5 wildest off-road vehicles in 2015

• 5 craziest off-road vehicles 2015

It seems like everyone who is interested in this topic, intuitively understand: the impressive SUV looks, the better it is adapted for the ride. Many car manufacturers are aware of this phenomenon and use it in full, endlessly playing with the concept, consisting, in general, only four big wheels, high clearance and all-wheel drive.

The creators of the most daring off-road vehicles, drawing inspiration from the theme of survival in the wild, turning their cars in these heralds of the apocalypse, can breathe degree of madness, even banal walk for bread. When it comes to serious travel - these monsters should inspire the world that will survive even the end of the world. And of course, they are able to accommodate at least half of your property.

We found five craziest off-road vehicles that have appeared this year.

5 wildest off-road vehicles in 2015

Brabus B63S-700 6x6

Monstrous kind and incredibly steep - an exclusive SUV Brabus B63S-700 6 * 6. In fact, a revised version of the SUV from Mercedes-Benz company, significantly improved from turretless tuners Brabus. 5, 5-liter V8 engine produces 700 horsepower, making triaxial giant is capable of accelerating from zero to a hundred in just 7, 5 seconds.

5 wildest off-road vehicles in 2015

Kahn Flying Huntsman

British tuning studio Kahn Design has presented a modified three-axis version of the legendary Land Rover Defender. "Night Hunter" in comparison with the original model up 1200 mm in length and has got a brand new 6, 2-liter V8 engine that develops power of 550 horsepower. As a special option, the British company can equip armored SUV that can be very convenient if you plan to seriously survive a zombie apocalypse.

5 wildest off-road vehicles in 2015

Jeep Chief

It's no secret that the inspiration for the "Jeep" Cherokee Chief is a classic 70-ies of the last century. Designers borrowed design front end, the stern and a disproportionately large side windows. For more similarity with Cherokee designers bright blue SUV even masked by the rear door handles. Nevertheless, the "leader" is built on a completely modern Wrangler platform.

5 wildest off-road vehicles in 2015

Filson Edition AEV Wrangler

A collaboration of well-known company Outdoor-equipment manufacturer Filson and legendary Jeep vehicle became Filson Edition AEV Wrangler, which is the embodiment of ideas about how to look real American SUV. Jeep equipped with 5, 7 and 6, the 4-liter (optional) diesel engines, off-road and burdens softening will assume suspension DualSport SC and 35-inch wheels wrapped in tires BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2.

5 wildest off-road vehicles in 2015

Hennessey VelociRaptor 600

Guess who eats a large yellow and hatchbacks for tomorrow? Yes, it's a new pickup VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged by the American tuning studio Hennessey Performance. Based on the Ford F-150 FX4 SuperCrew received power of the engine in excess of 600 horsepower, which allows to accelerate to hundreds of 5, 2 seconds and a maximum speed of 177 km / h. The pickup also sports exhaust system will be installed off-road suspension with adjustable dampers and bigger bumpers.