Rules of Life Lev Durov

• Rules of Life Lev Durov

Rules of Life Lev Durov

Cell Phones I'm ready to break the wall. I hate technology. I like most, to a finger in the hole - and cool.

IF someone being beaten - it is necessary to intervene. I interfere.

Love - it's not me you hold the handle, and we walk across the meadow with daisies. The very nature of us all dictated. And we do not need to read dramaputru, we realized all by yourself.

I lived with a woman for 50 years. Because she did not show serious claims.

I used a lot of things to do - a carpenter, for example. Now just read.

WHEN CATS good hosts - they live a long time. My cat is twenty-one years.

Never in my life will not buy what is advertised. Tea? I do myself somehow. You "May" drinking? It's just a broom soaked in a gang.

WOMEN can not talk about money.

WHAT MAKES FOR GOOD brain - so it's a watermelon, which poured vodka and gave it brew.

Often I think it is the same whether or not the series? The feeling that the actors do not change even jackets. But this, perhaps, about me, you can say, Durov! And he, then?

WE SPORTS hold onto a sense of homeland. The feeling flew - flew money. But why play - until we realized. English football has always been on the money, and we have barely changed the rules.

THESE JEANS I appeared in Moscow in one of the first. Mom, remember crying: "Leva, you actor - you can not be in these pants." She thought it was kind of funny rag.

I grew up in the yard. Now computers. Tolstoy once roared: "Progress? Tell me how to improve this horror? It will become even worse? " If an actor is talented, but as a man - shit, I'm still going to work with him. Otherwise, you can stay with the amateurs. With one actor I was not greeted six months. But when he played great, I went into the dressing room and congratulated. And the next day again did not greeted.

I'm a big fan of beer. But everything just gone crazy. You do not see that the country has become a beer? You go on the subway - is worth the smell of beer.

NOW fear of disease and poverty. And this fear of the monstrous, which was in every family and in all power, no. So now I live better.

At the cottage must be the smell of wood, not a jacuzzi ass.

NO PRESSURE, NO CENSORSHIP can not kill a good movie. Movie killed when it takes not an artist, and he to whom the money was given.

It just seems that the others die. Just think about it.

I believe in clairvoyants. We went Zhzhenova coupled with clairvoyant - Lydia Mikhailovna kranovschitsa that lightning dolbanula. She began to tell all. All fractures are counted, I have twenty-three. Then he says: "Tell me a year ago, you were on the verge of death?" - "Yes." She: "The car?" Me: "No, the horse. During filming, the horse had fallen on me. " She: "Actually, you do not, you're dead, you got the point of death at all was formed." But once I was dead - so what am I going to be afraid of.