14 tips for those who wants to be a hell of a romantic

14 tips for those who wants to be a hell of a romantic

loved ones give us the care and attention that are so necessary to smile and feel happy. After all, love - in the little things, big and small deeds.

Here is a touching "history" of the life of lovers. In them you'll find a cool idea, realizing that can hit its closest person.

14 tips for those who wants to be a hell of a romantic

1. Is it possible to do the unexpected surprises, even if you are far from your favorite

Last year, Andrew was on a business trip on Valentine's Day. He secretly brought my mother to the city so that I could spend time with her while he was gone. He booked us a table at his mother's restaurant and paid for a massage at my favorite spa. I was shocked when I opened the door, and there - mom. An incredible surprise!

2. Write each other pleasant notes

We Misha have a notebook in which we leave notes for each other. I know that when I wake up or come home after a stressful day, you will read in the notebook exactly what I needed to hear so to this day.

14 tips for those who wants to be a hell of a romantic

3. Let it be date night every night

My boyfriend and I live together. And our dinner together is never easy. We plan menus, prepare and eat together every day. So we cut out the opportunity to be alone with each other and relax. This is our ritual, which I treasure.

4. Say "I love you" by his actions

My boyfriend does not make grand gestures and shouting. Quiet romance for him the best. He always opens the door for me, gives me a window seat on the plane. All these little things like telling me: "I love you." Again and again. My boyfriend loves the element of surprise. Sometimes I check my mailbox and find a new music track or an interesting book from the "mystery" of the sender. It's so wonderful!

14 tips for those who wants to be a hell of a romantic


5. Find time for unexpected visits every day

I love picnics. Take food with me from my favorite restaurant and go to the park for lunch with my favorite. Sometimes, when he can not get away from work, I suddenly appear in the doorway of his office with great food.

6. Help each other when necessary

The most romantic thing that can make me Dima - decompose clean dishes in places, pack food in containers and take our daughter Lisa to school. Maybe it's not so sexy, but just fine for me!

14 tips for those who wants to be a hell of a romantic

7. Find a way to get to know each other really

At the very beginning of our relationship Diana offered to ask each other questions via email and respond to them. She thought it was a fun way to get to know each other. Last year, after 9 years of marriage, she gave me the book "Questions and Answers", made up of our correspondence over 3 years. So we really know each other a lot of interesting things. And it was fun to re-read it all again.

8. Remind each other about the most enjoyable moments of

On our fifth anniversary, I cook your favorite gift: a small piece of paper written on the warmest memories of our life with him, and answers the question of why I love it. I hid them in the balloons. Husband gulped them and read what's inside.

14 tips for those who wants to be a hell of a romantic

9. take care when it is especially important to

Here's a story about how captivating my husband. I went to take a bath. There was a very cold winter's day, and I was unwell. I heard the door open. It was suspicious because my husband - a real joker. Expect it can be anything. And then he says: "I brought you a fresh and warm towel from the dryer." It was so wonderful and touching.

10. Keep special detail

I like to keep the pleasant things: lift ticket from the first ski trip ticket for a cool concert, note that favorite left on my door in college. Many years later, these items are very valuable and romantic. I and my husband keep the little things for almost 15 years. Can you imagine how great it again and again to consider the treasures of our past life together!

14 tips for those who wants to be a hell of a romantic

11. Be spontaneous

My husband likes to invite me to slow dance in the center of the room. Then he tries to sing, pretending to know the words of the song that is playing. He does so with as long as we celebrated 17 years. My heart melts on this so far.

12. Roll the luxurious romantic dinner

I've always liked Valentine's Day, but that all changed when I got married and moved to Moscow. On this day, my husband and I have always worked in the fashion week. We were so tired that coming up with something that was not the strength. But a couple of years ago, we still decided to celebrate at home. I was not set up to prepare and plan something. Oleg told me nothing to worry. I returned home after endless hours and found there a beautiful pink rose, wine and luxurious food from the restaurant. I will never forget what tenderness and care I felt at that moment. Husband knows all about what I want!

14 tips for those who wants to be a hell of a romantic

13. Gifts with their own hands - a great way to surprise a loved one

When we started dating with my boyfriend, I was not so provided, to make expensive gifts, so I took our photos from different trips, print them out and make a collage, which is hidden in a pretty box.

14. Remember important dates

On the day that was exactly a year since I opened the shop, my husband came to its closure with a huge bouquet of flowers and a wonderful truly romantic postcard. All customers gasped, and I certainly blushed. It was so cute!