Points of delicious food on the map of Russia

Points of delicious food on the map of Russia

Because of the Soviet grocery with gastritis word "gastroturizm" may not be very attractive for Russian and some 30 years ago gastroturistami were packed trains Ryazan - Moscow. But this direction in many countries makes it possible to maintain traditional farming and unique cuisine, so that we can not escape it.

Beginning with the May holidays, and until the late autumn the Russians are ready every weekend stuck in traffic jams on the outskirts of major cities, to get to nature and there to eat meat with vegetables from the garden. It is not 100% gastroturizma prerequisite for success? Let's try to figure out how here it is necessary to act correctly.

Gastroturizm per se exists more as an exception. Usually it develops along with another trend - eco-tourism, agricultural tourism, enoturizmom, historical tourism. All of these combinations in Russia is quite promising, and there are successful projects from which we offer a selection of useful and for the traveler, and for the entrepreneur.

The city Myshkin. Restaurant "The Mousetrap"

Points of delicious food on the map of Russia

This beautiful perfectly provincial and well maintained city one hundred percent deserves a short visit: the famous and simple museum Mice, for which there will be even more interesting semi-museums, semi-shops junk: Peasant Museum, a merchant, a fisherman, vodka and so forth.

An excellent application program to the museum is the restaurant "The Mousetrap", opened at the hotel "Cat House". These tourists come from many surrounding places, even in the largest and most advanced Uglich comparable quality restaurants there. Although it would seem, what could be simpler? Collected all the best local: cheeses Uglich, Volga fish, products household farms, mushrooms, berries, teas - and we've got one of the most popular restaurants in the Upper Volga.

Kolomna. pastilles Museum, "Kalachnaya"

Points of delicious food on the map of Russia

One of the most successful new museum projects "Museum of Kolomna marshmallow" evolving and expanding, Potanin received the grant. Having received, we recognize knowingly and not accidentally. Thousands of tourists, perhaps, would not have come to the ancient and rich history of Kolomna, if it was impossible to try and buy the unique taste and delicacy technology. The popularity of the brand museum shows at least the fact that Moscow is now open stalls with semi-pirate named "Kolomna marshmallow" selling the fact that even remotely resembles a real product, reproduced according to ancient recipes. Success requires development, so museum "Kalachnaya" opened this year, where you can taste and even make a real Russian loaf, and in May the museum opens Kolomna money where one of the main souvenirs will be chasing the carrot with the image of old coins.

And other plans says the project manager, "The Museum Quarter" Natalia Nikitina.

"We plan, in addition to the museums, to make even their museum hotel with historical interiors, make your coffee shop and restaurant. Because we have a good practice, so I have, again, I say that we do not do anything just like that, people come to the museum and say, 'We want in a bed to spend the night, and where we did stay? "People want the atmosphere, some of these experiences that never get. And the same with food. We have such a program "Literary kitchen", where we have taken as a basis for the book Prince Odoevsky, which was published in 1840, it is called "Lectures Dr. pouf." And these lectures Prince Odoevsky used for his sketches of theater that end eating, well, if you take the fact that we have a calf epigram's theatrical sketch ends with eating veal cutlets prescription Prince Odoevsky. That is what is more - the kitchen, or the history of the theater? All in equal parts, in general, is present. And people really like. As soon as the building that I need to do, rent it if they give us, we will make this restaurant service XIX century theater. And this, incidentally, was generally well developed, the theater "Modern" it was called at the beginning of the XX century, when going to do all variety of art here in these drinking establishments and restaurants. We will have a restaurant and we will have a hotel, and will be even a museum. "

Astrakhan region. Tributaries of the Lower Volga.

Points of delicious food on the map of Russia

Akhtuba and other tributaries branching and the lower Volga - has long been one of the most popular places for fishing. These fishermen are, of course, cost tours on your own jeep with their equipment, but they are actively developing and recreation oriented more "Beach" minded travelers with their wives and children, who are interested and fish, and hunt, and at the same time to live in a comfortable environment. Naturally, all these resorts offer services for the preparation of trophies - and fish and game. And provides a set of Astrakhan delicacies including caviar.

Kuban wine. Anapa Valley.

Points of delicious food on the map of Russia

Wine tourism is developing very actively in the Krasnodar region. Apart from well-known factories "Myskhako", "Abrau-Durso", "Phanagoria", "Chateau Le Grand Vostok" interesting is the development of the movement of the garage, which brought together small producers of interesting wines. Now based garazhistov community created a cooperative that May 24 will start the construction of Russia's first wine village on the western part of the plateau Gostagaevskogo Anapa Valley.

The chief ideologist of the movement of the garage Gennady Oparin, who has long takes tourists on their wine estate "Siebengebirge" near Anapa and Novorossiysk, says about the project:

"Cooperative wine makers could be very promising project. For example, in South Africa, SSC is the largest cooperative and importer and manufacturer, and is also the largest producer in Brazil - cooperative "Aurora". To enter in the wine village share enough of 200-300 thousand, 100 thousand worth of one hectare. We have leased 200 acres with views of the beginning of the Caucasus mountain range and the sea. The plot is divided into 22 small portion. Now we knock out lining the road, will first otschebenennaya. Each member of the cooperative will be able to connect to electricity, and at the bottom we have a mirror lake - that is, sufficient water. Next: in 3 years everyone should lay a vineyard. The manufacturer will be able to break a vineyard, and to build a chalet, cellar, guest house, all to be built in the same architectural style as the main objective for us - tourism. We plan to get profit, mainly from tourism, although in the third to fifth year plan to develop a processing facility the remaining grapes, and will sell the wine under a single brand. We want our movement to make large-scale, patriotic, aimed at import substitution. "

Farms. Vladimir region.

Agro-tourist complex "Bogdarnya" founded a native of Great Britain John Kopiski a Russian wife. Farm located in Petushki area at the Klyazma River. The alien turned well, using different advanced technologies, took the breeding disappear was Vladimir Heavy Draft, breeds cattle biologically correct manner. These skills farmer is divided, though without excessive greed. For children runs courses promote the work in agriculture. For adults - seminars on how to properly set up their farms.

And for those who love the rustic kitchen, there gastrotury the farm: in one of them he taught the farm owner to make high-quality beef steak, and another shows a modern cheese production. And can combine with one another, and to live on the farm longer. Naturally, all with tastings and dinners.