Rules of life of James Franco

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Rules of life of James Franco

NOT SO DIFFICULT TO BE RICH, taciturn and lonely 36-year-old man.

Every human being is is only a half. The first half was created by him, and the other half - that's what people think about him.

PEOPLE DO NOT WATCH Tired of how many GAY I played in my life. A couple of times I even heard something like, "Look, this is your third gay role. Well, do not fool around, it's time to admit it. "

PER "Brokeback Mountain," there is a fifty films about traditional love.

There are many things that make me interested in gay roles. I played a gay man who lived in the 1960s, and I was playing a gay man who lived in the 1950s, and I was playing a gay man who lived in the early 1920s. Being gay in each of these epochs - at least, to be gay publicly - it was very difficult. This, I wonder - how a person lives in constant conflict with the environment. Maybe I really gay?

I hear all this talk - say, look, this Franco throw farther and he would say this. And I say this: "Boobs!"

WANT interest people? Be interesting.

SAY I WAS GREAT Nakuru, when he led the ceremony "Oscar". But this is nonsense, of course. I was on heroin.

I do not need time to rest, and I do not like even to sleep. Falling asleep, I always think of all the things that are missing during sleep. I hope that this life is not the only one, otherwise just does not have time.

I'm a workaholic. My very first film was about a boy who - after the death of his goldfish - all of a sudden realize that mortal. He told the parents that do not want to die, but they told him he did not need to be afraid, because there is still a lot of time. But he did not calm down, and he decided that from now on will be to do everything here and now. He then married a neighbor girl, found a job and started a family.

I love doing all the running. It's like a bunch of throw in a flask of chemicals and see what happens.

AT SCHOOL - ESPECIALLY LAST TWO YEARS - I always gets in the police for all sorts of trivia: graffiti, theft and broken machines.

The "McDonald's" - was in my life, and such a moment - I think a really hard worker. The worst thing I could have done - it's a bit overdone potatoes.

I HATE cooking. Cooking is an art - and I hate it when art disappears.

Recently, I realized that I LIKE SERIES - and generally serially throughout. Yes, I like a long process, I like the continuity of the story, I like a long development, and I like it when you create something live for a long time.

Bad art, and art, which is uncomfortable to watch - they are different things. I'm glad if what I do makes people feel uncomfortable. IS unspoken assertion that the actors do not write books. Yes, with some reservations, they are allowed to shoot his own movie, and perhaps they can play music. But there is an invisible barrier that is able to overcome just for books.

If people convenient to estimate my poetry through the prism of my acting career, I will not object.

I want to write a children's book - if only because I have not done.

There are many good books that will never become movies. Great novel does not guarantee a great film. But second-rate reading easily becomes a great movie - "The Godfather", for example.

I am not afraid remakes. In the theater, for example, this tradition has existed for hundreds of years, and everyone wants to put his version of Hamlet or King Lear.

I am glad that I was given sometime maybe teach acting at New York University. I always thought that learning - it means to pay for the knowledge that you've got something.

I am now at an age when it is necessary to undertake only what makes you happy. And all for what I take makes me happy.

Every day I start monotonous - one hundred sit-ups.

I used to think a lot about how I look, but now I do not care. Perhaps because I'm beautiful in itself. Alas, I CAN NOT BE anyone other than James Franco. It is so painful - to be yourself, but just crazy manages to escape from himself.

I have great respect for pornoaktera. Once upon a time we took this girl a camera and filmed himself and then looked at what happened and said to yourself something like, "Let's never going to look at it." But look at pornoaktera. It's not just people who get fucked on camera. These are people who show their videos around the world.

I'm mad just as much as you thought.

My life is most suitable quotes from that old movie about the race, which I told Sean Penn. There was one Italian who tore off his car rearview mirror and threw him to the devil. Someone asked him, "What are you doing?" And he answers: "Where we're going we do not need to look."

I do not really want to die. I've got so much to do.

Yes, of course I, Robot.