Rules of Life of Sir Richard Branson

• Rules of Life of Sir Richard Branson's

Rules of Life of Sir Richard Branson

BE CAREFUL: most things that are profitable, will make your life boring ugly.

My mother always wanted since childhood ish I stand up for himself. But I think today for some educational methods it would simply be arrested. For example, once when I was four or five, she dropped me out of the car on the way home and told to get on their own.

Nobody ever calls me Sir Richard. Well, maybe a couple of times so named in the US, and each time the person these people to do so, if they participate in the Shakespeare play.

Still my favorite character - it is Peter Pan. Growing up is not in my plans.

To occupy the business, it is not necessary to spend many years in school. Spent on attempts to five or six years to organize a business, it is much more useful than the same time spent on this study. After all, children do not learn to go by the book. Children learn to walk, trying to walk.

WITHOUT pure luck in business, unfortunately not enough.

When I started, I was young and inexperienced. There were a lot of difficulties. For example, I did not allow for a long time to register a company under the name Virgin (Eng. Virgin, virgin), because the word is considered in violation of the limits of decency. Then I sat down at the table and hand 15-year-old boy wrote them a letter, which began: "Without a doubt, the word" virgin "can not violate the limits of decency, because it is the opposite of any violations." they are here, of course, softened. MY BUSINESS MODEL is simple: surround yourself with great people and give them enough freedom to create great things.

VIRGIN AIRLINES was born, when I was trying to fly from Puerto Rico to Virgin Islands, and the flight was canceled due to insufficient number of passengers. I was only twenty-odd. For a while I was wandering around the airport, and then hired a private plane, he lent somewhere cardboard and wrote on it: "Virgin Airlines, 39 dollars to the Virgin Islands." Thus was born the business of my own frustration. For this reason, I am building a spaceship today - because NASA is not interested in sending into space you or me.

I do not understand why the businessman simply can not learn to speak simple. But I was lucky. My dyslexia formed my style of communication: if something can not be explained in a few words, this is for me the trash.

I'm VERY excited. When people tell me that something is not possible, I always try to prove otherwise.

Best investment I ever made, did not require a huge pile of MONEY. For 125 thousand dollars I bought Necker Island - a real jewel of the British Virgin Islands.

IN MY LIFE no "if I had."

I'm used to trouble. Barge, where I lived, drowned, my London office burned down, and in the house on Necker struck by lightning, and it flared like a torch. I remember how we looked at the fire, and I said: "Things are - not the main thing." Fortunately, I've never been a collector of art, wine or cars, so for things I did not really mean anything. A couple of months we've played on the ashes of the wedding of Holly, my daughter. It was the most romantic place for a wedding, which I saw in my life, and everyone said that if the house did not burn down, I had him on this occasion burn. One day I met a woman who was completely paralyzed from the neck to the feet. In spite of that it was the happiest person I have ever met. She said: "Life is beautiful - because I'm alive."

WANT TO BOARD AS FOR ONE NIGHT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? Take a billion, and try to establish a new airline.

All people are alike, because it makes mistakes.