30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

In the field of design, we can be proud of not only the dolls and faceted glasses.

perestroika long gone and young talent, inspired by a variety of ideas, to create a truly beautiful thing. Of course, the current scope in the industrial design is not the same as in Soviet times, and items are available only in small quantities, but this makes them one of a kind.

Russian promdizaynery no worse than Western, and in some ways even superior to them. They are winners of the prestigious European competitions, regularly supplement their collection with new ideas. In addition, experts are facing much greater difficulties in the implementation of the project. Anyway - they live and work.

We present to you 30 outstanding items that were invented in Russia in recent years.

Shelf Design Flex Shelf

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Nikolai Nikitin

"The idea is very simple - a set of fragments of different lengths and colors, which are easily bonded to each other, it is possible to create any shape and composition. Shelf has no analogues and is relatively inexpensive. For convenience, we have developed a hundred of ready compositions, but it can be done and the name of the favorite, and the boat, and the name of the city, and a picture of Malevich ".

White & White clock

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Vadim Kibardin

Kibardin focuses simultaneously on electronics, furniture, lamps, toys, luggage and various useful things. He succeed equally well levitating computer mouse and cardboard clock for self-assembly, and accessories for the iPhone, which is already invented so much that it seems to be nothing new to invent.

Set "Peoples"

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Anastasia Shcherbakova, Basil Perfil'ev, "Shusha"

"We have been increased, but have not lost interest in toys. Plus, we were expecting a child and plunged into a children's theme to the head. We got the idea of ​​different toys and some general style, inspired by Rodchenko, Lissitzky, Korney Chukovsky, Daniil Kharms. We often go to the event, so we already know abroad, and toys can be found not only in Russia but also in Europe and in the United States. "

"Moon Mouse"

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Sergey Safonov

"The first was a man named Guuma. He turned out good, but I do not take into account the fragility of the material: the joints are constantly broke, and I am still sending spare hands and his head-collectors owners. In the new year it will be commercially produced in a factory, so that all the flaws of the original design we have already eliminated. "

Shelf "Black Square"

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Mikhail Belyaev

"My friend Yura Veredyuk opened his furniture workshop - I had to do for her style, the site, such as the position, design and produce furniture. It turned out that the work in the complex is much more interesting than draw the same, for example, chairs and lamps. "

Stand laptop Vool

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Alex Galkin

"Initially I did Vool prototype for myself, because I needed a stand, and everything that was on offer did not suit. When I posted the first pictures of the prototype hake and around there was excitement, it became clear that the need to create a separate brand for this product. So there Vool, is the Estonian word in Russian - stream. Form turned out very smooth and wanted the name was associated with the water. "

A glass of whiskey Scacchi

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Veronika Lazareva

"When I decided that I would do my dishes, especially he appeared glass of red wine from Sera-Irida collection. nothing special to talk about it - it's just a glass, which I would have wanted to buy herself. But to hold it in your hands, I had to drive around 15 different factories, five of them to make samples, the creation of which took nine months, and then select a single, run it in production - and only then get the finished product. "

Lamp Light Bean

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Katerina Kopytina

"The first object that is as close to the concept of industrial design, was my thesis project - lamp" Milt ". A couple of years after the defense, I decided to bring it to mind, and the case even came to working prototypes and serial production contract. When calculate the cost of production, we realized that is too expensive for democratic self-assembling lamp - produce no meaning. "

Light Silver Biplane Only Edison III

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Paul and Eugene Mosolov Retinskaya

"Our production is where we are - at the moment in Moscow. Last winter we traveled through Europe, collected sea salted driftwood on the Cote d'Azur and treated them in a small mobile workshop. Summer is spent in our garage in Wyoming, rode to the neighboring states, never missed a flea market, working with the findings, new ideas, materials and explore new technology, programming and microcontrollers. "

Chest Big Woo

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Pauline Balashov

"We employ three people, there is a team of designers, architects (among them - Nikolai Grigoriev who invented a chest of drawers Big Woo) and decorators to outsource - we involve them in the interior projects, the development of furniture and commercial equipment. All items are produced in a factory in the Moscow region, where we do not do in a month is less than 30 units. Usually we try to keep a reserve, but, for example, all the drawers are made only to order. We are always inspired and inspiring examples of classical modernism 1950-1960-ies and modern Scandinavian design. "

Coffee table

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Alexander Petunin

"The first realized project - a coffee table made of 3D-model with laser-cut and painted in different colors. This year, he went to the exhibition "100% Design" in London. Following, I made a second table on the same technology, but more complex shapes, who visited the "Moscow Design Week 2013". These things produces joinery my good friends to order in single copies. The remaining projects are still there in the form of concepts, but at any time you can print the 3D-printer. "

Armchair Tatik

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Tembolat Gugkaev

"The sense of form, proportion and others - this seems to be" factory settings "in which a person or possesses or not. I like to have, so everything goes by itself. We strive to share with others in ways that are accessible to us. For some it is the word, for someone - music. To this end, I think I come up and light fixtures, furniture and other things. Most of the customers I have abroad - as it so happened, that I first learned in other countries, and then in Russia. "

Armchair Brazilia Soft

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Konstantin Lagutin and Anna Sazhinov

"The very first large-scale work has been our office - desks, chairs. Initially, the furniture we have done only under their same specific projects, but then decided that create ready small things necessary and important. To date, circulation, we came two years later. Our hit "Lovers seals", for example, has a circulation of 20-30 thousand copies. "

Candles Trope

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Roman Sviridov and Marie Mazaeva

"First, we had to design something like a hobby and then turned into a job. Sam Trope started with an idea to make a floor lamp for the home. He never turned, but came good form that became the basis of the first candle. At some point we decided to submit a draft on the Internet - it took the name. We have noticed that all the forms that we choose, carry a strong emotional connotations associated with the potential for their destruction. This metaphor is the best conveys literary term "trails". "

Wallet Leaf Wallet

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Alex Chugunnikov

"This spring, the brand FOR, where I work as chief designer, with a collection of Leaf Leather made its debut in Hong Kong, as well as at the London exhibition" 100% Design "and at Moscow Design Week, which speaks very well for us. One of the subjects in this collection - Leaf wallet purse of thick leather, which is made without a seam, and is designed so that in the closed position closing strap provides additional protection department with the most valuable cards. "

Sofa with graphic quality prints

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Dmitry Loginov

"I'm a designer, not a businessman, so only create concepts and implement them large companies. My articles are manufactured in different countries, and you can buy them all over the world, from Moscow to New York, from Istanbul to Sydney - I'll often see things in their show rooms when traveling. Realizing their fantasies in the field of product design, silly inspired its other samples. I would even say it's gone. I am inspired by modern art in general, whether it is fashion, graphics, stage design, architecture or music. Two hours at New York's MoMA will give me more than a week of the Milan furniture fair. "

Puzzle "Sunshine"

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Irina Novichkova

"When my daughter was born, I wanted her to have also been toys that can develop ingenuity, logic, imagination. Then, in the stores was virtually no educational games, and I started to make them herself. At one of the exhibitions he met with Vladimir Ivanovich Krasnoukhov, a talented inventor of puzzles, and he asked me to cooperate. Several of my authoring made in Spain, Portugal, France and Germany. Among them, my favorite - "Gala cube". Outwardly, it looks like a child's toy, but really refers to a higher level of complexity. "

Chair Helvetica

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Vitaly Zhuikov

"Now my little workshop rented out for 5-10 objects moving parallel project for a Moscow cafe. Until recently, I met with designers from England, which are engaged in the same, but, of course, an assortment of them abruptly. We have a joint project was born, now just we discuss the details. "

Sensors Lapka

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Vadik marmalade "In 2012, Vadim marmalade and Sergei Filippov named Lapka presented its first project related to product design, - rare beauty of a pocket-sized laboratory of four sensors that measure humidity, temperature, background radiation and the level of nitrates in vegetables and fruits. In 2013, the set started to sell in Russia, and not just anywhere, but in the re: Store. The plans Lapka a few gadgets to monitor the state of health. "

Chest Bio

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Sergei Semenov

"His very-very first thing - sofa bar - I came up with a million years ago and brought home on his knee. After five or six years, he found a place in Cosmopolitan magazine. A first production object - a floor lamp Flat - won several awards, traveled on exhibitions and is still being sold, not having undergone almost no changes. "

The lamp in the shape of cones

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Paul Kuleshin

"The idea of ​​the lamp-bumps came to me during a winter trip to the Crimea, where I went to the Space of Joy Festival. There I was very impressed with pine trees and conifers in general. The name was chosen on a summer evening for a beer from the great variety of options. Since then, the four dimensions of the cones are manufactured in the city of science Koroleve in our workshop and sold offline in Vancouver, Eindhoven, Perm, Sukhumi and Gagra ".


30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Maxim Koposov

"Now we are working together - me and my step-father - at home in the suburbs. The number of produced boards reaches a hundred pieces. Specially made a small party with a specific design and shape, but also in the order can be made, if I may be interested in what the client offers. Minimum execution time - two weeks. Previously, I have participated in some exhibitions, is now a little watching the activities and can not always take part. "

Tile with a pattern

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Eugene Zelenska

"We started with chernoloschenoy ceramics - it is the most traditional pottery made on a potter's wheel and smoke in the sawdust. Long studied fuming techniques, waxing, burnishing. Fully studied form ceramic ware, since the XV century. Today we have the prototypes of ancient Russian dishes with authentic names. All at the manufactory in Suzdal work of 37 people. Circulations are small, about 7000 units per month. We do a lot of custom-made, mostly tiles, painted panels, tiles, lamps. "

Lamp "Angle"

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Jaroslav Misonzhnikov

"I worked alone, as we partner with Eugene Sadovnikov not opened its office" It is design. " We started with small items: cases for gadgets made of leather and felt, and are now preparing the production of designer furniture from wood. This will be a separate brand, "That Tree".

lamp with a ladder

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Vladimir Ivanov

"I work until one, materials and manufacturers, too, find myself. Large print runs are not doing so products are made mainly under the order of the week and a half on average. In May, I had the opportunity to show their work in Florence thanks to Anastasia Krylova and Mary Twardowski, under whose direction the project Russian Design Pavilion was created, which promotes our design in Russia and abroad. "

Mask "Bear Head"

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Alexander Kanygin

"Once I had a desire to do something like a hunting trophy. The first model was made of plasticine, then paper, then from a tree. Manufacture of wood turned out to be expensive, so I ordered a batch of plastic - turned out not worse and cheaper. However, the wooden mask I still really like the more that can be made from almost any breed. But plastic - very good compromise, they can even glow. "

Cabinet Uno

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Paul Shelyagin

"The story is: when we are in the last year, it was necessary to buy things home, the IKEA disappeared because things at normal prices there are made of non-natural materials, and other stores, even a person with an average salary to buy quality thing not under force. Then I worked as a graphic designer and I thought -why would not do something different? The first thing - cabinet with an open countertop - was a hit, especially overseas. "

Table Bitter Sweet

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Dmitry Borev

"For two years my wife and I built a house in the country-shop. And I, and Kirill had a lot of sketches, of which we did the first collection. We're not stamping ready models, one thing we have not been repeated four more times. The optimal situation - people gives us the size and the minimum technical specification, and we in for a couple of weeks, draw sketches, but somewhere in a month has already given the subject. "

Furniture One Line

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov


"Maximovich - a name that comes from my middle name, and last name. Under this brand I have been working on their own. Several of my new products to hit the market under the European brands in this year, but at the moment I'm working on a large furniture project that we have started with a partner in Russia. "

Racks Totem

30 objects Russian promdizaynerov

Jaroslav Rassadin

"I do not I produce nothing - designed for customers. Because of the desire to constantly try new things gets more spread - from things for the house to transportation and industrial equipment. Totem - a series of two hangers that are generally not about comfort or functionality. These things - as idols with heads of the pagan gods. It is more than just a hanger, is a futuristic sculpture, a god from the future or from another planet. I really like the non-obvious code in objects that can be interpreted in different ways. "