8 restaurants serving only one dish

Gastronomicheky trend of last time - monokontseptualnye restaurants, then there are those places, which the menu is built around a single dish or ingredient. It can be mushrooms, mussels, biscuits, mitboly, steaks or Belgian fries. History of most restaurants of this type start with a mobile snack (pop-up), who work in the most tourist places of the city, at fairs or festivals. Simple menu of benefit not only visitors, but also to owners, allowing them to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining a large staff of cooks and waiters and focus on the quality of products. Furthermore, monorestoranov cooks can invent new, original recipes with obligatory use a main ingredient, which specializes restaurant. In a world of infinite choice monorestorany - is a great opportunity not to waste time scrolling menu is more like a book that.

Forbes selected a few restaurants where you can safely order only one dish.

Burger & Lobster (London, UK)

8 restaurants serving only one dish

What are served: burgers and lobster

Price: £ 20 for a burger each and every type of lobster

The owner of Burger & Lobster - Russian restaurateur Mikhail Zelman, founder of restaurant chain "Goodman", successfully embodied in them the idea monorestorana, focusing on simple and comfortable interior, two main dishes for the same price (£ 20) and the highest demands for quality products. The idea is fully justified - and today in London opened five restaurants Burger & Lobster.

Wild lobster, which brought daily from Canada, served in three ways: cooked whole steamed or grilled, making rolls, but the most popular way of giving traditional Boston Lobster is considered a prescription - in a hot bun with lemon mayonnaise; burgers differ in the degree of roasting meat, and can also be ordered without California burger rolls (meat served in lettuce leaves). For burgers and lobster always served potato chips and salad, and drinks you can choose from red or white wine, champagne, beer and ales. Location: Soho, 36 Dean Street, Mayfair, 29Clarges Street and three addresses in London

Säräpirtti Kippurasarvi (Lemi, Finland)

8 restaurants serving only one dish

What are served: Syarya (Särä) - lamb stew with potatoes in a hollowed tree trunk.

Prices: € 30 for adults, € 15 for children 9-12 years, € 10 for children 4-9 years. Children under 4 years free.

This family-run restaurant - a worthy occasion to go to a small Finnish town Lemi 21 km from Lappeenranta city and 60 km from Vyborg. No wonder he is regularly ranked in the ratings of "7 Wonders of Finland." Here, according to an ancient recipe cook lamb: it stew with salt and potatoes for 9 hours in a hollowed tree trunk from the inside, without the addition of spices, sauces and condiments, thus preserving the flavor of the meat, adding the fragrance of wood smoke.

The restaurant operates on the principle of "Eat as you can", and this applies not only meat, but also side dishes and drinks. Ovine fed unleavened Finnish bread, stewed potatoes with meat, beer or dried fruit jelly. It is open on schedule in certain times and places better to book online for a few days before the visit.

Address: Rantatie 1, 54710 Lemi, Finland.

Arancini Brothers (London, UK)

8 restaurants serving only one dish

What Posted: arancini (fried rice balls)

Prices: £ 1, 50 2 Ball, £ 4 for cake (wrap), £ 4 50 - 4 ball with lettuce.

The history of institutions began with the fact that the two moved to London from New Zealand - David Arkin (Big D) and David Earl (Little D) - began preparing and selling arancini at street festivals, having decided that "all the people of the UK would be happy to eat them if I would know where to get them. "

Arancini - traditional Sicilian dish, the most popular on the Italian island of fast food. This is essentially the risotto with mozzarella, cheddar and Italian herbs, which is rolled into balls, fried in bread crumbs until golden brown and served with homemade chili sauce or garlic mayonnaise. Arancini can be ordered without all or mix with salad and wrapped in a pancake. They are easy to bring along home or eat on the way, the owners institutions pay special attention to the fact that their food does not contain gluten and is suitable for vegetarians. Address: 115 Kentish Town Road, London

The Burger Brothers (Moscow, Russia)

8 restaurants serving only one dish

What are served: burgers

Price: 300 rubles per burger

History of The Burger Brothers began with a window at the Red October, open during visiting Moscow fashion for good street food. Now it is a small cafe in an office building near Mayakovskaya metro station with a simple interior and six kinds of burgers that can compete for the title of the best in Moscow.

Price burgers all the same - 300 rubles (for each portion served fries). The restaurant menu has a "morning burger" with a fried egg, gentle "cheddar burger" with sweet onion sauce and mayonnaise and "ginger burger" for fans of the original flavor combinations (the ginger, sweet tomato sauce and onion rings).

Address: Tverskaya Street Lane, 11

Café des spores (Brussels, Belgium)

8 restaurants serving only one dish

What are served: c mushroom dishes

Prices: from € 8 to € 18 for one dish, a small restaurant, every dish in which, from appetizer to dessert, prepared with the addition of mushrooms. It serves tartare with raw mushrooms stuffed with glazed mushrooms, mushrooms with foie gras and roasted duck breast with mushrooms. The restaurant's interior also evokes memories of mushrooms in the autumn forest - are decorated in dark wood and muted colors.

Every day, the menu is a new position, the recipe of which depends on the season. The chef Pierre Lefebvre prepares directly in the dining room, an open kitchen, using mushrooms, porcini, morel and shiitake. For information on the possibilities of the restaurant is recommended to try the Tapas menu - a few dishes at a fixed price of € 30. For mushroom dishes you can choose from 40 varieties of beer, or 86 varieties of wine.

Address: Chaussee d'Alsemberg, 103-108, Brussels, Belgium

Macbar (New York, USA)

8 restaurants serving only one dish

What are served: pasta with cheese

Prices: from $ 5 for a small portion of the 99 to $ 17, 99 for a large

The restaurant is only ten seats, and he specializes in the preparation of traditional dishes of the New York - macaroni and cheese (macaroni and cheese). Chef Michael Ferraro institution invented 12 different versions of the uncomplicated, but everyone's favorite dishes: here you can enjoy classic pasta with cheddar, macaroni "four cheese", pasta with beef, mushrooms, lobster and duck. Due to the small interior space, the restaurant specializes in the delivery and does takeaway. Bright yellow containers for delivery (as stand inside the restaurant) are in the form of pasta, which are called "horns" in Russia.

Address: 54 Prince Street, New York, USA

Eggs & Co (Paris, France)

8 restaurants serving only one dish

What are served: eggs

Prices: from € 8 to € 20 per meal

A small cafe in Saint-Germain, where you can taste the eggs in all types: Kokot (baked), au plat (classic French omelette, fried in tins), à la coque (boiled soft-boiled), omelets, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine , burgers with eggs and eggs in red wine sauce. Ground floor cafe is very small, with a few bar stools, on the second floor houses two bedrooms.

On weekends, the institution is difficult to find free space, so better to book a table in advance. All Brunch-sets (€ 22 - € 31) include orange juice, coffee or tea, eggs, choice, baked potatoes with herbs, pancakes and fruit salad.

Address: 11 Rue Bernard Palissy, Paris, France

Oink (Edinburgh, UK)

What serves: hotdogs with stewed pork (Hog Roast Rolls)

Prices: from £ 2, £ 80 to 4, 80

Before opening his own restaurant, the owners Oink Adam Marshall and Sandy Pate has long grown pigs on the farm, in addition, several generations of their ancestors living in Bervikshire (county on the border with England), were engaged in breeding pigs. Therefore doubt whether the food is really high quality, it was not. Adam and Sandy started to prepare their hot dogs (though they would have been more accurate to call the hot piggies) in 2000, selling them at the farmers market in Edinburgh on Saturday. Their invention soon became very popular, and in 2008 came the first Oink - fast food, to which a queue of hungry workers, students and visitors of the city festivals, locals, shoppers and tourists. Furthermore hotdogs (with sage and onion, apple sauce, chili or haggis) serves to soups and soft drinks.

Address: 34 Victoria Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom