10 best films flops 2013

Star cast does not guarantee the Hollywood premiere of audience success. Box office failures regularly turn out films with the participation of young celebrities sought after, like Benedict Cumberbatch and Selena Gomez and veteran star scale Sylvester Stallone and Harrison Ford. American Forbes chose 10 films released in theaters in 2013, charges that are not covered in the cost of production in the cinemas.

"The Fifth Estate" (The Fifth Estate)

10 best films flops 2013

Budget: $ 28 million (source: Box Office Mojo)

Global box office: $ 6 million

Payback 21%

It seemed, DreamWorks makes a win-win move. One of the most popular actors of recent years, Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange, WikiLeaks sensational story in the basis of the script, the author of the cult saga "Twilight," Bill Condon for directorial control - all components of success were simply collected together. However, producers were disappointed: the audience in the theater did not. And not in a broken box office millions of picture creators costs are not limited to: DreamWorks and its owner Disney invested another $ 25 million in film promotion. In addition, the studio produced only 50% of box office receipts, so that only $ 3 million as a result was able to return the company-manufacturer "fifth power".

"Unstoppable" (Bullet to the head)

10 best films flops 2013

Budget: $ 25 million (source of Box Office Mojo)

Global box office: $ 9 million

Payback: 36%

If you've never heard of this movie, do not reproach yourself - you are not alone. Studio Warner Bros. obviously not too burdened themselves promotion picture with the legendary actor in a leading role. From spent on the production of $ 25 million film distribution parried only $ 9 million. But the tandem Stallone and directed by Walter Hill ( "Alien," "Red Heat") looked more than promising.

"Disturbia" (Paranoia)

10 best films flops 2013

Budget: $ 35 million

Global box office: $ 13, 5 million (source: Relativity Media)

Payback: 39%

As is the case with the "fifth power", at the stage of production of the film, it seemed, he was doomed to success. The screen came together iconic actors (Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman) and rising stars (Liam Hemsworth of "The Hunger Games"). But ambitious band went to the bottom, hardly appeared in the box office. In August, the picture was on the 13th place at the box office in the US and since then only to lose ground.

"Parker" (Parker)

10 best films flops 2013

Budget: $ 35 million

Global box office: $ 17 million

Payback: 49%

Played the leading role in this blockbuster singer Jennifer Lopez has topped the list of most influential stars by Forbes in 2012, but to save the film from a failure at the box office was not under force even to her. Another trump card picture promised to be the main action hero of modern cinema Jason Statham ( "Transporter", "Adrenaline", etc.). However, viewers another tape with the British not attracted.

"City of vice" (Broken City)

10 best films flops 2013

Budget: $ 35 million

Global box office: $ 19 million

Payback: 54%

"City of Vice" closed the top five most losing tapes passing year, despite the participation of one of the most popular Hollywood actors Mark Wahlberg. The cash register slip picture authors is all the more paradoxical that Wahlberg has become the main components of success of one of the most unexpected hits rolling-2012 - the comedy "Ted".

"Battle of the Year" (Battle Of The Year)

10 best films flops 2013

Budget: $ 20 million

Global box office: $ 11 million

Payback: 55%

"Battle of the Year" went out with a loud slogan "The whole world is at their feet," but declared ambitions fell short. Another film about dance battles did not attract the audience. Apparently, not in favor of the box-office success tape played too simple story: a young team of hip-hop gives the battle group of the best dancers in the world.

"chase!" (Getaway)

10 best films flops 2013

Budget: $ 18 million

Global box office: $ 10, 5 million

Payback: 58%

In this film, played by 21-year-old singer Selena Gomez, super popular in the United States. However, the commercial success of the picture the name of the performer starring in no way affected. History of salvation kidnapped wife racer Brent moviegoers met cool.

"We - Peoples Family" (Peeples)

10 best films flops 2013

Budget: $ 15 million Global box office: $ 9 million

Payback 60%

Filming this family comedy studio Lionsgate ventured as if specially for Kerry Washington - Star "Django Unchained" by Quentin Tarantino and "Fantastic Four." But this time the magic of the name did not work and the film at the box office failed.

"Ghost Patrol" (R.I.P.D.)

10 best films flops 2013

Budget: $ 130 million

Global box office: $ 78 million

Payback 60%

A major role in the history of wrestling with evil spirits detective played by Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges. However, the star part did not help the film, despite the generally positive response from critics.

"The Big Wedding" (The Big Wedding)

10 best films flops 2013

Budget: $ 35 million

Global box office: $ 22 million

Payback: 63%

This comedy has not been rescued by Robert De Niro as the father of the family, or Robin Williams in the role of a priest. Another story about the wedding planner audience is not caught, and the star of the movie recorded in its portfolio a new box office bomb.