30 things you should do in your life

• 30 things you should do in your life

30 things you should do in your life

And it will be a little brighter.

Most inspiring lists consist of items "went to travel to a distant land," "learn a new language," or "Buy dream car". While all of these things and can make our life more interesting, we understand that in order to become happier, we must first understand himself.

We publish a list of 30 things that will help you look at the world more widely and to live to the fullest.

1. Stop worry about your unpaid debts.

2. Forgive former love.

3. Stop trying to control everything.

4. Look in the mirror and love yourself for who you are.

5. dismissed from the hated work.

6. Find your favorite business and to live it.

7. The shelter fluffy other.

8. Do not feel guilty after a slight weight gain.

9. Believe that everything was okay.

10. To go to a place where the idea of ​​not leaving.

11. Try something that usually scares. 12. Become open to change.

13. Release the past.

14. Stop trying to change the people.

15. Search for the answers within himself.

16. Stop thinking about what he had done something wrong.

17. Being weird and crazy, the way you really are.

18. Follow your heart.

19. The risk everything for love.

20. Stop refuse.

21. Learn to see the world as a beautiful and safe place.

22. Look at all people as equals.

23. Stop attached to things.

24. Recognize that journey - a reward for their efforts.

25. Being full of hope and optimism in difficult situations.

26. Remove the experience of life lessons.

27. To see the possibilities in each trial, instead of giving up.

28. To live according to conscience.

29. Inspire someone his own example.

30. Learn to accept this world.