25 prickly quotes by Victor Pelevin

• 25 spiny quotes Victor Pelevin

25 prickly quotes by Victor Pelevin

The Hermit, a drug addict, crazy philosopher - as soon not call writer Victor Pelevin's contemporaries, but continued and continue to read out his phantasmagoric novels. Just Pelevin - the best impersonator of modernity itself. Parody it, of course, is not all hit the spot, but he is not for everyone writes. And while disgruntled arguing, a mysterious writer simply breaks his silent Zen laugh.

Pelevin's birthday we gathered 25 famous quotes from his works and interviews. Beware, they are prickly.

One does not need three pines to get lost - his only two nouns.

Ultimate truth Russian people always report the mat.

Nowadays people know about what they think of the TV.

In love, completely missing the meaning. But it gave meaning to everything else.

It was enough to calmly think about three seconds to understand everything. But where to take them, these three quiet seconds? Who in life they are? We not only live, but also to die on the run - and too excited by their own fantasies to stop even for a moment.

Even when people realize that they are simply batteries matrix, the only thing they can do with this conjecture, it vparit it to ourselves in the form of a blockbuster ...

I heard the sound of one hand clapping? Many times in my childhood, when my mother slapped me on the ass. I think so and became a Buddhist. I traveled a lot before, and at some point I suddenly realized that, no matter where I went, I actually move only one space and this space - I do.

Something for which there is no word for 99, 99% of people there at all.

What all the great Russian classics? On the absolute unbearable Russian life in all its aspects. That's all. Nothing else there. A world of hawala. And he is asking for more.

25 prickly quotes by Victor Pelevin

In fact, the word "recover" means to "come to the other," because these other since birth you explain what efforts you have done over themselves to take them pleasing shape.

You, Russian, even funny. Because all take into the account. And on your account should be taken only money, the rest - spam.

Smiley - a visual deodorant. It is usually put, when the user think that from it smells bad. And he wants guaranteed to smell good.

Do you want to be happy in love - never think about it did not.

But people still have sex - although in recent years, mainly through the rubber bag, so that nothing disturbed their solitude.

What seems to be another man's paradise is another man is simply unhealthy lifestyles.

A man accustomed to seeing the devil everywhere, except in the mirror and TV.

The dog looks at the stick, and a lion on him who threw it. By the way, when you understand that, it becomes much easier to read our press. Life is very strange arranged. To get out of the well, it is necessary to fall into it.

Always advertised are not things, and simple human happiness. Always show happy people equally, but in different cases is happiness due to various acquisitions. Therefore, a person goes to the store is not for things, but for this happiness, and he was not selling.

Anti-Russian conspiracy, certainly there - the only problem is that it involves the entire adult population of Russia.

Since my childhood I believed that the ratio of men to women lack the confidence and careless ease that exists between friends who have decided together to take chest.

If you were in the dark and you can see even the faintest ray of light, you have to go to it instead of talk, it makes sense to do it or not.

Someone else is very easy to tell how to live and what to do. I would claim all explained. And even to show what the lights and how to fly. And if the same thing should be done yourself, you sit on the ground or flying in the opposite direction.

I tried to explain that such a void. Just listen very carefully. So. (Silent). That's just what you've seen her. Here's what she is.