25 features a really strong personality

Some people do not consider themselves to be mentally strong, but in vain

25 features a really strong personality

Meetings in books, in movies and in the lives of people who demonstrate the quality of a strong personality, we often feel weak and weak-willed with them. But it is not so! The character of strong people have individual qualities that make up their strength, and many of these qualities are peculiar to you.

1. You do not cry and you not easily angered

Even under stress you prefer to stay calm and try to control the situation mildly. Do you feel that raising his voice humiliate yourself.

2. Are you open to feedback

You are not afraid to express his own opinion. And not afraid to listen to opinions and reviews from other, whether they be positive or negative. You greet them in every possible way, so as you can learn.

3. You apologize when necessary

You know, when a mistake and apologize, not too worried about losing face. You understand that apologizing will become greater.

4. you adapt to become a better

Being mentally strong person you adapt to eventually change. You understand that change - it's good, no matter what situation you are.

5. You do not tend to think superficially

Not only do you see things as they are, you are deeply studied them, and thoroughly versed in everything before drawing conclusions.

25 features a really strong personality

6. You do not expect anything from others

If you've done to someone something good, you do not expect anything in return. Because you have always been a selfless person.

7. Do you know how to set boundaries

You do not allow others to cross the border you've set, and gives to know about these boundaries, politely but firmly.

8. You are open to the

You are well aware of the areas that are weak, and are not afraid to ask for help from others. You understand that by doing so, you just learn.

9. You are independent

You are not one of those who are emotionally attached to the other in order to get things done. By doing so, you maintain a healthy personal and professional relationships.

10. You follow your instincts

Do you believe in the learning experience, so learn to listen to your instincts when making judgments.

25 features a really strong personality

11. You forgive yourself

It's hard to move on, if you are holding something, and it's one of the things that you learned over the years. Therefore, I make a mistake, you forgive yourself, leaving the past in the past and do not linger on it.

12. You know your limits

Do you have certain restrictions that you have set for ourselves, and you take them, because you know very well who you are.

13. You understand that resentment does not solve the problem

You know that the offense will never be a solution of the problem and never helped to achieve something. So instead of being offended, you think about how to solve the problem.

14. You do not postpone the case indefinitely

You always finish the current task before moving on to the next. Although the postponement of current affairs in the later seems very attractive, but it creates problems in the work.

15. You aspire to full awareness

You did not state any assumptions, if not fully aware of the situation. And you do not believe in the various negative things about which you speak. You do not believe as long as you can.

25 features a really strong personality

16. You are responsible for financial matters

In general, you are a wise man. Not only do you make informed decisions. More you do not spend their money foolishly.

17. You know that perseverance pays off

You have great strength of will, which does not allow you to give up on what you really want. And continues to persist as long as it will succeed.

18. You overcome any obstacles

You keep trying and do not stop until you get your goal. Quit - it's just not for you, but you do not mind to look for alternative solutions of the problem.

19. You're always looking for ways to become a better

You often feel that you can do something better, and that there is always an opportunity for self-improvement, because the truth is that no one is perfect, you have taken many years ago.

20. Do you care about your health

If you're not healthy, you are not rich and wise - this is your motto. So you try to eat, drink, sleep and breathe as well as possible.

25 features a really strong personality

21. You try a new outside their "comfort zone"

Not that you can easily give in to boredom, but for a long sitting on the ground - it is not yours, because you are at the same time do not learn anything. So you go beyond your comfort zone to get a new experience, and at the same time and have fun.

22. You do not blame the external circumstances around

You take into account everything, and you know that blaming something that you can not control, useless and stupid in his failure.

23. You use your time wisely

A waste of time to you is totally unacceptable. So that you always choose a productive pastime, which will get the benefit not only you, but also the surrounding.

24. You allow others to "steer"

Sometimes you can sit back, relax and let others take the lead while you enjoy. And you provide them with full support if they need it.

25. You think calmly and rationally during a crisis

Good results there in the plain, if everything is done with a calm mind. So that even in the crisis you are trying to do our best to stay calm.

Alexey Stepanov