20 quotes Aldous Huxley about our wondrous world

• 20 quotes Aldous Huxley about our wondrous world

20 quotes Aldous Huxley about our wondrous world

The writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley opened the door to the "brave new world". And mankind to think hard whether it wants a future for themselves. Meanwhile, much of what the English master of words spoken over 50 years ago, has already become a reality.

He was not a prophet, but he could see things as they are. We have collected for you the sign quote Huxley, to whom wisdom is to listen to everyone.

In the universe there is only one area that you can confidently pick candidates for improvement - is you.

History as a meat pie: it is better not to stare as it is prepared.

How wonderful, interesting, original people - at a distance.

You can forgive a man anything, except for the absence.

Music is in second place after a silence, when it comes to express the inexpressible.

No good to become an adult, if you do not read all the children's books. To evaluate the pie, it is necessary to try and not talk about recipes.

Terrible when a man knows how to say the wrong thing!

To let everyone know you have to be not only a spectator but also an actor.

Small Talk as a tonic without the gin: exciting, but not drunk.

For each dog its owner - Napoleon. Hence the constant love of dogs.

Death ... the only thing we could not completely debase.

Word - good servants, but bad masters.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are neglected.

We are all geniuses up to the age of ten.

The fact that people do not learn from the mistakes of history - the most important lesson of history.

Being together does not mean to love each other and trust each other.

In the art of sincerity - a synonym for genius.

The most reliable cure for illusion - look in the mirror.

The secret of genius is to keep the spirit of childhood for a lifetime.