10 ways that alcohol can save lives

Drink, of course, is not the best invention of mankind. Everyone knows that it took millions of lives and destroyed thousands of fates, but under certain circumstances alcohol is capable of much, and this applies not only to situations where you need to relieve stress or immediately warm. In this collection - ten cases where alcohol has appeared at an opportune moment.

1. Put out the fire with wine

10 ways that alcohol can save lives

George Dimopoulos

In 2007, the year in the south of Greece swept a series of devastating fires, which killed more than 60 people, and hundreds of others were left homeless. When the fire crept to the house of a Greek farmer, clever farmer poured into the pump for the fertilizer about 300 liters of domestic wine, and spent the next seventeen hours, spraying the house, and struggling with the coming flames until fire, finally stopped.

When asked why he did not leave the station surrounded by fire, George Dimopoulos said that some of his neighbors were killed trying to escape from the fire, so it is considered the most reasonable option to stay. By the way, in that area there are a lot of holes, of which take water for agricultural purposes, but the fires have broken the water supply system, so the wells were blocked and Dimopoulos for his life has donated a huge stock of wonderful home-made wine.

2. Whiskey returned sight to the blind

10 ways that alcohol can save lives

Denis Duthie

One day after a heavy four-hour drinking binge resident of New Zealand Denis Duthie went to bed and when I woke up, horror and despair it was no limit: 65-year-old man found that blind. Denis was taken to hospital where it was found out that a few glasses of vodka, on the eve of upotreblonnyh Denis, reacted with an agent for diabetes, which he took, which led to loss of vision. In these cases, doctors use ethanol, but its reserves are in the hospital at that time virtually came to an end. One of the doctors lit up, and he offered to send someone for whiskey in a wine shop located nearby, which was done. The hospital brought a bottle of "Johnnie Walker Blue", which is "connected" to a patient through a drip. Five days later, the vision of Denis fully recovered, after which he promised to continue to be extremely careful with alcohol.

3. Beer saved the prime minister of Great Britain

10 ways that alcohol can save lives

Alec Douglas-Home

Alec Douglas-Home, Prime Minister of Great Britain, perhaps, never in his political career was not so popular with the English people, after the surprising incident in 1964.

Several students from the University of Aberdeen have decided to kidnap the statesman during his visit to Scotland. Knowing exactly where he stopped Douglas-Home, the young men knocked on the door and politely asked, not whether it will be so good to go with them, so that they can steal it (because the attackers were true British gentlemen). As a true Brit, the Prime Minister could not refuse such a polite offer, but asked the students to enter, while he will collect some things.

When the kidnappers came in, Alec offered them a glass of beer. As a result, after a few more glasses of students abandoned their criminal intent in favor wine party with the Prime Minister and even took some photos for memory.

4. Miracle tequila

10 ways that alcohol can save lives

13-year-old Evan Hamilton, going to school, suddenly received an offer from classmates miss a few stacks of tequila. Whether the drink was so "good", or impressionable teenager has not yet learned to keep an alcoholic punch, but at school, Evan appeared a few hours later and was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning. During imaging, doctors discovered the brain tumor and a small boy later told that Evan chose a good time to get a drink "in the trash" - thanks to the timely operation the tumor was eliminated without endangering the health and life of a teenager.

5 Whiskey gave life to one of the passengers of "Titanic"

10 ways that alcohol can save lives

In one of the largest wrecks in the entire history of mankind from the 2435-year-passengers and crew could only survive 705-ty. One of these was Charles Dzhufin lucky, sluzhivny on an ocean liner chef. On the night of the tragedy, he sent his subordinates to those worn by the water and provisions into the lifeboats, and he went to his cabin to drink some whiskey before evacuation. Unfortunately, to get after that to the boats he has not had time, "Titanic" sank fast, and Dzhufin turned to his neck in ice water. He was saved by whiskey: alcohol several hours gave him a feeling of warmth, while the other survivors have not found it and taken aboard the lifeboat.

6. Sometimes it is vital to move the heart attack

10 ways that alcohol can save lives

An elderly Briton Ronald Els in 2007, the year was in the hospital with a diagnosis of ventricular tachycardia. The patient was in bad condition, and traditional therapies, such as defibrillation and medications, did not bring a tangible result. Finally the doctors appeared risky, but successful, as it turned out, the idea: using a catheter in the heart Elmosa small amount of ethanol was introduced that caused a heart attack and an "off" areas of the heart muscle, which were responsible for the tachycardia. The revolutionary method has proved successful: the day Ronald managed to get out of his coma and back to life.

7. Beer can help if you caught the avalanche

10 ways that alcohol can save lives

Richard Král passed peacefully in his car through the pass in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. The motorist did not have time to figure out anything, when suddenly came under a layer of snow: Kral, along with his car alive "bury" one of the avalanches coming down from the mountains. But Richard was not timid, and was not going to give up: breaking a window, he tried to clear a path to freedom, but the snow started to fall asleep salon, so the idea was abandoned.

When Kralj remembered decent beer stock, which he almost always carried with him, in his mind there was brash and somewhat ridiculous plan: Richard began to absorb foamy drink pot after pot while peeing in the snow outside the broken window, so he quickly melted. After four days, so he was able to reduce the level of snow that could dig, without fear that the interior of the vehicle will fill up again. After some time, the resourceful motorist and beer lover found rescuers.

8. A drunken brawl saved from a volcanic eruption

10 ways that alcohol can save lives

Louis-Auguste Silbarisa

In 1902, on a small island of Martinique in the Caribbean erupted volcano Pelée, situated in the northern part of the island. Several thousand people were killed, and only three of them managed to escape. Veryatno most surprising was the lucky 25-year-old Louis-Auguste Silbarisa, which on the eve of the police upekli in jail for drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

Caught in a solitary cell with no windows, only a small hole in the door for the delivery of food, Louis-Auguste was good to reflect on their behavior. However, for a long time he did not have to sit: the very next day awoke Pelée - eruption hooked and "alone" Siparisa, but due to the design of the "stone bag" the young man escaped with only burns caused by the red-hot air. Four days later he was found and freed from the responsibility for the offense.

9. People do not fly?

10 ways that alcohol can save lives

Alex Rostov jumped from the balcony of his apartment on the fifth floor when he was drunk. Typically, these "flights" are in a person's life only once - the first and last, but Alex got off with only a few scratches, as the vodka through the muscles of his body was completely relaxed, and landing went well.

When the newly-born "Batman" climbed into the apartment, he was met strongly dissatisfied with the behavior of the wife of her husband. After listening to her reasons and arguments, Alex went to the balcony and jumped again. Surprisingly, the second time the man got off even with slight shock, and with just a few scratches - probably for the first time was terrible.

10. Antifreeze - not the best drink

10 ways that alcohol can save lives

Traveling to Australia in 2007, the year an Italian tourist suddenly decided to commit suicide. After drinking antifreeze, the hapless traveler thunder to hospital with severe poisoning. To facilitate the patient's condition required to enter his body large amounts of alcohol, which is in the hospital, unfortunately was not there. The correct solution was found: purchasing a box of vodka, doctors administered "fire-water" in the male body by a dropper, and for three days Italian fully recovered from a failed attempt suicide.