Overheard at New Year

• Overheard on New Year

Overheard at New Year

Strange and wonderful things happen to each of us every day, and sometimes it is simply impossible to be silent. There exists therefore even a special project that helps people to anonymously share their revelations.

And, imagine how many amazing stories, happy memories and holiday wonderland gives us the New Year. These are the revelations collected in this article. We already charge from their New Year's mood.

I work for the New Year the Snow Maiden. One day we were invited to a child who does not believe in Santa Claus. We have complied with all the levels of secrecy, I have chosen a better partner for the role of Santa Claus, and the child is somehow still in disbelief at us watched. And during one game, she beamed straight: "You are real! - she cried. - In the Snow Maiden icy hands "!

Taking a walk after the New Year, we met strangers who offered: "Let's just hug!" We hugged each other and together launched the sky lanterns. These guys made my New Year. All good!

As time goes by, things change, and my mother is still traditionally hides candy, cooked on a holiday, on the balcony, and hopes that this time I just do not find them.

The cat did not appreciate salutes. I came out only now and then only with difficulty, because the fat and stuck under the couch.

Eight years every New Year the Pope believed that the fireworks after the chimes let the whole city in my honor. She is waving her hand in the window and feel like a queen. Dad, I done.

Overheard at New Year

I am 23 years old, and her sister - 20. And we are still in the New Year's Eve under the Christmas tree Mom puts sweets! Oh, it's an indescribable feeling, when in the morning we are pushing each other, we run to the tree! And we are very happy and half drunk Kinder chew! Mom, I love you so much!

Until he was chiming clock, I wanted to make a wish. On the number of my desires I could not decide what I want. From the confusion did not have time to think of anything :(

I have a dream: really want to live in a small town where everyone knows each other almost from childhood. A sort of town family. Just imagine the atmosphere there in the New Year.

As a child in grade 1 at the Christmas party all the girls wanted to be class snowflakes and princesses. And I wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But the dream did not come true.

Very much I love winter! snow crunching underfoot, warm sweaters, hot tea, the approaching New Year and tangerines! But the most beautiful thing - is that you can go to the store for snacks right in pajamas and without hair, just putting on top of jeans, jacket and cap.

Overheard at New Year

As a child, my brother and me every New Year's mom collected cool bags with all sorts of snacks. With parents no longer live. Recently, my mother called and said that our bags this year, waiting for us under their Christmas tree. I'm happy, departed to take his. Brother - 26, I - 23.

I realized that he had made a fatal mistake when, dressed in a suit of Santa Claus, came to congratulate her three year old son, and he was looking at the slippers and said, "Dad." Sister has just issued a "Santa Claus lives on a server Pole". I'm a programmer. neighing :)

Today, I passed the post office, heard the father said to his son 10 years: "There, you see, mailbox, put it in a letter to Santa Claus." The mood was good all day.

Sometime in early childhood, every year the morning of January 1 in snowdrift in the yard we were expecting gifts: me, sister and little brother. But once arrived cousin (same age) and told us that Santa Claus does not exist, and puts gifts on snow mother. The roar was deafening in the house. It turns out that mom and dad took in a closet size 46 boots, and while we were sleeping, makes the following Santa Claus and put gifts on the snow. I am grateful to my parents for the magic New Year ...

Overheard at New Year

I came home from work, tired, I found the strength to the three-hour cleaning the apartment, hung garlands on all windows. And now with the included garlands lying on the couch and throw tangerine skins and candy wrappers on the floor. And the buzz ...

Went in a suit of Santa Claus on the street, gay people, two men tried to make a drunkard, a lot of people sfotkalis with me, 30-year-old woman told poem for candy. Being Santa Claus awesome!

As a child, when his family watched "Blue Light" (and similar New transmission with artists), always felt very sorry for the stars, because they have to celebrate the New Year is not in the family circle. Joy knew no bounds when I heard that transmission is removed beforehand. New Year's - a family holiday, spend it with your loved ones and dear people! "She was wearing a white dress, wreath of roses was pinned it on the Holy Cross was looking through a rainbow of tears ..." You know what this is? Song of Hope Kadyshevo, and in 5 years, I sang it in the New Year in kindergarten. Instead of "herringbone, herringbone, green needles ...".

I am a poor student so that the decorated Christmas tree twig socks.

Overheard at New Year

Each year, looking forward to the New Year. I love that feeling - the expectation of a miracle. I begin to prepare gifts in advance, pack. But nothing much happens every year. And yet, the New Year is always waiting for magic. And I hope that this childish innocence will stay with me for life. Because in life must always be a place of miracles.

And my mother and I each time before the New Year went shopping and chose a nice new toy on the Christmas tree, which was bound to be a glass and amazing ... Now this is not ... It is not enough ...

I noticed that kids all around chirping about the New Year, about Santa Claus. Songs sung from the garden. And they do it everywhere: in the queue at the box office, in the bus and the subway, on the streets. I go happy all day. New Years is soon!

And I'm going to put the Christmas tree - a whole year waiting for this!