10 films that speak directly to the soul

Blogger Alexander Baranov said about the films that changed his view of the world.

There are films that you forget five minutes after. There are movies that look toxic to consciousness, if you drink a slow poison. There are those that leave a sense of joy and peace. And there are films that change you forever. They are your teachers, your support, your Bible. These movies can be reviewed dozens of times, it can be included in the right place for you, and you can scroll in the head quote as a mantra, like a spell.

Baba Aziz / Bab 'Aziz

10 films that speak directly to the soul

My main movie. Sufi parable, hidden in the parable, hidden in the parable. Hymn going and loving. The image of a dervish, a broom sweeping the desert - the most accurate description of my way on the ground, the work of my soul. I was born to see this movie. Maybe this film found me eight years ago that I was born. Soundtrack Armand Amar equally deep and shrill.

Quote: "For God is so expensive, how many souls on Earth."

Good Green / La belle verte

10 films that speak directly to the soul

The film, which showed where my home is and where my people are, even if some of them are not on this planet. My ideal society and human relations. Comical and naive travel story of one woman's soul.

Quote (which women paint the lips):

- To be beautiful, sexy ... to like ... to be loved. - Ah, got it! It is a medicine that you all love, huh? And if you do not, no you will not love?

The Matrix / The Matrix Trilogy

10 films that speak directly to the soul

My main film changes. Detailed guidance on the path of the hero. For 15 years, he has not aged and lost sharpness, only reveals all the new secrets.

Quote: "I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one who should enter "into it.

Avatar / Avatar

10 films that speak directly to the soul

The film is about the most important right now - of unity. We are connected to all the finest threads of feelings, information and energy. We are not alone, even if everything around think and behave as if life is random and meaningless. Respect for the self and the world works wonders.

Quote: "I see you."

One Giant Leap / One Giant Leap (documentary)

10 films that speak directly to the soul

First was rhythm. Then the musicians, the sages and dancers from around the world, like beads on a string, strung melodies, thought and movement, and this is not a rhythm, and the extravaganza, the world's ecstatic dance. The world is so small, we're all here for the same. Not worn one pair of feet under soundtrack.

Quote: "Sex and Music - two of the greatest of God's gifts. Without them I would not have agreed to be on this earth. "

Wild Field

10 films that speak directly to the soul

The most masculine film for me. Man, devoted to the cause, a loner and a dreamer who loves all deaths of spite.

Quote: "You can live forever. Here, people do not die. "

The Darjeeling Limited / Darjeeling Limited

10 films that speak directly to the soul

The film about growing up, about the initiation into adulthood. Three brothers journey home to the source of his courage. Bright, intelligent, touching.

Quote: "We have not yet found himself."

American Beauty / American Beauty

10 films that speak directly to the soul

My eternal companion and a reminder: life begins now. My best antidepressant.

Quote: "Sometimes the world is so much beauty, I just can not stand it, it seems that the heart can not take."

Cloud Atlas / Cloud Atlas

10 films that speak directly to the soul

I the first time, clearly and vividly, saw and understood how my words resound. The film brought me to the destination, set up the goal of all places, from the most important to Nemo.

Quote: "Our lives do not belong to us. We are connected with others, past and present, and every crime, every act of kindness we give birth to the future. "

Tangerines / Mandariinid

10 films that speak directly to the soul

The most recent and most relevant film. The name of our time - apart. Apart - a breeding ground for hatred and fear. Bountiful harvest we are seeing throughout the world today. Apart will not last long and will end the war. For us, it's over. I see only one way out - together. This film is deeply and systematically shows how getting together apart.

Quote: "What enemies? His name is Ahmet. He - Nico. "