The most unexpected methods of communication

• The most unexpected methods of communication

When we communicate with each other, we often do not pay attention to the causes of their behavior. But when viewed from the side, you can see some interesting things to see why we say anyway. And a lot to learn.

We share with you the secrets of communication.

The most unexpected methods of communication

If you have to work a lot with people who put themselves behind the mirror. Many customers will behave politely - because no one wants to see himself angry and irritated.

If you are at the meeting expect from someone of sharp criticism, try to sit next to this man. In this case, it is likely to wear off and you will not be able to arrange a beating with the same force, which he could feel being at a distance from you.

Once you have identified its position in the dispute - do not say anything else, it will not be in your favor. Wait and allow your opponent to think about your words and answer.

In dispute is important order of the arguments. The first thing to cause strong argument, then one is weaker, and the last - the most serious argument. If you are trying to anger - do not succumb to provocations and stay calm. This will confuse your opponent and he will have to play by your rules.

words, try to avoid conflict situations in the "you" / "you". It often sounds like an accusation and is unlikely to help. Try saying "I think" or "I think." No one would dispute your feelings. And it's a great start to search for joint solutions.

Getting to know a new person, try to consider the color of his eyes. And smile. So you hold your gaze for a few seconds longer and to win the interlocutor.

Let some questions to decide the child. For example, in some shoes to go for a walk - with sharks or dinosaurs. He will be pleased that he can control the situation.

The first date is best done in a place where you can get more positive emotions. Subsequently, a pleasant experience will be associated with you.

If you express the sincere joy at meeting with people, and then they eventually will react the same way. Maybe not the first time, but it always works. In the debate, try to stick to verified facts rather than vague opinions and rumors. So you will be less likely to get into a stupid situation, if the information will be wrong.

If the answer of the interlocutor does not suit you or you feel that it is incomplete, not ask again. Just look closely at the man in the eye. Then he will be forced to continue the conversation.

Learn how to ask not only "closed" questions (that can be answered "yes" or "no"), but also "open", requiring a detailed answer. Skillfully combining them in a dialogue, you will be able to direct the conversation back on track.

After acquaintance to contact the person by name, even if it takes 5 minutes. Better to say "Good-bye, Alexander!" Than "Goodbye!" - it creates more trust and friendship.

When a few people laugh in a group, each instinctively looks at the person who him more likable. Or a person whom he would like to be considered close.