6 basic rules of conduct for dog attack

• 6 basic rules of conduct for dog attack

Blog Art of Manliness has published a useful manual on how to behave if you are threatened by attack dogs.

6 basic rules of conduct for dog attack

When I lived in Tijuana, Mexico, to fend off stray dogs was common. Basically they just bark but do not bite. Just stay calm, avoid eye contact and continue the way - that's all I had to do. If they are ready to attack, I pretended to lift up a stone and throw them. Usually it scares them and they left me alone. If the reception does not work, the cause were real stones. Once a dog is not scared of any imaginary or real stones and tried to bite me. I use a backpack as a shield and struck a sudden blow to keep the aggressive dog at a distance. She finally gave up, and I continued on my way, without any damages.

Here are a few rules that will help to get away unscathed, if ever you come across a hostile dog, bloodthirsty:

6 basic rules of conduct for dog attack

Stand still. Fear and aggression anger the dog even more.

Do not run away from the dog and avoid eye contact; slowly move away from the animal.

If you see that the dog is going to attack, put something between you - a stick, a jacket, something that will protect you.

When the dog attacks, use a stick or stone as a weapon. Try to aim for the eyes and the throat hit.

If the bite is inevitable, substitute the forearm, leaving the 3 limbs free to attack the dog and protect the face and stomach. Not to take his hand out of the dog's mouth.

After the attack, consult your doctor about rabies and other diseases, which are the carriers of the dog. Contact the police and animal control.