Rules of Life Sidney Poitier

• Rules of Life Sidney Poitier

Rules of Life Sidney Poitier

I am easy to misunderstand three minutes. I think I'm just an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life.

The older you get, the less fear in you.

I was afraid of death as a child I was afraid of death at 15 years and 25 years, but most of all I was afraid of death, when I was 33, because I come from a very religious family.

HUMAN LIFE - it's that simple. We all suffer from the pain, all hold on to hope, all bask expectations and fears haunt us all and missed opportunities.

I had to die on the second or third day after birth. I was born prematurely, and everyone said that I would not survive, but the mother did not want to believe it. She went to a fortune teller and asked: "What will happen to my son?" And she replied: "Do not worry, it will be healthy. He will walk among kings, he will walk the ingots of gold, and he will make sure that all of you will hear. "

I'm not the old man who says: "Every morning I go to school on foot, to which was thirty miles, so that you, little children, should be the same." I do not go to school.

MY CHILDREN quite clever - all six.

SCHOOL - This is nothing. We do not become those we are taught. - We are what we absorb in the first three or four years of his life. Smiles, music, noise - all this creates us and gives shape to our minds.

Even as a boy, on Cat Island (one of the Bahamas, the birthplace of Poitiers) I often hunted with a slingshot, hit birds. This is what I regret the most. I found out rather late about the value of every life. In my childhood on the island was only two white people - a doctor and a saleswoman. "White," "Black" - for me it was the same word as "lean", "high" or "old". That all changed when we moved to Miami. All around as if to say "You're not what he think he is." But I replied: "Oh no, I'm the one who himself believe. But I'm not the one who I am to you. "

I became a famous actor just because many directors wanted to say again that racism - it's bad.

NEW YORK, WHERE I WAS IN the late 1940s, I worked part time washing dishes. I remember when picked up "Amsterdam News" (published since 1909 African-American newspaper), and began to look for ads of employment. Dishwasher but no one needed. I began to crumple the paper, and then I ran into the eyes of the word "required an actor." African-American theater. I rushed there, but on the samples showed himself so badly that they threw me into the street. The director called out to me: "It is better to continue to wash the dishes." When I got on the bus, then I realized that he did not tell him that the dishwasher is my work. He simply felt that the more I no good for nothing. So I realized that I should become an actor.

In the 1960s, many black hated me. I was their Uncle Tom and negro to run errands, which caters to the white audience, realizing the dream of white liberals. But then Uncle Tom even called Martin Luther King.

PEOPLE who now lives a comfortable life, it is worth remembering: the third world is not separated from them in kilometers, but in decades. In 1997 I became the ambassador of the Bahamas in Japan, but I would not want to stay in office for life.

The most powerful word in the lexicon of modern man - the word "no." Especially when talking about it himself.

EASY TO REMAIN IN THE MORAL, ethics and the law, if you know a lot of buzzwords that help to distort the truth.

I have always had an excellent relationship with silence. I learned to listen to her and to live the same life - simple as silence.

NO PRESCRIPTION longevity. But if you ask me, I say that eat a lot of fish, vegetables, rice and dark do without alcohol. If somewhere you can walk, I go on foot. However, the eighties I stopped like my gait.

You KNOW the following sentence: "If you want breakfast in bed - sleep in the kitchen?" And I live.

I want to wake up in the morning as long as I believe that, waking up in the morning, I get a little bit better than it was yesterday.

Forgiveness can be different. The hardest thing is to forgive yourself.

I would like to die like my mother. She was at home, engaged in business as usual, and then said to my sister: "Prepare please tea, I'm going to lie down." When my sister came into the room with the tea, my mother was not there a few minutes later.

We are all concerned by the fact that our being.

I'm still here.