25 quotes Oscar Wilde - the most witty man of all time

• 25 quotes Oscar Wilde - the most witty man of all time

25 quotes Oscar Wilde - the most witty man of all time

Some classics never cease to quote, and one of them - Oscar Wilde. Esthete, flamboyant writer, a skilled storyteller and master of aphorisms, he strikes the reader and the ability to give the interlocutors thought very brief final form. And he perfectly mastered the universal language of sarcasm.

Cchitaetsya that many statements Wilde perfectly characterize the people of the XXI century.

All that is beautiful in this life, or immoral, or illegal, or leads to obesity.

We can not stand people with the same disadvantages as we have.

I do not want to know what they say behind my back - I was already high opinion of itself sufficient.

I am always very friendly attitude to those who care about me.

In life there are only two real tragedy. One - when you do not get what you want, and the second - when you get.

Be yourself. Other roles are already occupied.

I've heard so much slander in your address, I have no doubt that you - a lovely man!

I have a unpretentious taste - just the best.

You do not like the one who treats you like a normal person.

Forgive your enemies - it's the best way to bring them out of themselves.

Love begins with the fact that a person is deceiving himself, and ends with the fact that he is deceiving the other. When a person is happy, he is always good. But not always good people are happy.

About love to write profitable at it in great demand.

If something is worth doing, and, so just what is considered to be impossible.

It is dangerous to meet a woman who fully understands you. This usually ends in marriage.

As said some witty Frenchman Women inspire us to great things, but always prevent us from creating them.

Imagination was given to man to console him in what he is not, and sense of humor - to comfort the fact that he has.

Selfishness is not that man lives as he wants, but the fact that he makes others to live according to his principles.

Said the man in the eyes of the truth sometimes longer than debt - it is a pleasure.

I can not stand the logic, it is always banal and often convincing.

Employment - the last refuge of those who have nothing else can do.

I live in constant fear that I understand correctly.

In America, in the Rocky Mountains, I saw the only reasonable method of art criticism. The bar above the piano hung a sign: "Do not shoot the pianist - he is doing all that it can."

The best way to make children good - to make them happy.

You can not change the direction of the wind, but you can always sail to reach its goal.