Rules happiness of those over 50

• Terms of happiness to those who are over 50

Rules happiness of those over 50

The well-known journalist and businessman Vladimir Yakovlev once decided to prove that life after fifty can be even brighter and more exciting than in his youth. He began to travel the world in search of people under the age of sixty, seventy, eighty years of age or older, to preserve the health and living an interesting and rich. Thus was born the blog "I do not want to be young", which collects inspiring stories of these people.

We offer our readers acquainted with the rules that help each of them to be happy. After this age, and not scary.

There's no point in worrying about what has not happened yet. What we fear never happens in reality. (Hadden Bolgar, 103)

Happiness - it's a way of life. Just like that? Yes. (Pat Alicia and Moorhead, 81 and 66)

We must accept people as they are, without noticing their shortcomings. No need to re-educate anyone in particular - close. Those who "do not like", it is better simply to chat. (Felix Dozorets, 82)

Do not try to necessarily prove their case. By and large, it will not change anything. (Felix Dozorets, 82)

You can not be too old to try something. (Buster Martin, 104)

Idleness should be avoided. (Felix Dozorets, 82)

Do not attach great importance to trouble. They pass. (Felix Dozorets, 82)

Waking up in the morning, think about let small, but pleasant event, which will today. (Felix Dozorets, 82) No need to fear that you're scared. If you're scared, that's fine. As long as you keep doing what you afraid your brain is young and active. (Lynn Martin, 72)

Never too late to change the type of activity and begin to improve in the new case. No matter how late you may have started, you will still be enough time to achieve excellence. (Mel Sharpe, 77)

To be happy is easy. It is enough to be a good person and do not assume that everything you have something. (Pat Alicia and Moorhead, 81 and 66)

You can not let anxiety and fear run your life. (Pat Alicia and Moorhead, 81 and 66)

To generate new ideas is always possible. But the experience really helps bring them to life. The ability to implement our plans - age advantage. (Bergada Lourdes, 64)

Good and evil are always returned. Want to be happy - do something good for others. (Pat Alicia and Moorhead, 81 and 66)

No need to complain, complain about life's problems or his age. It makes no sense. You need to get up and do something. (Grace Cook, 85)

It should be as little as possible dependent on other people's opinions. All the same, anyone will judge how you look, what you're doing, what you believe. In this sense, when you are well over a hundred - no one is trying to teach you to live. (Hadden Bolgar, 103)

To help people, especially relatives and friends - a great happiness. Do not neglect it. (Hadden Bolgar, 103)

Do not bother with unpleasant things. This makes no sense. (Tao Poshon Lynch, 95) Money to be happy you need quite a bit. (Paul Fegen, 78)

True happiness - to please people. Especially children. (Paul Fegen, 78)

Try to help someone do something that he had not worked. The greatest happiness - to see the man's face at the moment when it is possible for the first time that he had previously could not do. (Tao Poshon Lynch, 95)

Health requires effort. And worth it. Because there is no joy of life without health. (Felix Dozorets, 82)

I forgive all. I do not know why you need to be mad at someone. Listen to the people. Just listen and try to understand what they are saying. (Grace Cook, 85)

People often believe that the fulfillment of their desires is impossible, so do not do anything. It is not right. You have to try, you can not give up and stop on the way to a dream. (Pat Alicia and Moorhead, 81 and 66)

We must work not for money but for fun. Such work, I would not change no matter how much money. (Paul Fegen, 78)

Excessive attachment to the habits and circumstances interfere. It's hard, but we need to get rid of it. (Hadden Bolgar, 103)

Do not be afraid of death, we should gratefully accept every moment of life. (Tao Poshon Lynch, 95)

We have to live, no one interfering. As far as possible - to help. (Andrey Chirkov, 74)

Tomorrow - it is today. Do not waste time and do not put off until tomorrow what you want to do. Must live today. (Tao Poshon Lynch, 95)

To be happy, you need to constantly evolve. After 50 it is particularly important! (Andrey Chirkov, 74) For happiness necessarily need to have a favorite thing. Or at least a favorite hobby. (Andrey Chirkov, 74)

After fifty if you want something, so you it can. (Vicki Moron, 56)

Life is so, how do you do it himself. Be happy - it's the most important thing. Be happy. (Grace Cook, 85)

With age, you know from experience that most problems are resolved in the end, no matter how insurmountable they may seem. Therefore, you can not be nervous. (Vicki Moron, 56)

Do not wait for the right moment to do what you like. After fifty for that all moments - suitable. (Vicki Moron, 56)

Happy family and support of loved ones much easier in life. It is important that your family sincerely support your choice. It's hard to be happy if you constantly criticize and point out what to do. (Mel Sharpe, 77)

No matter how much you may earn, all of which can disappear overnight. But it is possible to lose millions, but to find happiness. (Paul Fegen, 78)

It is very important to be happy, it's much easier! (Johanna Quaas, 86)

I wake up in the morning and say to myself: "Today - the day all the young life coming to you" really helps. (Rochelle Ford, 76)