20 Strugatsky phrases that will be taught to think beyond

• 20 Strugatsky phrases that will be taught to think more broadly

20 Strugatsky phrases that will be taught to think beyond

The most famous in literature, the brothers - Arkady and Boris Strugatsky - not just science fiction, not just writers and not just idols of millions.

Their book about the future of the world and man in it became for many a part of life, and for some, and faithful guides.

They answer to the eternal question - how to make the right choices, find themselves and not to lose in this vast world. We have collected the best quotes from the works of the brothers and understood - it is difficult to be Strugatsky.

83% of all days of the year begin the same way: the alarm clock rings.

For weeks wasting soul into vulgar chatter, and when you meet a real man, no time to talk.

That's right: the money a person needs in order to never not think about them.

It's amazing how quickly pass the waves of delight. Gnaw themselves, bite themselves, compel and itch can be for hours and days, and the excitement comes and then goes away.

If the name of the ideal man has to do meanness, the price of this ideal - the shit.

The she-wolf tells his cubs: "Bite, like me", and that's enough, and zaychiha teaches leverets "scoot as I", and this is also enough, but people somehow teaches baby: "I think I", and this is the crime.

Why not shut up when everything is clear without words?

Twenty times better to make a mistake in a man than suspicious of everyone.

And what makes sense to buy a car to drive on asphalt? Where the asphalt, there is nothing interesting, and wonder where there is no asphalt. Fantasia - a priceless thing, but you can not give her way inside. Just outside, only outside.

Skepticism and cynicism in life is cheap, because it is much easier and more boring than to be surprised and enjoy life.

It is something like democratic elections: the majority is always for the bastard.

Among them, no one knew exactly what happiness is and what is the meaning of life. And they took a working hypothesis that happiness - in a continuous knowledge of the unknown, and the meaning of life in the same.

What is it - you need? This is when you can not do without. This is when you think about all the time. This is when all life aspire to.

Which makes sense to talk about the future? The future does not say it is done!

Where the triumphant mediocrity, always come to power, black.

Not in the thunder of a cosmic catastrophe, not to flame atomic war and not even in the grip of overpopulation, and well-fed, calm silence ends the history of mankind.

It's true that there are children and adults.

All, in fact, more difficult. There are adults and are adults.

There is not anything that could not be corrected.

Had it all to hell, because I can not think of anything but those of his words: happiness for all, free, and let will leave nobody offended!