Rules of life Carlson, who lives on the roof

• Rules of Life Carlson, who lives on the roof of

Astrid Lindgren came up with the story of the Kid and Carlson, who lives on the roof, almost sixty years ago, and probably among us there is no person who has not read this story, or at least did not look cartoon. "Best in the world" one builder, Eater cakes, buns and meatballs, draftsman of roosters and, of course, the most charming ghost with a motor for many of us to remain one of the most vivid impressions of childhood.

In fact, Carlson - creepy narcissistic egoist (remember how many times he left the Kid without sweets, toys and other pleasures), but it is probably the most cheerful and charming egotist in the world. Astrid Lindgren asked why she had done so Carlson, answered: "I did not do it so he became."

In general, Carlson is quite possible to learn to live for fun and be yourself in every situation. We collected the rules of life of this wonderful hero.

Rules of life Carlson, who lives on the roof

1. Calm, but calm!

2. If people knew how nice walk on the roofs, they would long ago have ceased to walk the streets.

3. - Believe Carlson ... Not in a jam happiness ...

- What do you mean, gone mad ?! And what else?

4. From the roof, of course, the stars are seen better than windows, so one can only wonder that so few people live on the roofs.

5. You always have to drop everything, if you're the inspiration, you know, and I visited it today. "La, la, la" - sings something in me, and I know it's inspiration.

6. General cleaning is not worth enough, because then I would never be able to arrange everything so well. 7. If a person interferes with life only a nutshell, ranked in the shoes, he can consider himself lucky.

Rules of life Carlson, who lives on the roof

8. Suffice it to sit with a man locked up for two hours, and you're ready to come to terms with it.

9. From pies do not get fat!

10. There are three ways to tame domomuchitelnits. They can relegate, tease and play. Actually, it's all the same, but the play - the most direct way to deal with them.

11. The failure may even frustrate the best intentions ... Do not say anything, it it happens!

12. I just infuriates this love of order! In your house you can not leave anything.

13. To the one who had been ill plyushechnoy fever, no infection is not sticky.

14. You can not do anything for you - it's you.

15. After I sing, there is a table. The only thing that remains - this table.

Rules of life Carlson, who lives on the roof

16. Friends have to say nice and encouraging things about every five minutes.

17. I have noticed: the food is tasteless, so it is useful. I wonder why all these vitamins are contained only in that taste good?

18. There is nothing like a ghost when you need to scare the thieves. If people knew this, they would certainly tied on the little spiteful ghost to each office in the city.

19. Well, if I object, then, in any case, the best in the world, a subject that is worth ten thousand crowns!

20. During the meal it is necessary to make it fun.

21. Remember, "It's nothing, it happens" about the pies do not say.

22. I do not agree bored lying in bed. Here, too, there is something to do. You can eat sandwiches with fatty sausages, you can play in the "bag", you can arrange a pillow fight. 23. Surely there are people who find it strange that someone who lives on the roof. Nothing strange here. Everyone lives wherever he wants.

24. It can be perfectly tame people, absorbing all their buns.

25. - On the simple question you can answer is always "yes" or "no", in my opinion, it is not difficult.

- Imagine difficult. I'm going to ask you a simple question, and you yourself are convinced of this. Now, listen! You ceased to drink brandy in the morning, answer - yes or no?

Rules of life Carlson, who lives on the roof

26. Must be able to stand up for themselves, I always knew it. I like to order: what is mine is mine.

27. If I do not feed, I'm not me.

28. Birthday must I always be in the same day, when there are so many other beautiful days.

29 is the prime of life at any age. In all, at least when it comes to me.

30. Do you think that I can entrust their candy man with his teeth!

31. Who needs rest? It is necessary to make it fun and funny, and I do not play.

32. Those people who have a shred of conscience, always sit so that they can be seen through the keyhole or eye.

33. Do not contaminate the air flying boys enough the two of us - me and the kids.

34. Once you have a best friend, you can not throw.

35. I do not need anything. Nothing but a huge cake, a few boxes of biscuits, chocolate mountains and great big bag of candy!

36. Of course, everyone has the right to be Carlson. Although so far only found one so good and rather chubby instance.