Odessa look at the money

• Odessa look for money

Odessa look at the money

Odessa - a special city. The unique humor and slang famous legends of its people, write books and make films. In Odessa citizens have their own opinions about everything - and the material side of life is no exception.

We believe that Odessa's attitude toward money definitely deserves a separate post.

Abram shows his neighbor his new home:

- Here dining. At the same time the table can sit down, do not bring the Lord, twenty people.

The inscription on the monument: "Here lies the famous Odessa dentist Boris Katz Rafailovich And his son Monia receives in his office at the Prokhorov, 21.".

- Imagine, Zhora, gasoline began to cost 20 hryvnia per liter!

- So are you, Fima now go on foot?

- No, I go hungry ...

- Rabbi, what if you had a dream that dined at a posh restaurant?

- It is necessary to immediately eat all the fast and wake up until you did not bring the bill!

- Izzy, and who came up with it to celebrate March 8 ?!

- I know ... Kinda Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg.

- And why would they need it?

- I myself think they sold flowers.

Odessa look at the money

To one old Jewish woman that sold for 10 rubles radishes on Privoz per beam, each day is the same young man who leaves her top ten, but does not take a radish. And once, when he once again unbuckled grandmother tweet, she grabs his arm. The young man said: - I understand you're wondering why I'm leaving you some money, but do not take anything?

- No, this is me just are not interested. Just today radishes costs 15 rubles.

- Hi, Fima!

- No money.

- So far, Fima.

Odessa. Taxi rank. In one of the cars looks Jew:

- Tell me, how much it costs to get to the Deribasovskaya?

Taxi driver:

- Five rubles.

- And if I go with Moshe?

- And I do not care - with or without Moishe Moishe. Still five rubles.

Jew turns around and yells a man standing nearby:

- I told you, Moshe, you are not worth anything!

Odessa look at the money

The wife nags her husband:

- Yasha, well, why did you buy a new hairbrush? What, you have nowhere to do with the money?

- Sonia, I beg you, the old has broken tooth comb.

- And you because of one tooth bought a new comb ?!

- Sonia, but because it was the last tooth!

- You are, of course, never marry a girl because of the money. However, Dodik?

- Of course, Fima. But, on the other hand, it is not good, so she remained a spinster because of the fact that she has the money.

- Madam Trachtenberg, how much are the lessons of violin to your daughter? Probably expensive?

- Yes, but what profits!

- What is the profit?

- I've already bought a quarter of the price of apartment on the left and bottom! - Sam, what do you want from me again?

- Dad, give me a ruble, I want to go to the zoo to see the boa.

- Take a magnifying glass, you go to the garden, look at a worm!

Odessa look at the money

- Boxing - the best sport!

- You, Rabinowitz, probably a boxer?

- No, I'm a dentist.

Sam walked down the street. I found the money. I counted. Not enough!

- You know, my Abrasha yesterday sent a telegram from Sochi, so I sent him 50 rubles for the return journey.

- Well, he does not have money for a ticket, and found a telegram?

- You'd be surprised, but it has managed just one word.

- And how?

- "Pyatidesyatirubliruy".

- Oh, if I were a king, so I would have fared better than the king! I'd be the king himself, and a little more sewing at home.

- Abram! You know, I found a new way to get rich!

- Very well! But I you have already occupied!