Rules of life of Freddie Mercury

• Rules of Life Freddie Mercury

Rules of life of Freddie Mercury

In fact, I was going to be an illustrator, but glad that he changed his mind.

Nine years I spent in boarding school and parents are rarely seen. As a result I learned myself to solve their problems and know how to stand up for themselves.

In his youth, when I did not have any money, I set aside a little bit, say, two weeks, and then take his all in one day - with great pleasure.

I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear.

People continue to fall in love and give up - this process is endless, and I continue to write songs about it.

SONGS - as a new dress or shirt: you wear them for a while, and then get rid of them.

Rod Stewart Elton John and I are going to create a group and call it "hair, nose and teeth" in honor of each of us. But this did not happen, because we could not agree on the order of words in the title. Of course, I believe that the "teeth" should be the first.

If I am to die tomorrow, I will not be sorry. I really did everything I could.

I live for tomorrow. To hell today.

I like my hoarse voice - it's all because of the smoke, I smoke, and so - so I had a hoarse voice.

MOST difficult for me - to come up with costume for the next gig: I already wore.

On stage I extroverted, well, what I am in life - it's a different story. I do not like my teeth - they stick out. I'm going to fix it, I just have all hands do not reach. And the rest I perfect.

I GIVE not a concert, and arrange fashion shows.

The more I have problems, the better my songs.

MY LOVE IS DANGEROUS. And who wants to secure the love? Imagine if I wrote a song, "My love is safe." She would never sell.

TOO FAST I fell in love, and I always end up hurt.

You can have everything, but at the same time you can still be lonely. And this is kind of sad loneliness.

Success has brought me millions of fans and pounds, but deprived me of the only thing that we all need - lasting relationships.

I can not stop the flywheel and to devote himself to the relationship, the wheel should spin - so difficult to live with me and be happy.

Love - it RUSSIAN ROULETTE. Nobody loves the real me, everybody loves my fame and glory.

I CAN NOT love a man just like a girl.

I HAVE NO real friends. It seems to me, when I Keep people close to him, they destroy me.

I earned a lot of money and could live happily ever after till death, but I need something to do. I have a lot of energy, and she needed a way out. I can not aimlessly spend the day in bed.

WHEN YOU climb to the top, the only way - is down, and this is the hardest. I've had enough three or four hours of sleep. I have to recharge the battery - and again in battle.

You can not buy happiness. But money can help him to find.

I would like to live in the Victorian era and to be surrounded by exquisite chaos.

When I was watching a Hollywood movie where the action took place in the luxury homes, I thought about what I want to be the same. Now I have it, but for me it was more important to capitalize on this damn house than to move into it. I'm probably one of those people who have to achieve something, to lose interest in it.

Of course, my will have my parents and my dog, but a substantial part of my condition will get Mary Austin.

CONTEMPORARY ART like women, you will not be able to enjoy it, if you try to understand it.

I is not going to change the world. The most important thing for me - this is happiness: to be happy and enjoy life. I want to enjoy life to the fullest during the remaining years of me.

What will I do in 20 years? Of course, I'll be dead!

The more the better, and so in all.

Michael Jackson and I have grown apart after the incredible success of his "Thriller". He just closed in his own world. More recently, we walked together in the clubs, but now it does not protrude from the fortress. It is sad.

I almost did not read books - I think it's a waste of time. I know that people would kill me for saying this. Journalists are always inventing what I unrestrained and wild, and the other members of Queen - quieter water below the grass, but it is not true. I can tell you such stories to tell Brian May!

After the concert at the door waiting for us four of the limousine, each sits in his and goes on his way.

PRESS hate me, I tell them to reciprocate.

I want the newspapers never write about me, "Oh, he's really a wonderful man" - because my heart has two sides: the light and dark.

I changed every day, like a chameleon. I do not want to be all the time the same.

Sometimes I have to cook their own tea, and it is hard work.

I DO NOT WANT to go to heaven after death, hell of a lot better. Just think about the most interesting people you'll meet there, and you also want to be there.

I do not think about whether I remembered after death. This is not my business. I am dead, what the hell difference to me.

I have not the slightest desire to hang on to seventy. It's so boring.

WE DID NOT ALLOWED TO RUSSIA: fear that we debauchery their youth.