Rules of Life Judi Dench

• Rules of Life Judi Dench

Rules of Life Judi Dench

I still have to ask whether I was shot somewhere else other than the Bond films.

AROUND not too many great roles for women. Take a look at Shakespeare's female roles had very little, and consider, you are very lucky if you have played at least one. But I played a lot, and I'm happy.

I believe that the attitude to the fact an absolute minority, that he loves his job.

BEST Juliet - This is the nanosecond when you find out that you have offered it.

Many people somehow sure I'm able to play only the power sullen women.

"SKAYFOLL" was my last appearance in the Role of M. But if I'm sad about it? No. I am a realist and understand that I work in this MI-6, they would have long since kicked me to retire. So I just went beautifully.

In a sense, I had the Harvey Weinstein (American producer, who invited Dench on her first film role), and I am grateful to him as anyone else. Once I went to him and said, "I tattooed your name on my ass." Harvey laughed, but it was evident that he was confused. And then there was a big dinner, which brought together our friends. Just before the start I asked my makeup artist to write to me on my ass "Harvey", and here, in the middle of dinner, I get up and say, "I really did it!" And showed him. Never again I have not seen such a confused Harvey, and, to be honest, I will do everything to ensure that he never forgot about it. During the war, we lived in Yorkshire. There were five, and I was - very small - often sent to buy food ration cards. But it was easy to bring home what was then issued: for example, one egg and a pinch of tea.

When I was five years old at the school's morning, I pictured a snail. It seems that this was my first role. I was wearing a brown suit and tights, and his father fashioned for me a huge bowl, with which I was crawling up and down the stage. I remember when I entered the hall, my parents, for some reason I got up, and someone shouted to me: "Yes, you sit down, sit down!" This was my first critic.

Michael (played by Michael Williams, the former husband Dench for 30 years), we were introduced general friends, and until his death, we were together. He had a great sense of humor - it seems important that there should be a man. But you know what I think? If we had not got married, we would still have remained best friends. This feeling, I think, is the secret of a happy marriage.

I am very easy to stay out of the competition. There are not a lot of women my age who continue to act.

I was recently declared a national Pride of Britain - and you know what? I immediately felt worthless dusty thing, standing on a shelf of an old sideboard.

A year ago I listened on the radio interview with a woman who turned 105 years old. When they announced it, I expected to hear a faint trembling voice, but her voice was firm and beautiful. She said: "I realized one thing: you can not stop with age. I will never stop doing what I do because I know that I will never have a chance to go back to something again. " EVERY DAY I try to learn something new and therefore, like all those "Do you know that." So you know, for example, that name was Michel Nostradamus? Sounds crazy, right?

I am still capable of something new. For example, this knee. It is my really new - titanium. Somehow, when walking it very quickly heats up, and if I get cold hands, I just put them on the knee - that's it.

I live in a small village between Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Sometimes my daughter comes to visit with her grandson, but most of the old house I'm alone - with his dog, two cats and a goldfish overactive, which constantly strives to jump out of the aquarium and I literally blown into double life. His name is Lazarus - well, you know.

I have not said goodbye to the stage. I want to play the Afghan woman who learns to walk on a tightrope, and in the last act turns into a dragon. But where is it, this play?

Maybe one day I'll be back in theaters - but as a ghost. This is a very Shakespearean.

ACTORS never say what the pub walk.