Rules of Life of Ethan Hawke

• Rules of Life of Ethan Hawke

Rules of Life of Ethan Hawke

I do not need to please everyone.

Everything in my life now is not constituted so as I once imagined. You become an adult, and things suddenly made elusive, vague, mysterious and deeper, and what is happening around annoys you more than you could imagine.

In school, when I was sixteen, I told my girlfriend that absolutely sure that I know everything. There were, of course, some dates of battles and Latin terms, which I do not remember, but it seemed to me that the most important thing I have learned. Now I'm forty-three, and I am absolutely sure that I do not know anything.

One of the greatest reasons not to go to college - is to preserve themselves from the imposed "right" and "wrong", the ability to keep the ability to think freely. I never went to acting school. All I know about the movie, I learned from Peter Weir, Sidney Lumet and Denzel Washington.

When you were a kid, all around solid, so you follow his dream. But as soon as you got older, everyone around started to irritate even the most cautious of your attempt to follow it.

My parents believed that all actors - washed-freaks. They made an exception only for Clint Eastwood, who adored. They always told me that I had no chance to become someone like him.

SOME talented people burns to the ground. Others - like Clint Eastwood - reborn in a different capacity. At thirty, he was a movie star and darling of the international scope of women, and then began to shoot their movies, and it outweighed all previous achievements. But go and look at how to arrange his life as well. My great-grandfather was a senior manager in "Abilene Blue Sox" (a baseball team from Texas Abilene -. Esquire). And he was a sports columnist in "Abilene Reporter-News" (newspaper in Abilene since 1881 -. Esquire). Most often, he had to write about the performances of his own team, which now seems to me something quite incredible.

Success never measured by what you have achieved. It is measured by what you overcome.

IN ANY INJURY IS HIDDEN victory, and any victory - a hidden defeat.

Surprisingly, the witches come to Macbeth in the moment of greatest triumph of his life. He won two battles; he is a hero and all around love it - and at this point there are witches. Shakespeare as it warns that the most vulnerable moments of your life - is not the same when you are defeated, destroyed and crushed. These times are hard, but even harder to live in a time when the world gives you all what you wanted.

I auditioned for the role in "Titanic" and sometimes involuntarily thinking about how my life would change, then I get this role. I think I would have been a different person.

The older I get, the more I am attracted blurring the line between character and actor. Take Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Patti Smith: when they sing, it seems that they sing to himself. Similarly, I - I try more and more to fill their roles are.

At Willie Nelson (known country singer -. Esquire), there is one remarkable statement. "In the past, - he said - I like old guitars, because they always have character. But now, when I became older, I like the new guitar, because I already got its own character. " The older you get, the more difficult it turns out to find a soul mate.

Now, in this age, I realize that really can only fall in love with the woman who will not require that all the time I was there.

Sometimes it happens: you wake up in the middle of the night, dying of thirst, and all you need now is a sip of milk. You climb out of bed, drop your feet into the darkness, wincing and limping, stomp to the refrigerator. You open it, and you blind light. You are saved. And then you open the package, take a deep breath, cardboard tray edge to his lips. And suddenly - damn - the milk turns out to be sour. You put it mildly, not in the spirit. You close the bag and puts it back. Again darkness around you. In the darkness you bredesh to his old bed and think: "Maybe the milk is still not quite sour?" You turn around and come back to the refrigerator. Light bulb illuminates you again. You're doing a sip, but, hell, sour milk hopeless. This is a good metaphor for all the relations in which I have ever been.

What do I know about the divorce? Only one thing: do not talk about them in an interview. I hope this joke someone laugh.

If a woman wants to keep a man, it must from time to time to tell him two things: that she believes in him, and he had a big dick. And neither one nor the other should not be necessarily true.

I always thought that the best place for a strong marriage - is a farm, because that's where all the duties painted and binding. Becoming a father - is the best way to kill your narcissism.

I remember how I asked his son: "Who is the best of fathers, whom you met?" And he replied: "Dad, you just want me to say it was you. After all, I do not know other fathers. "

FATHER IN THE FAMILY ALWAYS has a special role. That father should help the child to make the first move outside the cozy home - to push him into the world.

If we do not die, life would not be so precious.

Learn to derive joy out of simple things. Double cheeseburger - yes, not bad. And the sky about ten minutes before it starts to rain, or a moment when the good, the just born pure laughter has not yet turned into a nasty cackle.

I always lost, if the conversation comes to politics, because here I have absolutely nothing to say. I believe that actors in general, it should only talk about the movie.

People in general tend to think that their problems are unique.

Yes, I eat meat. But I kill flies.