Poignant stories of 6 words

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Poignant stories of 6 words

One day Ernest Hemingway argued that he could write a very short story that can touch anyone. He won the argument: "For sale: baby the shoe. Not worn "(" For sale: baby shoes, never worn ").

Since then, his experience does not rest: many are trying to conclude a story that could touch, surprise and dumbfound the reader in 6 words.

Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers. Strangers.

"You have the wrong number," - said a familiar voice.

Passengers are not talking with you captain.

I met a soul mate. And she - not.

Sale parachute: I never opened slightly tarnished. This is our golden wedding. A table for one.

Today, I again presented to his mother.

The traveler has to beep. Earth - no.

I brought home a rose. Keys did not match.

My mom taught me how to shave.

On the broken windshield it was written "Just Married."

Our bedroom. Two voices. I knock.

I jumped. And then I reconsidered.

My reflection just winked at me.

Sorry, soldier, we sell shoes in pairs.

He bottle fed his wife's killer.

He fancied himself an adult. I became an adult. I lost imagination.

Surgeon saves the patient. The patient gives thanks to God.