10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work

According to a study conducted by researchers at Oxford University, in the next 20 years, 47% of employees of all US enterprises will be replaced by robots or computers. Until that happens, the Forbes figured out where the future is already a reality, and find restaurants, hotels and airports, where robots bring and cook, sing, dance, answer questions and help passengers find at the hardware store shelf with hammers.

10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work

Hajime Robot Restaurant (Bangkok, Thailand)

Robots in samurai garb, which marks this restaurant located not in the tourist area of ​​Bangkok, were ordered by the owner in Japan a few years ago. They "live" behind a glass wall in the shape of the letter U, separating them from visitors. The restaurant can select one of two options tables: Barbecue table (in the middle of it there is a cavity for coal) or steaming (with round electrical tiles). Each of them is a tablet, through which visitors choose dishes, and selecting, click "Send Robot" button. After this mechanical waiter comes to life and begins to move special rails to your table with a tray, singing and welcoming winking (person replaces him with the eyes of the tablet). In total, the restaurant employs two robots, samurai, each of them serving 16 tables.

The more orders make visitors more often drove up to him robots, changing the empty plates to the full.

Address: Monopoly Park plaza, Soi 61 Rama 3 Rd

10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work

Shop Lowe's Orchard Supply Hardware Co. (San Jose, CA, USA)

Robots sellers height of 1, 5 meters, called OSHbots, has entered the service of the store Lowe's Orchard Supply Hardware Co., which sells tools and garden tools. Visitors can ask robots to find their desired product (for example, say: "Where is the rack with hammers?"), Or use the electronic menu with touch screen, which replaces the mechanical shop assistant head. In addition, the robot can be explained that the need to find concrete by showing a screw or screwdriver - the object is scanned, the information is analyzed, and the robot holds the buyer at the right department. Robots sellers are provided with updated database and therefore always know which products are in store, and what not. They move around the store with the help of sensors, similar to those used in Google driverless car.

Address: 377 Royal Ave., San Jose

10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work

The restaurant is in a shopping center Cixi (Ningbo, Zhejiang, China)

At the end of 2015 at the restaurant located on the first floor of the shopping center in the Chinese city of Ningbo, there were 5 "employees" -robot Fielded. Two of them serve food to customers, three dance at the entrance to attract attention. The restaurant owner Lou Dyke confident that this will help to attract more customers in his restaurant, despite the fact that each of the robots cost him $ 9, 5000. Robot waiters know how to pronounce 40 different phrases in Mandarin language ( "Bon Appetit" or "Sorry, I'm busy right now") and move around the room with the help of optical sensors of the system. Each has a five-year warranty, and charge their battery lasts for 4 hours. Address: No.188 Heyi Road, Haishu District, Ningbo

10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work


Haohai Robot Restaurant (Harbin, China)

The institution was established in 2012 and became one of the first in the world where human functions were entrusted mechanisms. The restaurant on the different "positions" employs 20 robots - they cook the noodles, dumplings, beverages and spread them on the table, privestvuyu visitors at the entrance with the words "Hello, Earthling! Welcome to Robot Restaurant "and entertained them by singing. Each robot expresses emotions to 10, and one of the "staff" is an exact copy of the cartoon character "WALL-E." Man intervenes in the process only once - after the order is made, it is manually driven into the program and starts the process. Battery of each of the robots is enough for 5 hours, the price is about $ 32 000, and height - from 130 to 160 cm.

Address: 51 Xi Liu Dao (W 6th)

10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work

the Aloft Hotel (Cupertino, CA, USA)

The most notable member of staff - a robot shaped like R2D2 from "Star Wars." He is able to bring to the room snacks, drinks and various little things, like a dental kit. His name Botlr (from the English Butler -. "Butler"), it was created during the year developers startup Savioke in Santa Clara (CA). Among the investors was Google Ventures.

Botlr - fully autonomous robot servant, in whose memory the program is integrated with a map of all corridors, elevators and rooms. It is equipped with a special laser sensor, which helps him to build a route (working for the same navigation technology as Google unmanned vehicles), as well as the camera makes it possible to go around people, luggage and other obstacles. When guests call the hotel make the order in the room, employees can program the robot to the delivery. Botlr can independently cause the elevator to drive into it and select the desired floor of the hotel connecting to the Internet network. Address: 10165 North De Anza Boulevard, Cupertino

10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work

Indianapolis International Airport (Indiana, USA)

In October 2015 at the airport in the US city of Indianapolis appeared unusual assistant robot, which is a small Segway in T-shirts and with the iPad instead of a head. The robot is controlled by one of the staff (whose face is displayed on the screen of the iPad), welcomes passengers and answer questions about baggage, flight number and anything else that helps travelers do not get lost in the bustle of the airport. Managing employee robot can observe what is happening with his eyes using a front video camera. The main advantage of the innovations is that the robot will help the tourists from 23 to 5:00, when the information desk is closed. While passengers enjoy the services of an assistant with caution, preferring to photograph it, and there is a contest for the best name for the robot among airport staff.

10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work

Dalu Robot Restaurant (Jinan, China)

The restaurant was opened in December 2010, and was positioned as one of the first institutions in the world, where the waiters replaced by robots. Each of them is equipped with a sensor that detects the correct table to which you want to deliver the order. Robots resembling Droid from 'Star Wars', carrying trays of food, moving in a circle on the bike, on the outer radius are placed tables. The restaurant has 12 robots perform functions hostesses, stewards and performers entertain the guests by singing and dancing. Each of the robots working in a restaurant costs about $ 6000, and the host institution intends not only to increase the number of its employees and 30 electronic, but also teach them how to set the table and climb stairs.

10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work

Robot Kitchen (Hong Kong)

This restaurant serve three robots. Electronic staff is always in a good mood - on their faces smile playing LCD, indicated by three red dotted lines on the screen, replacing the person concerned. Robots from Robot Kitchen - different sizes and adapted to perform different tasks. One of them takes orders, another brings ready-made meals to clients, third suit typical of Asian restaurants robotic dance show. All three are excellent command of English and Cantonese languages. You see them at work only with 7 to 9 pm.

Address: Park Central, 9 Tong Tak St.

10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work

FuA-Men (Nagoya, Japan)

The full name of this restaurant - "Fully Automated Ramen" (fully automated noodle), and the concept is 100% confirmed the name. Noodles are really prepared without human intervention, and not only cook, but also poured into the bowl. Make one batch of production robots Corporation Aisei spend exactly 1 minute and 40 seconds per day, each of them (very small institution, and "workers" there are only two) is able to prepare 80 plates of noodles. While waiting for new orders robots juggle plates, fighting for kitchen utensils, arrange comic verbal fights in the national Japanese stand-up style "Manzano" and play plain scenes - for example, one robot threatens another with a knife, and the other is covered with a lid kastryulnoy defensively.

Address: 2nd with Ameyoko Bldg 2nd Fl, 3-14-43 Osu, Naka-ku

10 restaurants and hotels, where robots work

Baggers Restaurant (Nuremberg, Germany)

This restaurant is more like a miniature version of a roller coaster. The entire dining area crosses several rows of steel tracks, which move and appliances, food and drinks from the kitchen to the table and back. Supersonic sausages, high-speed pancakes and a bottle of wine on the tables of visitors arrive at a rate of bean on the track. To make a reservation, you need to select the food and drinks on the screen at each table. All dishes served here are prepared people - the owners have not yet resolved to entrust it to the robots. In addition, in the hall there are always several employees who help visitors to understand the automated feeding system.

Address: Am Steinacher Kreuz 28, Nyurnburg