Life Rules Keira Knightley

• Life Rules Keira Knightley

Life Rules Keira Knightley

mother says I was born sorokapyatiletney.

Probably silly to say this, but I never liked to be a child. I wanted to get people as soon as possible began to take me seriously.

I started acting when I was seven, and from day one has decided to save money at home - money folded into a jar of jam. But the agent I wanted another three. I myself do not remember it, but everything they say that it was. I think that in fact I had not the slightest idea of ​​who the agents, I just did not seem fair that mom and dad are there, and I - no.

AT last birthday, when I turned 28, I was like, "Damn, it's called" to become an adult. " And then I took the photo - I'm nine years old, I sit somewhere in denim overalls - and I thought that I urgently need to buy the same. And then someone gives me wings like a fairy. In general, your 28th birthday, I met in denim overalls with wings on his back - and never was so happy.

My parents had persuaded: for several years - after the birth of my older brother - my mother wanted a second child, but the father (a theater and television actor Will Knightley) said that they can afford it is only in the case if the mother ( Sharman Macdonald, a famous writer) to write and successfully sell the piece. Since I was born, and my mother wrote, "When I was a girl, I was crying and screaming," - his first play. I have gone from perennial "she does not know how to play" up the nomination on "Oscar", and it seems that it's great.

To all kinds of social events, you can see me in the corner with a glass of champagne. Every time I am very, very scary and uncomfortable, and I just stand there in the corner, quietly drink, meaningless smile and wait for all finally over. And I never know what and who should speak.

On the red carpet there is no individual, and no matter how hard photographers, all very similar. That's why I love Bjork and her swan dress (in which Björk appeared "Oscar" award ceremony in 2001). But my courage is not enough.

In some photos I look like a prostitute - but expensive prostitute, of course. Such that only stops in the "Ritz".

In the journal I have called the most slovenly woman in Britain, and I am very proud of it because it's true.

When I was ten, I was dressed like Kurt Cobain. My brother and his friends loved to "Nirvana", and I had this crazy overlaundered cardigan - striped, like Cobain. I wore it every day, and when he finally went in the trash because it was I bring to the holes, I cried like a man buried.

I never thought what to wear. The main thing - to put on clean.

I'm always disappointed people who come to take my interview. Obviously, everyone expects that I am much more beautiful in life.

I do not think about a balanced diet. Just the thought of a diet makes me want chips or ice cream. And I do not go to the gym - I can not stand them. I have no idea how much I weigh. I do not even balance. But I noticed that when I talk about it, it is terrible to annoy those who can not be called elegant.

I'm terribly lazy. The only exercise that I do on a regular basis, - turn on the TV.

FOOTBALL - this is the only reason that I have a TV at home. It's nonsense - to watch football on the laptop screen.

More than anything, I love to walk. I know it sounds like complete garbage, but this much I was born.

I can not imagine, if you can say that I fully normal. The world around exactly insane, but I try not to hurt others, and I try not to hurt yourself. Perhaps this is the definition of normality.

OK, everyone thinks differently. So interesting to live.

To be an actor - so be observant. You'll have to come to the cafe and spend hours looking at people.

The most unexpected thing in the world, we learn about ourselves.

If I have a dark side, I still have not found her. Yes, so I'm boring.

PEEKABOO SHOOTING scares me, but I'm ready for this, if the script requires. Or if I would think that it's funny.

On the poster paint on my boobs EVER. For "King Arthur" (2004 film) I also painted on the boobs, but they turned out silly and drooping. And I said to them: "Guys, once you come to me to draw boobs on your computer, you would do well, so they stuck out as it should."

YES, I have boobs, but also 50% of the inhabitants of this planet tits too. So let's not waste time talking about mine. I was determined to live my life the best way possible. First of all, it is to give as little as possible interview.

Yes, I wear RING. It's the only thing I can say about my personal life.

I've had enough WEDDING ON SCREEN. In the movie, I was married five times, and I have three children, plus countless marriage proposals - something like twenty.

I never asked his fellow actresses, how they were doing, because they did not want to know. Maybe it sounds a bit childish, but I really do not want to know about how and what they live. After all, if all of a sudden I know what they are doing in the lives of a lot of shit, I immediately become uninteresting to look at them on the screen.

WHEN YOU AROUND TOO MANY MEN, you and look to grow a beard.

EVER ASK ME: "So you're not kidding when you say that you are a feminist?" Like hell, all just make that joke of it.

If you want to maintain a good relationship with her family, her man and his friends, you will have to spend all their time on the Internet with a phone in his hand.

MAKE ME HAPPY a good book, a good meal and an evening with friends.

I HATE karaoke. Damn, I just put up with it I can not shitting karaoke. I have to drink so that I can not stand without someone's help, before you dare to sing in front of someone. Imagine: among those who surround me, a lot of people who sing really well, and then suddenly I take the microphone. It does not look better than just tell them "go to hell". Matter - is my main sin, but I get great pleasure from it. And this despite the fact that my mum swears quite a bit, but his father does not swear at all.

Before, I was very fond of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. It seems, therefore, that they constantly use foul language in their songs.

"MILO" - this is the worst words in the world.

As a child I was diagnosed with dyslexia, so I'm not a quick read. But I love words. Oddly enough, given that to me they are so difficult.

LIFE - this is not only to learn, learn and learn. Life - is to learn and unlearn, learn and unlearn and then learn again.

I never believed that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 because of the apocalypse. I think they were just not developed imagination, and they could not imagine what will happen after 2012..

I FORGET everything, even their faces. Another aspect of dyslexia, yeah.

What am I thinking right now? The fact that very soon, tonight, we meet friends for a drink. From gin I always roar, so I will drink vodka.

When you do not know what to do - to swoon.