30 questions to ask yourself before New Year

• 30 questions to himself on the eve of the New Year

30 questions to ask yourself before New Year

New Year's Eve - time to take stock and make plans. But such self-report seriously does almost none. We are too lazy, busy, and why to do it. In fact, the reason is that it is very difficult - to be honest with yourself. This is a job. But it should be done to better understand themselves, to live consciously and calmer.

To facilitate the task of all of us, Psychologies chose 30 simple (and actually serious) questions from the book "My 5 years. 365 questions 1825 answers. A diary". Offer to answer them honestly, the answers necessarily record and no one to show. A year later, return them to understand how you have changed, what we have achieved and what has not yet obtained.

The best time of year - it's ...

What inspired me most this year?

The main news of the year.

Hymn of the year.

The most important people in my life.

That I was given the most difficult?

What color was this year?

What event this year, I would like to remember forever? What's the word I often spoke?

My most ridiculous purchase this year.

Perhaps I should not have to experiment with ...

This year has been wonderful, because ...

What kind of internal problem I have successfully solved?

Whom I embraced at night?

Whose wedding I walked?

What is the average salary, I had this year?

If I had a conversation that changed everything in my head?

What new business I started in 2014?

If one day I could be a superhero, what would I do?

What is your dream?

What I consider your greatest achievement?

This year to date in one sentence.

Recently sent me a message.

Quote suitable for this year.

I have completed all planned for this year?

How many new friends, I started in this year?

Who I've helped this year?

Where have I been?

What are the things I put off for the next year?

What I want to achieve in the new year?