"Miss USSR" and "Miss Russia"

May 21, 1989 completed the first All-Union Beauty Contest "Miss USSR-89" in Moscow. Let us remember all the holders of the title, the most beautiful girls of the country over the past 25 years and examine the changes in the domestic standards of beauty for a quarter century.

1989 Angular Muscovite

First recognized the beauty of the USSR was the 17-year-old Muscovite Julia Sukhanova. Tall, thin, as he recalled later producer contest Yuri Kushner, "with angular figure," tenth grade left behind rivals with six (without exaggeration) the size of the breast. Probably not the last role in this played a specific "bohemian" The jury, which was headed by the famous ballerina Ekaterina Maximova. Whatever it was, the schoolgirl with the parameters of 91-59-90 has been named the most beautiful girl of the Soviets. After the victory Yulia went to the US and began her modeling career there.

In the photo - in the middle

1990. A typical Slav

The winner of next year, Maria Kezha always shy of his lean figure and high (175 cm) growth and the competition of models went with great reluctance. However, blue eyes, brown hair and slender like a birch, a figure instantly Masha paved road in the fashion business world. He won the title "Miss Vitebsk" the 17-year-old student went on a nationwide beauty contest, and it was crowned "Miss USSR-1990". According to Mary herself, it was enough to have the appearance of a "typical western Slav."

1991. Tatar flavor

"Miss USSR-1991" was strikingly different from its predecessor. Browed brunette from Saratov, Tatar origin, Ilmira Shamsutdinova was a clear contrast to "typical Slav" Masha from Vitebsk. Remained unchanged but the parameters of the figure of Soviet beauties: Ilmira was as slender and leggy, like the previous "Miss", which, incidentally, most likely, it was a credit to her mother - a coach in rhythmic gymnastics, and now - the head coach of the Federation shaping Saratov region Lyudmila Shershova .


1992-93. Face shaping

In '92, when the contest moved to the "Miss Russia" format, the crown once again fell on the black-haired head - this time peterburzhenki Anna Baychik. Just like its predecessor, 16-year-old Anya was no stranger to fitness: in fact, the competition she came with the filing shaping Federation of St. Petersburg, as the winner of the title "Face Shaping 93". As a result, the future student of journalism, and now senior lecturer and a PhD in political science, went down in history as the first winner of the title of "Miss Russia".

1995 Green eyes

In the 95th year, on winning the contest of Tatar Kaluga region Tuyushevoy Elmira, Russian standards of beauty again decreased - up to 84-60-88 cm with growth Elmira was not inferior to their more "skaters" predecessors.. Rumor has it that the slender green-eyed beauty with brown hair and big sensual lips became a favorite of the jury at the stage of non-competitive selection. After receiving the title of "Miss Russia", Elmira continued a successful career in modeling and appeared in films in supporting roles.

1996 Fatal Beauty

National color continues to reign in the contest "Miss Russia". The 96th title goes to burning brunette Sachet Petrova from Chuvashia (88-60-90). Despite the international recognition, a barrage of deafening victories in various competitions - from the world championship in the arts to the international "Miss International models" - and an invitation to work Hollywood, Sasha is in native Cheboksary, where he received the title of "Man of the Year - 97". Unfortunately, Sasha's life was cut short as early as 2000 - the girl was shot just two days before his twentieth birthday.

1997 European format

Blonde from Samara Elena Rogozhina returned to the competition a little more feminine shape - its parameters are already 94-59-92 cm, however, with growth of 178 cm, this difference was hardly noticeable.. Nevertheless, the jury clearly "guessed trend" - and two years later, in 1999, Rogozhina affirmed its right to be called the standard of beauty, becoming the owner of the title "Miss Europe".

1998. Five years later,

The history of the "Miss Russia 1998" Anna Malova perfectly demonstrates the variability of tastes of the public and what is known as the standard of beauty. In his first competition, in 1993, the year, blond 16-year-old girl from Yaroslavl won second place, losing the crown "Miss Russia" brunette from St. Petersburg Anna Baychik. But five years later, the jury of the same contest recognized already grown-up and dial model Anna experience the most beautiful woman in the country. By the way, figure and rising Anya was very similar to its predecessor - with the growth of 178 cm parameters girls were 92-61-92.

1999-2000. Higher and higher

His well-deserved crown winner of the title of "Miss Russia-1999" received only in January of 2000. He won the competition fair-haired student from Kazan Anna Kruglov previously recognized by the belle of native republic in the contest "Miss Tatarstan". The growth of women - is 180 cm, and the parameters of the figure did not differ from the parameters of the previous Russian "Miss". Interestingly, in this year's first beauty in the country chose not only the jury, but ordinary viewers. According to the contest, about 64 thousand people took part in the vote - and they chose the winner Anja.

2001. Through the Universe

The first and only winner of the title of "Miss Russia" and "Miss Universe" Oksana Fedorova won two in the year 2001. At that time, it was much older than his predecessors - Oksana was 23 years old - and again, had a little more remarkable forms. If not so little growth of 178 cm, and the parameters of 88-64-93, leggy brunette Oksana Fedorova still brought the standards of the Russian beauty to classical, more feminine figure type "pear" (girth hips slightly larger than the girth of the chest). Ironically, it is these standards relished the international jury and allowed to obtain the status of Fyodorova "universal beauty."

2002 North Wind

In 2002, the brunette again lost ground, "Miss Russia" was blond native of Karelia Svetlana Koroleva. Queen can be called a model of what is considered the classic "Northern" or Nordic beauty. Right straight facial features, tall, slim figure, blond hair, gray eyes. Not surprisingly, the babe with the Russian North was able to enchant and a European jury, and in the same year 2002 was crowned "Miss Europe".

2003 Long live the bust!

A native of Rostov-na-Donu Victoria Lopyreva now known TV presenter and model, was the first Russian "Miss", to bring Russian standards of beauty to stereotypical notions of American beauty. Leggy blonde with plump lips, among other things, and had the most outstanding on the background of its predecessors breast size (parameters Victoria -98-64-94) and feminine rounded hips. However, a regional flavor - or some specific Russian flavor - it is almost impossible to guess at the appearance of Victoria.

2004. Again, the beauty of the Tatar

National color returned to competition in 2004, the year when the crown and the title of "Miss Russia" received the Diana Zaripov of Tatarstan. Should I remind you that the slender 19-year-old brunette Zaripov has already become the fourth winner of the contest with Tatar roots and is characterized by "Tartar" features?

2005 Beauty - long braid

However, next year the jury tastes have changed dramatically, and the "Tatar yoke" was changed to contest traditional notions of Russian beauty. The belle of the country fair-haired Alexander Ivanovo from Khabarovsk was named, at the age of 9 years, won the title of "barbarian beauty, long braid" thanks to its spit in 135 cm length. At the time of receiving the title of "Miss Russia" hair of the girl were certainly short, but this did not prevent defeat Sasha and reaffirm as a reference figure of feminine beauty such as "pear".

The Girl from 2006. "VIA Gra"

Once again, the representative of the Rostov region wins the title of "Miss Russia". Again, the most beautiful in the country recognize the busty blonde - Tatiana Kotova. In stature and Description Tatiana has often been compared with the former soloist of the group "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhnev, who Kotov and replaced as part of the ensemble in 2007, the year. However, despite the recognition of the homeland, the world has not attracted public Tatiana: Kotova took part in the competition "Miss World" and "Miss Universe" in 2007, but in both cases did not show much success.

2007. All in Siberia

In 2007, the most beautiful girl of the country first became a Siberian - born Nizhnevartovsk Ksenia Sukhinova. Curvy shape quickly went out of fashion, and the crown of "Miss Russia" laid on the slender blond head and tightened Sukhinova. Blond hair, blue eyes and parameters 83-60-91 figure, apparently, seemed to the jury the standard so-called "natural Russian Beauty", which has become the trend of 2007.

, 2009. A little erotica

After a year of silence (in 2008, the competition was not carried out), beauties competition did not bring the country any surprises. Title holder became peterburzhenka Sophia Rudyeva - a tall brunette with blue-gray eyes, ballet school behind and again ... a magnificent bust. About the appearance of Sophia speaks eloquently of the fact that in the 15 years she starred in a photo shoot for quite frivolous men's magazine "Perfect 10".

2010 Mistress of Copper Mountain

Thanks to the 18-year-old Irina Antonenko from Ekaterinburg, as if descended from the pages of fairy tales Bazhov, the crown of "Miss Russia" was first sent to the Middle Urals. The trend is the same - dark hair and blue eyes. At this time, the tastes of domestic connoisseurs of beauty almost in line with the preferences of foreign experts - the contest "Miss Universe 2010" Irina was among the 15 most beautiful girls in the world.

2011. Again the Urals

In 2011, the crown of "Miss Russia" de facto returned to Moscow, but de jure remained in the Urals. The title went to the student of the Moscow University (Russian State Humanitarian University) Natalya Gantimurovoy, who came to the capital city of Chelyabinsk Plast. Thin and very high Gantimurova (up girls - 181 cm) continued the fashion for slender brunettes with blue eyes; However, unlike the Russian, Western standards of beauty had changed, and at the international competitions she has achieved no success. It is said that the father of Natalia comes from the famous Tunguska princely family, and which owes its noble appearance.

2012. Russian Rapunzel

An incredibly long hair Smolensk beauty Elizabeth Golovanov has called Russian Rapunzel (the name of the heroine of fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, whose hair length exceeds the height of the tower, where Rapunzel was imprisoned). Together with the victory of gray-eyed brown-haired Golovanova, the competition returned to the standard of "quiet beauty" Central Russia.

2013 and color


"Miss Russia 2013" Elmira Abdrazakova - who was born in Kazakhstan and in the competition represented the Kemerovo region - have Tatar roots, to which the jury members is clearly not indifferent. To the surprise of the organizers, this is not only allowed the gray-eyed brunette get the title of most beautiful girl in the country, but also triggered a wave of discontent and even made Elmira remove your page in the social network "VKontakte" because of the huge number of negative comments and even threats.

2014 Beauty of Balakovo

People's dissatisfaction with the winner of last year and her ethnicity does not seem to greatly affect the opinion of the jury: in 2014 the benchmark of the Russian beauty was the blue-eyed brunette from the city of Saratov Balakovo Julia Alipova. first Russian beauties shape parameters are close to the canonical: 89-63-90 with growth of 179 cm.