15 years of film "Snatch"

15 years • film "Snatch"

One of the most famous films of Guy Ritchie's "Snatch" was released 15 years ago. And let's say that Jason Steichen "is not a cake" and "Rock-n-rollschik" not lived up to expectations, many epic phrases from the "eat more" will remain forever in the memory of moviegoers. Even when we forget most of Guy Ritchie.

We have gathered the most powerful replicas and dialogues from the movie.

15 years of film 15 years of film

Turk: My name is Turk. A strange name for an Englishman. My future parents flew the plane that crashed. There they met and named me after this aircraft.

15 years of film

Turk: It's Tommy. He tells everyone that he was named in honor of Tommy's machine-gun, but in fact it was named after the famous ballet dancer of the 19th century.

15 years of film

Chetyrohpaly Frankie: It's not every day a virgin giving birth to a son.

15 years of film

Turk: We need a decent office. I want a new trailer, Tommy, and you buy it to me.

Tommy: Why me?

Turk: Do you understand trailers.

Tommy: Where did you get?

Turk: You spent a summer in the trailer.

15 years of film

The Turk: Tommy, you've got a gun in his pants, he was doing there?

Tommy: It's for protection!

Turks: From whom, from the Germans? You're not afraid to shoot his balls, when you sit down?

15 years of film

Boris Razor: The heavy - this is good. If you do not shoot, they can always hit.

15 years of film

Red: If you can not put on him, then to whom? In my opinion, it looks good.

Harry: Yes, Mr. Parport, you'll be happy with it.

Auburn: Do you think that people have to do it for me: my humor?

Harry: You deserve it, sir!

Auburn: Pull your tongue out of my ass, Harry, do dogs. You're not a dog, Harry?

Harry: No, not a dog.

Auburn: Even though you have all the qualities of the dog. Except loyalty.

15 years of film

The Turk on a red: If you want to deal with him, better not be his debtor. Otherwise, you're in his pocket, and once there, you will not get out.

15 years of film

Tommy: It Lancashire pigs?

Auburn: Who are you talking to, son?

Turk's voice-over: "Oh, yes. Tommy! Auburn loves Tommy. "

15 years of film

Cousin Evi:

- Where?

- In London.

- In London?

- In London!

- In London?!

- YES!!! In London! Well, fish, chips, tea, crappy food, worse weather, Mary Poppins, her mother! London!

15 years of film

The Turk's Head of Dag: He builds himself a Jew, he would like to be a Jew, he even tells his family that they were Jews. Although he is a Jew like me - a ballerina.

15 years of film

Mrs. O'Neill: A big guy does not go with us?

Tommy: He guards the machine.

Mrs. O'Neill: He thinks we are - thieves?

Tommy: No, Mrs. O'Neill, he just likes to keep an eye on the machines.

15 years of film

Turk: Gypsies are well known for their ability to negotiate. Maybe that's why they did say that no one knew anything. But if Tommy can buy a trailer for a smaller amount, it will wait for the return of the ice cream.

Turk: It turned out that our seductive tattooed Roma - kickboxing champion. And that means - it tight nail in the coffin.

15 years of film

Saul: What is this ?!

Vinnie: It's - a shotgun!

Sol: It's ack-ack!

Vinnie: I want to scare everyone!

15 years of film

Turk: What the hell do you put Gorgeous George for the match without gloves, two days before his match with bombers?

Tommy: That guy two times lighter than him, I did not think he did cut down.

Turk: You set it up for the match without gloves. Did you expect that it will be tickling contest ?!

Tommy: You asked to bring down the price.

Turk: I do not see the connection between the loss of ten pieces, George hospitalization and decreased prices.

15 years of film

Turk: We've lost Gorgeous George.

Auburn: You'll have to repeat it.

Turk: We've lost Gorgeous George.

Auburn: And where are you lost? This is not a bunch of keys? He's not so inconspicuous!

Tommy: We do not refuse from the transaction.

Auburn: More would you refuse the deal!

Tommy: We replace the fighter.

Auburn: Damn, your girlfriend knows how to speak. And who do you replace it, dear?

15 years of film

Cousin Evi: In your opinion, why is his name Chetyrohpaly Frankie ?!

Doug Head: I have no idea.

Cousin Evie: Because it is associated with dangerous people and making stupid bets, and when it does not give money, he circumcised, Doug! And I'm not talking about his foreskin!

Doug's head: I'm sure it has something to pay.

Cousin Evie: Not my product. We're going to London! You heard?!

15 years of film

Doug Head: (Happily) Evie!

Cousin Evie: Shut up and sit down, bald idiot! I do not like to leave their country, Doug, and if they leave, only for the sake of sandy beaches, cocktails with straws.

Doug Head: We have sandy beaches.

Cousin Evie: But who the hell they want, these are your beach ?!

15 years of film

Saul: This is it ?!

Vinnie: I do not know. What his fingers?

Sol: I'm sorry, I did not have time to pull out the binoculars.

15 years of film

Saul: How are you, Vince ?!

Vinnie: I would be a lot better if you did not call me by my name.

15 years of film

Tommy: There's something wrong, because it is we would like to buy his trailer.

15 years of film

Auburn: Raise your entire body is always very difficult, it is best to cut the corpse into six pieces and then assemble them into a pile. And then get rid of these six pieces, because it is not good to leave them in the freezer so that they found my mother, right? I have heard that the best - it's a corpse to feed pigs. Prior to this, do not feed the pigs a few days, then view the corpse will be chopped to them as curry for Indian. It is necessary to shave the victim's head, pull teeth, not to spoil the pigs digestion. This, of course, can be done later, but because you do not want to sift through a pig shit? They grind the bone like butter. You need a minimum of sixteen pigs to finish everything in one sitting. So beware of the owners of pig farms. they can settle accounts for about eight minutes with the body weight of about two hundred feet. This means that one pig per minute consume two pounds of uncooked flesh. That's why they say gluttonous like a pig.

15 years of film

Ginger: Do you know what revenge ?! Just punishment, carried out by the relevant person. In this case, this disgusting vermin - I.

15 years of film

Cousin Evi: Well, what should I call you? A bullet or a tooth?

Tony Bullet-Tooth: You can call me Susie, if you want.

15 years of film

Bullet-Tooth Tony: Razor Boris, Boris, Horseradish-Popadosh?

Sol: Yes!

Cousin Evie: And why it is called the Boris-Horseradish-Popadosh?

Bullet Tooth Tony-: Because it hell popadosh, Evie.

15 years of film

Cousin Evi: Look in the dog.

Bullet Tooth Tony-: How is it - look in the dog?

Cousin Evie: Well, I mean - open it.

Tony Bullet-Tooth: This is not a can of beans, which means "open it" ?!

15 years of film


- Give me money!

- All bets will be canceled.

- I'm not going to bet! You do not buy it!

- And I do not sell. I repeat: ALL BIDS CANCELED. And no rates - no money.

15 years of film

- Do you want anything to declare, sir?

- Yes. Never fly to England.