10 things that we do not tell our mothers

• 10 things that we do not tell our mothers

10 things that we do not tell our mothers

All mothers on both sides of the equator - these are the best examples of selfless, compassionate and faithful love. Maternal feelings - not amenable to reason and logic out of time and space - just because you can understand them only if you are a parent yourself, and nothing else.

We publish an article that our mothers would never racskazali us. But this does not mean that they have not experienced.

She was crying because of the vac. Often.

She cried when she learned she was pregnant. She cried during childbirth. I cried the first time you hugged. I cried from happiness. I am crying because she was afraid and worried for you. She deeply feels and shares with you the pain and all the happiness of this life, even when you are not aware of this.

She still wanted that last piece of pie.

But when she saw you, licking his lips, looking at him with tremendous eyes, she just could not eat it. She knew that she would be much happier watching, you, happy, was eating it.

She was hurt.

It hurts when you pulled her hair, grabbed her with his sharp nails that could not be cut. It hurts when she fed you breastfeed, and you biting her. You hurt her ribs and stomach, when it went out of the womb. And your coming into this world was connected to her with excruciating pain.

She's worried about you. Always.

Since its conception, it has done everything to protect you. She became the woman who was going to say "no" when asked a neighbor girl to hold you, and that is curled into a ball, when she still took you in his arms. Her heart skipped two beats, when you made your first steps. She did not close his eyes to make sure that you're back home safe, and wake up before anyone else, to take you to school. She was ready to snatch you from the clutches of a bad dream or night heat. She was always nearby to make sure you're okay. She knows that is not ideal.

Mama for herself the worst critic. She knows all your flaws and sometimes hate myself for them. But the most difficult to account for, when it comes to you. She would be a perfect mother and do everything right - but it is a person, and therefore capable of making mistakes. Perhaps she is still trying to forgive myself for them. With all my heart she wants to go back and do things differently, but that's impossible. So be kind to your mother and know that she made the best of what is possible.

She watches over you while you sleep.

There were nights when sitting beside your crib at 3:00, she prayed that you finally fall asleep. She sang a lullaby to you, even though she could barely keep her eyes open. And when you finally fell asleep, she was lying next to you, and all of her sleepiness disappeared at the very moment when she was looking at your face, the face of a sleeping angel, experiencing unconditional love, which is not afraid of pain and fatigue.

She wore you much longer than 9 months.

She needed you. Therefore, other options remained. She learned to keep you until cleaned the apartment when sporadically managed to eat and even when asleep. The hands get tired and my back ached unbearably, but she kept you because you wanted to be closer to her. She held you to her, you loved, kissed and played with you. You feel safe in her hands, and you were happy, so she took you to the hands as often as you like.

Every time you cried, her heart ached.

For mom there is nothing worse than hearing a baby crying and see the tears streaming down your naive children's faces. She did everything in her power to stop your tears, and when that did not work, her heart was broken in a million little pieces. You always come first for her.

She could go without food, soul, and without sleep. She always put your needs are greater than their own. She spent the whole day for you, and to the end of his forces on just to do. But the next day she woke up even earlier and do it all again, because you meant more to her than anything else.

She would go through it again.

Being a mom - the most difficult job that only can be in this world. You cry, you hurt, you try, but it does not work, you learn and overcomes own borders. But you also feel so much joy and love, it seems that your heart can barely accommodate these emotions. Despite all the pain, suffering and sleepless nights, through which was your mother, she was pleased to experience it all over again, because it's worth it. So next time you see your mom, just tell her thank you. Let her know that you love her. Believe me, it is not so often have to hear it.

Author: Natasha Craig