Mexico

26 best hotels in the world

The secluded location on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, rooms with all the attributes of luxury, excellent service - all of this makes the hotel "St. Regis Punta Mita Resort "a paradise for honeymooners.

Rooms rented for as low as $ 400 per night.

8. The hunting residence "Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve", Kruger National Park, South Africa

26 best hotels in the world

Located in the national park, home to all the representatives of the "Big Five" (the largest African animals), this luxury hotel is designed for the rich and very rich safari lovers.

House can be rented for as low as $ 1,700 per night.

7. The inn "Inn at Palmetto Bluff", Blaffon Southern California

26 best hotels in the world

Tourists come here to rest in isolated cottages, surrounded by picturesque wetlands and evergreen forests. Main Activities - excursions on horseback as well as travel to the hotel owned yacht centennial. Price per room per night - $ 550.

6. The hotel "One & Only Palmilla Los Cabos", Mexico

26 best hotels in the world

Located on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula Mexican hotel "One & Only Palmilla Los Cabos" on one side overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and the other, to the cliffs, vysyaschimsya right at its walls. Built in the style of Mexican antiquities, he, nevertheless, stuffed with all modern comforts, including spas, golf courses, swimming pools, restaurants (kitchen oversees the chef-class, having the sign of Michelin distinctions) as well as a private yacht .

Here you can stay for $ 450.

5. The Hotel - Golf Club "The Lodge at Sea Island Golf Club", the island of Saint-Simon, Georgia, USA

26 best hotels in the world

This is a paradise for golfers and fans of this aristocratic sport. The hotel has three well-known sites, such as "Plantation" and "Seaside", two vosemnadtsatilunochnyh field in which there are prestigious tournaments, as well as the golf center. After a day with a stick in hand, guests can relax and rejuvenate in luxury apartments or take a pleasant healing process in one of the spas.

Rooms rented for as low as $ 495 per night.

4. Place the "Rosewood Mayakoba", Playa del Carmen, Mexico

26 best hotels in the world

are rightfully known as one of the finest estates in Mexico, "Rosewood Mayakoba" provides the complete disposal of the guests magnificent white sandy beaches Yukotana, sinkholes and caves, as well as the ruins of the ancient Maya. Of course, this is not all: the magnificent apartments, some of which have windows facing the ocean, while others overlook the quiet lagoons, furnished to a high standard, a butler service, and finally, a private plunge pool.

Room can be rented for as low as $ 515 per night.

3. Hotel "Nayara Hotel Spa & Gardens", La Fortuna, Costa Rica

26 best hotels in the world

Nestled deep in the Costa Rican jungle, Najjar hotel - a luxurious place to relax in a tropical style, with excellent wine cellars, spas, open-air, amazing restaurants and cool spacious apartments.

Price per night - from 280 dollars.

2. Place "Singita Sabi Sand", Kruger National Park, South Africa

26 best hotels in the world

Manor "Singita Sabi Sand" offers a choice of two stunning residence. One of them, built in a rustic style, called Boulder Lodge, the other more classical type - Ebony Lodge. From every window you can enjoy such a rare sight as bathing elephants.

Remove a residence can be priced at 1360 dollars per night.

1. Palace "Oberoi Udaivila", Udaipur, India

26 best hotels in the world

A stay at this hotel from the first to the last minute - is beyond praise: guests are taken to a huge palace complex on a private yacht, then accompany them truly royal apartments, many of which have their own private swimming pool and covered terraces.

For one night stay in this hotel will have to pay not less than 585 dollars.