Rules of life by Oleg Kulik

• The rules of life by Oleg Kulik

Rules of life by Oleg Kulik

The artist, 52, Moscow

At me, unfortunately there, fortunately there is no working days. There are just days.

NOW I'M NOT the best time to talk. For me, something, or rather, it is beautiful, but the people are happier, the less it is interesting to other people.

With the appearance of his daughter with me instantly flew all this uncertainty and foolishness - all the rituals and regulations, - and I realized how selfish was. What to eat, when to eat, when to pray, when to meet friends when work - it all got away in an instant after the first sleepless night at the cradle. And the worry was if she was crying as pokakala, if at all pokakala.

ME IN TIBET an old man advised him to seek all the answers at home. I ask, where to look, where to look? And he - whether in jest, or both - said: Look closely at your washing machine. Now then, when the daughter was born, to erase diapers often, and all the time I look at this round window, and there, as the samsara wheel, your world is spinning.

My latest works - "Madonna and Child" - was born when we started Euphrasinia play with plasticine. She liked Printsesska. We have done a lot of them: without people, tsvetastenkie - such here pussiraytiki. I took them as a basis.

Name of the daughter we long to choose. I read a bunch of books that make up the map matching letters and numbers. I wanted to call her Theon, but then came the next "Shrek" and I thought that when she goes to school, it will be too attract attention. The result was called Euphrosyne. I like this "f".

I am by birth a Soviet man. In addition to my grandfather, who whispered to me that it is better to shit than the party, and that a higher power is, I told no one about the supernatural. RELIGION - as a pain reliever, as a drug. It helps to get used to the idea that each of us - it is a lonely man sitting in the dark and waiting for old age. Remember, Pink Floyd album The Wall begins with a song-appeal: "Hey you, a lone man sitting in the dark and waiting for old age," Here we are and have.

Slipped turn - never to return. Everything that happens to you, you have to accept with great joy, fearless.

Any desire to BE like cockroaches, dust spray. That is to direct attention to him - that of desire, where it came from. Especially dangerous desire great deeds - saving forests, rescuing women, rescue democracy. Usually, people with such desires do not want to live, and the result is great noble intentions usually sad.

Look at the people too keen on vegetarianism. "Oh, there Fasolka it with butter, that does not stick." It hungry ghosts, who are doomed to such vulgarity as eternal thinking about food.

If you fight with something, and you'll be the brightest representative of what you fight. Fighters with alcoholism - the main alcoholics. People who are struggling with atheism and atheists have the biggest. It is necessary to shoot anyone who creates for the Protection of the rights of believers laws. This wizards who do not believe in the living God; they have a dead God.

Religious differences - good cover for those who just want to put people at the stake.

If we assume that God - is breathing, then God exists. Breathe. Breathe clean air; Breathe slowly; Breathe smoothly; breathe, looking at the tip of the nose; breathe, feeling the earlobes; breathe, feeling the heart chakra of the girlfriend or boyfriend; breathe, looking at the President or ayatollah. No matter what you do - most importantly, breathe. I FOR ONE performance take severely cut his hand, it was in Riga. Quickly began to flow the blood veins hurt, vessels. At some point I understand that I must say something important for last. I became hysterical. And what to say - I do not know. And suddenly there was a feeling that you just need to quietly leave. Over you if reveal the secret of life, saying that death - it's a great part of it. And the heat of it, calm, and death is not terrible. Then he woke up, I heard: "A lot of blood is lost, but the pulse is normal." A lamp is lit on me, and it says, "Made in the USSR".

GOD IN ALL invent his image as Lenin in Uzbekistan was cross-eyed, in Africa - black.

WHERE WILL LIVE MY DAUGHTER - here or abroad - is its own business. I only hope that it will be somewhere nearby.

I LOVE to ride a bike in Moscow. How not to love when sometimes you go and see the inscription on the sidewalk: "Magwe, I love you!" But who is this Magwe? Person? The institution?

What is art? It is an artificial measure.

I watch the national cinema, and how! "The Cranes Are Flying", "Operation Y", "Irony of Fate." This is a great movie.

ARTISTS TALK about art - it is for me today the only source of optimism. Art - is a process of dialogue with other artists alone. Artists engaged in intercourse with society, it is, as a rule, designers and decorators.

I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS self-censorship. Sometimes the neck is too narrow: and would shout loudly, but it does not. Throat censor my comments? Or here I'd like to fill a muzzle to his neighbor, but he is healthy and strong. My muscles censor me? The ninetieth - a unique Time. Perhaps the only time in the entire thousand years of Russian history, when it was free. Just someone that freedom seemed frightening, more like a mess.

ME ONE bandyugan says: "Oh, I do not have to deal with the Ukrainians. They just do not understand what - shoot immediately. Worse than the Czechs! "

Here one grandmother said: "Here, homosexuals divorced, and who are they? Vampires are? "Since homosexuals it has not experienced, and familiar with the vampires. He believes that vampires came from America to Russia and become homosexuals.

Generally, it should introduce the concept - "otsoznavanie". Naosoznavalis already, it's time to drop all these smart and correct words.

NOTE from each gate guards look out today.

I felt very early in this state: a single person in the dark, waiting for their old age.

Immortality - it's interesting, but it is a minor thing. As a motorcycle, the plane like an iPhone. These are all important things, but irrelevant. Without them you can do.

COMFORT IN THIS WORLD NEED ONLY bummer, who are trying to wriggle out of the evolutionary development.

I'm a writer, and even what.