Countries in which the tea is a drink

• Countries in which tea is a drink

Tea is a universal drink and so it is quite common and popular in many countries around the world. Cold, hot, with milk or with pepper - options for brewing tea myriad, as well as methods of its use.

This drink has become popular since the sixteenth century. It was then appreciated the versatility of tea, as well as the number in it of nutrients, flavors and flavor combinations. Especially love this drink in cold weather, when one cup of tea "piping hot" is able to warm up and give energy. In warm countries also love tea, that's just prefer to drink it chilled.

Who is considered the greatest lover and connoisseur of tea, and whom to invite for a cup of tea is considered a sign of hospitality, we try to understand.

Countries in which the tea is a drink Countries in which the tea is a drink

On the tenth place on the use of tea per capita is Kazakhstan, where the figure is 1, 54 kg.

Every day, around 99% of the inhabitants of this country drink tea, the leaves of which are imported here from China, India and Sri Lanka. Most often, the Kazakhs drink tea hot. If the Kazakh family you will be offered a cup of tea, do not rush to give up, since the hosts can take rejection as a personal insult.

Countries in which the tea is a drink

The ninth place in the ranking of fans tea belongs to Qatar, where the use 1, 60 kg of tea per capita.

If you visit this Middle Eastern country, then you are sure to be offered to drink tea Karak. The leaves of this tea before being required to boil to enhance the flavor, and then fed with milk.

Countries in which the tea is a drink

On the eighth place is located Kuwait 1, 61 kg of tea per capita.

Kuwait is famous for its culture of hospitality. If you refuse the offered cup of tea, the hosts can easily see this as an insult. Tea in Kuwait often drink hot with candy or nuts. Drink itself is black with additives as peppermint or lemon.

Countries in which the tea is a drink

The seventh place was given to the United Arab Emirates. 1, 89 kg per capita.

It is also required to offer any guest a cup of tea, to give up that should not be. Tea consumption in the UAE is growing, and is especially popular green tea, which is not only good for the body, but also has a curative effect.

Countries in which the tea is a drink

The sixth place - Seychelles. 2, 08 kg per capita.

The composition of the Seychelles islands, located off the southeastern coast of Africa, consists of 150 islands with a population of about 90 thousand inhabitants. Due to the hot climate, there is an opportunity to grow your own tea. For example, on the island of Mahe is established in 1962 tea factory. On the islands, particularly popular tea with mint flavors, vanilla, cinnamon, orange and lemon. Served hot drink and milk.

Countries in which the tea is a drink

In fifth place is the United Kingdom. 2, 74 kg per capita.

Despite the popularity of English tea, the UK is only in fifth place on the use of the residents of the drink.

More often than not here drink black tea sometimes adding a lemon. First tea ceremony in the country was introduced the elite of society in the 18th century. Today, this unique drink drink everything, regardless of class and generation.

Countries in which the tea is a drink

The fourth place belongs to Mauritania. 3, 22 kg per capita.

Mauritanians believe tea party solemn event. The drink is served rather unusual way, which is called "ragva". In this process, the green tea is poured into the cup from a height, that allows to create on the beverage foam. Those who first try this tea, it may seem bitter, but then he becomes sweeter. Optionally, add milk to tea.

Countries in which the tea is a drink

The third place - Ireland. 3, 22 kg per capita.

In many Irish tea blends include black tea with roots. The history of this tea has its origins in the 19th century, when it began to drink the Anglo-Irish aristocracy, and he imported at that time from India. Poor Irish could not at the time afford the luxury of a cup of tea as the drink cost a fortune. But soon, prices have fallen, and tea became available to the public a drink. Tea is served in Ireland in hot form with sugar and milk.

Countries in which the tea is a drink

On the second place on the use of Morocco is tea. 4, 34 kg per capita.

As in many other countries, the tea in Morocco is a sign of hospitality. The most popular tea is considered to be a mint, called the Maghreb. It is served hot, adding fresh mint leaves or tobacco. The first to try the drink has a right to the head of household.

The leader of Turkey is the use of tea. 6, 87 kg per capita.

In Turkey, tea is so popular that is considered to be the cornerstone of the whole culture. It has long been overtaken coffee and became the favorite drink in the country.

The Turks do not just drink tea, but also aesthetically admired, which pour it into a small glass cups, which allows you to admire the color of the brewed beverage.