Life is much more interesting than any fiction

Life is much more interesting than any fiction

Strange and wonderful things happen to each of us every day, and sometimes it is simply impossible to be silent. There exists therefore even a special project that helps people to anonymously share their revelations.

There are different stories: joyful and sad, good and evil. But we are encouraged by the stories that made the lives of their authors happier and more fun. These are the revelations collected in this article.

I am waiting for his wife on a bench near the entrance. Suitable red cat, meows. I talked to him, and he was caressing and meows, something special to me, too, she says it is clear that home, lost, not afraid of people. Met at the house I did and the next day - meows I do that again. On the third day I saw him just dirty - as before, he came to me and already sad meow like crying. Never in my life I had before the animals, and now lives most intelligent and sociable cat in the world.

I live in a city where the two w / station. The branch line from one station to another passes through the city, along the road to the airport. So if gaytsy sit in the "ambush" with the radar on the road, the driver "blinks" locomotive headlights of oncoming cars. Our people can not win!

My wife - a teacher at the institute strict, puts Deuce without compromises. Sometimes it brings on exam sheets home. So, when my "bitch" to sleep, to change some of deuces on the three, because he himself was a poor student. While channel. Have fun, kids, you have your own genie-incognito! Once, when I was in first grade, running down the school corridor and fell. The floors were made of wood, all knees and palms were numerous splinters. Suddenly came to the aid-tenth guys, who squandered a lesson, picking out the splinters of my lap, comforting me, weeping bitterly. Since then, many years have passed, and I remember these supermen! If they read it: thank you very much, guys, for your kindness.

I fell asleep on the subway after work. I wake up, I realize that his hands behind his head and umostilas a man on his knees. Ashamed, I did not know how to quietly get up and fall down. Apparently, the man saw that I woke up and said with a smile: "Yes, you sleep, sleep, my stop, I even drove 10 minutes ago."

the failure of

Photographer. After the registrar's office newlyweds give pigeons to release them into the sky. I do a standard frame when the doves in their hands, and said, "Kiss!" In 99% of the young men kissing a dove, not the bride.

Came to the new work week making eyes the guy in the next week, he came up and asked him what he did to me, and this is why I'm so angry look at him.

Three years marked the anniversary of marriage October 17, we have not yet looked into the evidence, in which the date of November 17 ...

I'm at work, her husband at home. To my question: "What do you do" - said, "Do your job!" Delighted, I suppose that is preparing dinner and washing the floors. I come, and he eats candy. As a child, when she was at the grandmother's house, it appears that the socket in the bedroom - a microphone and sang a variety of songs in it. I ceased to do so when the neighbors through the same outlet said: "Girl, we all hear."

On the life

Today is the sun, remember the March 8, 2009 - also very sunny and warm, it is a rarity. We go around the city on the tram, and then a woman driver began to sing into the microphone, then the guard read the verse, and all the passengers were allowed to pass congratulations, read poetry, sing. And I'm just speechless and weeping from excess of emotion. This is Peter.

At the exit of the subway in front of me on the stairs climbed a grandmother and five-year boy. Out on the Moscow spring sunshine, baby, pausing breathlessly said: "A strange melancholy state ..." "Do not drive themselves into the emotional trap", - said grandma, and they went to the entrance of Pushkin. Cultural Moscow.

I live in Germany. People who can pronounce "krafttsoyghaftpflihtferziherung" without pausing to take a breath, called pan "kavaraskoy" because, damn it, the Russian language is very difficult!

About Love

Once my business is ruined, I spent two months working as a taxi driver, his wife did not say anything. Today we learned that she knew and secretly moonlighted as a tutor of English. I love her. When I went to school, my mother always woke me up in the morning, now I'm in another city for a few thousand kilometers, in my study to the half of the ninth, and the mother to work at ten, but every morning she calls me up at seven in the morning and wished good morning. Take care of their mothers - they are the most valuable thing you have.

Most of her childhood, often visiting her mother at work in the children's oncology rehabilitation center.

So for all life has left a lasting impression, a 17-year-old girl with her boyfriend. She had osteosarcoma, held several sessions of chemotherapy, cut off his left leg above the knee. Once I arrived to visit her boyfriend, the girl to him and said, well, let's disperse, do not want to spoil your life. The guy told her a firm "no" and said that it is the best for him.

Not so long ago accidentally I met them. She trousers, with a prosthesis, of course, go hand in hand with their two children. Talking, the conversation got the eldest son (he is 6), proudly saying that his mom is the best, because it's the Terminator.