10 things that we regret in 10 years

10 things that we regret in 10 years

"If Only" - these three words joined together, creating one of the saddest phrases in our language.

In this article, 10 Things that directly lead to this unfortunate phrase. But they, fortunately, can be avoided.

1. We wear a mask to impress others

If the person you are showing the world, always in a mask for her will be nothing left in one day. Because when you are totally engrossed in how you are perceived by others, and what they want to see you, you eventually forget who you really are. Do not be afraid of judgment of others: in your heart you know who you are, and you know what is best for you. You do not have to be perfect to impress and inspire people. Let them admire the way you cope with their disabilities.

2. We allow someone to create a dream for us

The greatest challenge in our lives - to understand who we really are. And the second - to be happy, while remaining himself. A significant part of all this - the decision to stay true to your goals and dreams. I have disagreed with you people next to you? Wonderful. This means that you have to defend their opinion and go their separate ways. Sometimes, your actions will be considered crazy, but if you find yourself on the fact that from the excitement did not notice how time passes, be assured - you're doing it right.

3. We are friends with negative people

Do not let someone with a bad attitude towards life affect you. They click on the trigger, if you do not give them a rifle. If you constantly keep in mind the idea that communication with these people - it is a choice, not an obligation, you will free yourself to a relationship in which, instead of anger is compassion rather than greed - generosity and patience instead of frustration.

4. We are selfish

A life filled with good deeds, - it is best that you can leave behind. The people you have inspired and which shared love will remember your joint experiences and when you will no longer be in this world. So Capture is your name on hearts and not on the cold stones. What you have done for yourself alone dies with you. What you do for others, it remains in the world for a long time.

5. We avoid change and development

To know your past, look at your current situation. If you want to know the future, look at your present actions. You have to get rid of junk to pave a new path. The past is gone and will never return. If you are aware of it, and now make a step towards change, then sow the seeds for long-term success.

6. We are frustrated at the difficulty

In fact, there are no failures, only results. Even if everything is not as you expected, do not become discouraged and give up. Simply extract the lessons and move on. Anyone who continues to advance step by step, win in the end. Because winning the battle long before the decisive battle. This process, which consists of small steps, decisions, and actions that are gradually being built on each other and eventually lead to the glorious moment of triumph.

7. We're trying to control every little thing

For life need to touch, not to stifle it. Sometimes all that is required of us - is to relax and let it all happen without the slightest anxiety and excessive control. Learn to let go before the tight squeeze. Take a deep breath. When the dust settles and you can clearly see the forest for the trees, take the next step forward. Sometimes to be successful do not necessarily know exactly the direction of its movement. Everything in life has a perfect order, you understand it or not. Just take time to connect all the dots.

8. We settle for less than we deserve

Be strong enough to be able to let go, and wise enough to wait for what deserve. Sometimes you have to go down below, then to rise even higher. Sometimes you have to let tears wash the eyes to possibilities in front of you become clearer. Do not stop there.

9. We are always waiting for tomorrow

The problem is that we always think we have time. But one day we will wake up in an environment where we no longer have time for the things that we always wanted to do. And at this point we have either reach the goal that set for ourselves, or we will have on hand a list of excuses as to why we did not.

10. We are lazy and indecisive

The world is nothing we did not have it, we need the world something. Stop dreaming and start to finally act. Take responsibility for your life. You are important and you are needed. Too late to sit and wait, someone once does it for you. Once upon a time - it is right now. Anyone who needs the world - it's YOU.