Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

Often people underestimate the intellectual abilities of our brethren. However, various experiments and tests have proved that animals can surprise us, but how!

We offer you the top ten most intelligent of animals:

Rat 10.

Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

It is no secret that the rat is often settles next to the man, and decorative appearance of rats is quite common type of pet. Decorative rat differs from its wild relative of: very smart and funny, and yet do not mind playing.

During various experiments it was found that one of the amazing abilities of rats - is the ability to accurately and quickly find the shortest path to the goal.

And according to recent research, the brown rat in the course of his intellectual capabilities that previously considered the prerogative of man. Not surprisingly, the rat was one of the revered animals in ancient China.

9. Octopus

Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

One of the most intelligent and still not fully studied animal is an octopus.

Due to its weapons - a bag with ink in his body, this cephalopod is an excellent hunter. But if anyone octopus threatened, he shoots these inks instantly into an enemy.

However, this is not the only thing that saves it in emergency situations: the octopus is able to produce a fluid that blocks the sense of smell is the enemy.

Moreover, he has a great short-term memory and also it changes its color, if necessary.

8. Dove

Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

It is believed that the doves were domesticated 3000 years BC. e. Sometimes, these birds are called "flying rats", due to the fact that they are carriers of many diseases. Yet the dove - a very smart bird.

Research shows that the pigeon is able to use your previous experience and quick to learn. Pigeons can learn about 100 pictures after a few years of training, and they are able to recognize themselves in a mirror, can learn certain movements and see little difference between the two at first glance identical objects.

7. Protein

Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

With its proteins are able to easily tamed. Good memory, speed, agility and intelligence - are just a few skills cute forest animals. Agree, even the fact that proteins make stocks for the winter, speaks for itself.

Also, if stored up provisions squirrel threatens the thief, the protein perepryatyvaet everything stocked. Often, the protein is living with a man and she is looking for food near human habitation.

Tame squirrel learns the host and responds to the nickname. All this testifies to the squirrel ingenuity and ability to learn.

6. Pig

Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

It is proved that the pig as compared to other animals has a fairly high level of intelligence. Her intellectual capacity equivalent to three years of the child's abilities.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania tried to teach a pig to play computer games, to confirm the presence of her ability to solve problems. Upon expiration of the experiment, scientists concluded that pigs possess the fundamental aspects of the game as quickly as chimpanzees! These animals have a sufficiently good long-term memory, and their excellent sense of smell helped them to become the best in the search for truffles. Pigs are easy to adapt to the conditions around them, otherwise they would not have survived.

And the fact that the pig is easy to train - making them one of the most popular pets.

5. The Raven

Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

In certain scientific circles it is assumed that the crows are smarter primates. This is confirmed by numerous tests and experiments. But the most striking ability crows - this ingenuity manifested in food production.

For example, the bird is able to make a hook out of the cord to catch worms from the plastic box. And to open the nuts, a crow throws them on the roadway under the wheels of cars at a pedestrian crossing, but not to be shot down, a crow is waiting the green light.

Language crows complicated: they use several "dialects" in communication with each other.

Moreover, the raven is able to play games and perform various stunts.

4. Elephant

Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

For the first time elephants have appeared in Africa about 23 million years ago. Because at that time the dominant herbivores were horses, then for centuries the struggle for food with horses, elephants evolved into the huge herbivores.

It is no secret that elephants are capable of using a variety of improvised tools to achieve their goals in the wild. In captivity, they quickly teachable.

elephant's brain has more cells per square centimeter than any other animal. This brain structure allows them to quickly learn and remember well. Elephant - a curious animal and cleanliness: Before you eat something, it necessarily will wash or cleanse from dirt food.

3. Orangutan

Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

Orangutans live in groups with a sufficiently strong social bonds. Moms-orangutans raise their cubs for years, teaching them the skills of survival.

In the wild, they, as well as elephants, using support tools to achieve their goals.

In captivity, they learn quickly. For example opening the tin with fruit.

Experiments have shown that they can use signs with words to form sentences, and thus to communicate with people.

2. Dolphin

Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

Dolphins - one of the most beloved human mammals. In the ranking of the most intelligent creatures on earth, they are second only to humans and chimpanzees, leaving behind all the others.

Dolphins exhibit abilities that previously attributed solely to man. Recent studies have shown that the brain size of dolphins in 4-5 times more in relation to their body compared with other animals.

Of course, the brain size of a dubious argument in favor of a remarkable intellectual abilities, but there are some facts that put these mammals into second place in the ranking.

First, various characteristics of cortical (cortex) - responsible for the emotional processing, characterized and dolphins.

Second, the observation of their behavior and reactions are similar to those of men: the recognition of his reflection in the mirror, the development of certain activities, communication based on movements and understanding abstract concepts. But, unfortunately, this means that the dolphins in the water parks - victims of serious psychological disorders.

1. Chimpanzee

Rating of the most intelligent animals on our planet

Well, the first place belongs to the animals most like humans, both physically and intellectually.

Chimpanzees can make support tools and use them in the production of food. They can develop a strategy of hunting, as well as to cooperate for this with other relatives. They are able to learn sign language and communicate with people.

But perhaps the most striking ability of chimpanzees - is the ability to express their thoughts and ideas through a variety of objects and characters. Scientists believe that their intellectual abilities developed through their own clearly form a group with strict rules.