Rules of life of Marlon Brando

• Rules of life of Marlon Brando

Rules of life of Marlon Brando

I LOOK dead pigs.

In early childhood I had a normal home: father, mother and two sisters, Frances and Jocelyn. I adored her mother, her beauty, charm and ease. However, this did not last long. The mother began to fade out of the house. One day she came home drunk, zazvat cats in the bedroom and gave them drink valerian. When drunk, they went around her, she had fallen asleep with the blissful expression on his face, as if there was among the best of friends.

If and harmful to the stomach, so watch this, the actors talk about his personal life on TV.

The only reason I stayed in Hollywood - I did not have the courage to refuse the money he offers.

DO NOT LOOK correlation between the size of your fees and force your talent.

One day we shot the scene in the temple, and one of the monks asked for my autograph. Now, tell me, why the monk autograph?

The life must be love, there is no other reason to live. People do not differ significantly from mice, they were born to perform the same function - to continue to race.

WOMEN I do so. I have a long bamboo stick with a leather loop on the end. I am neglecting them noose around his neck, so they do not run away, but do not get too close. This is, in general, seem to catch snakes. Something I can certainly excited, but it never lasts more than seven minutes, just seven minutes - that's my limit.

Food has always been my friend. Every time I wanted to cheer myself up, I opened the fridge.

If everything is life is good - expect a trick. I have goose bumps when I still really going well.

, I took a lot of time trying to understand that I'm a star. "Tram" Desire "was a couple of months at the box office - and then, little by little, until I began to reach. It was as if I was sleeping and suddenly woke up on a pile of candy.

To be an actor - is to go on about his nerve impulse and lead a life of a slacker. But to put an end to the career of the actor - it is a sign of maturity.

I do not know what people expect from me at the meeting. They seem to be afraid that I'll help on the palm and slap them on the ass.

A movie star - a man sitting on the throne of sugar in the pouring rain.

I THINK THE MOST unpleasant sight that you can imagine - it is inside the mouth of a camel. Well, even the girl eats an octopus or squid.

During my life I have got acquainted with not one mafia, and they all said that they loved "The Godfather" because I played a role with dignity. I still can not afford to pay any expense in Little Italy. I've got scars HERE, a scar there, a scar on his knee and a few scars on the soul.

I HATE ROCK AND ROLL. He's terrible.

I just do not have a right to a private space - for me it is a necessity.

I remember one day in April, I was in Sicily. Hot day, all around the flowers. I love flowers, those that smell. Gardenia. In general, I went there alone. I plopped down in a field of flowers. Asleep - and was happy.

How many men, I have had homosexual experiences and I for them not ashamed. If someone thinks that Jack Nicholson and I - lovers, let them continue to think so. I find it amusing.

Leonardo DiCaprio looks like a girl.

I do not care, I'm FAT or not. Money I have from this less do not earn.

I'm one of those people who believe that if they behave in this life, then get to France, when they die.

PEOPLE LIKE ME applauded, if I were a good plumber?