Rules of life of Kim Basinger

• Rules of Life Kim Basinger

Rules of life of Kim Basinger

To Whom Gods Awards nice boobs, in addition they will give a life full of trials.

I notice that the closer to the old age people often try to return to that dreamed about as a child. For example, I wanted to be a writer. And yet - a singer. But as long as I continue to act in films, and, therefore, old age is still quite far away.

EVEN if I was able to change something in my past life, I would never do that. Go back and redo something only want weak people. And I - even with all the bad things that happened to me - the happiest woman in the world. So if I see a time machine - just pass by.

Believe me, after all these years of work in Hollywood, I still do not know in person, and half of the producers.

When you come in the movie business, you lose your anonymity as well as you lose pumped helium balloon, when a string breaks.

The world in which I work, very strange, and "trust" - a word which here even strike out of the dictionaries.

Blake Edwards (American film director, author of a series about the Pink Panther films) taught me to understand one important thing: funny slip on a banana peel is much more difficult than convincing sob in a dramatic scene. The only pity is that few people understand it.

HUMOR - is a universal means by which you can escape from everything. If you're flying down a tall ladder, breaking itself ribs and neck vertebrae, try to think about what side it should look quite comical. VERY SMALL amount of things makes me angry so much as a man's desire to harness a horse in harness and put on her blinker.

Grow a dignified human beings - that's the most difficult job on the planet.

MY life has changed with the birth of his daughter. There's even nothing to talk about - my daughter just owns me as a thing.

I like it when the children grow up quickly. Growing up, they begin to make their own important decisions - where they need a piercing and so on - and thus saves me from having to make those decisions for them, as well as to bore them with its prohibitions.

I have nothing against marriage, as well as against all that always ends differently.

In my opinion, the best quality of the strong man - is the ability to show their weakness is, what he does not feel his power.

I have noticed that people who are strict towards others, know how to not be hard on yourself.

I like my nervousness before the shooting. Jack Lemmon said: "On the day when I will not be nervous at the sight of the camera, I realize that I've got to get out of business."

I am very afraid of the truth. If once you start to look for it, you will never be able to stop.

With God's help, and a few people you can always do a little more than with God.