The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

American magazine Forbes has made a rating of the highest paid musicians in 2013. It was headed by Madonna, with an annual income of $ 125 million. The second and third places went to Lady Gaga ($ 80 million) and the group Bon Jovi ($ 79 million).

In total, the list includes 25 musicians. The top ten were also Toby Kit ($ 65 million), the rock band Coldplay ($ 64 million), Justin Bieber ($ 58 million), country singer Taylor Swift ($ 55 million), Elton John ($ 54 million), Beyonce ($ 53 million) and country music singer Kenny Chesney ($ 53 million). The main source of income and the Madonna and Gaga, and the group of John Bon Jovi concerts began. However, some financial success is only indirectly related to music. For example, the rapper P. Diddy (11th place, $ 50 million) earned on advertising Ciroc vodka.

Forbes estimated the musicians income for the period from 1 June 2012 to 1 June 2013. The rankings used data from Pollstar agencies, the RIAA and other information received from the promoters, lawyers, producers and provided by musicians.

1. Madonna

The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

$ 125 million

The lion's share of the Madonna in revenue this year brought her MDNA tour (total revenue from it was $ 305 million). The singer earns a lot and in the sale of souvenirs during the concert. In addition, the profit of "Queen of Pop" receives from its own Material Girl clothing line and perfume brands of Truth or Dare.

2. Lady Gaga

The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

$ 80 million

Lady Gaga won the "silver" rating, but clearly has the potential to compete for the top spot in the following year. Her new album ARTPOP came after the reporting period of the rating in November 2013. Revenues from the tour could have been higher, Gaga will not get injured hip. The singer had to stop the tour, so instead of the potential $ 200 million it earned only $ 168 million.

3. Bon Jovi

The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

$ 79 million

Ageless rockers have chosen the perfect name for the tour Because We Can ( "Because we can"). In each city, where were the musicians, they have earned on the $ 3 million. Ultimately, this group surpassed in the ranking of the richest musicians such stars as rapper Kanye West, electronics Skrillex (second in the list of highest-paid DJs, according to Forbes) and country singer Carrie Underwood.

4. Toby Keith

The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

$ 65 million

The most highly paid $ 270 million Country singer earned over five years. He makes money on concerts, selling records, own a chain of restaurants (open for 18). Keith earns a good idea and thanks to many years of sponsorship contract with automaker Ford.

5. Coldplay

The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

$ 64 million

The British rock band for a long time compared to U2, but this year surpassed the legendary Irish Coldplay in terms of income. British managed to earn at the expense of the tour, during which they received $ 3 million in each city. Coldplay has risen in the ranking with the help of other heroes of the list - the most highly paid musicians. Frontman Chris Martin and his wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow tightly communicate with Beyoncé (9 th place in the ranking) and her husband Jay-Z (18 th), who even played with Coldplay.

6. Justin Bieber

The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

$ 58 million

Since the 19-year-old Canadian appeared on the Forbes cover last year, he rode with a world tour, and earned another $ 58 million. In addition, Bieber owns shares in startups Enflick and Tinychat, streaming music service Spotify, and recently invested $ 1 1 million in the social network for teenage "selfie" Shots of Me.

7. Taylor Swift

The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

$ 55 million

Swift released her fourth studio album Red in October 2012. During the first week of release it sold 1, 2 million copies. The first single from the album We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together topped the Billboard 100: the first time in his career composition Swift has risen so high. The singer is advantageous to use his popularity, concluding advertising contracts with Diet Coke, Sony and Covergirl.

8. Elton John

The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

$ 54 million

The British singer, titled Sir Elton John got in the list of highest-paid musicians, according to Forbes, and last year, but his income then was much higher - $ 80 million.

9. Beyonce

The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

$ 53 million

Beyoncé took a year break after the birth of daughter Blue Ivy and returned to the stage with a tour Mrs. Carter World Tour. In each city, the singer earned over $ 2 million. In addition, the income it brought far from the music companies, such as new advertising deals with Pepsi and H & M, as well as the Dereon clothing line.

10. Kenny Chesney

The most highly paid musicians of the world - 2013

$ 53 million

Artist country music continues to outpace income levels leading pop stars like Jay-Z, Katy Perry and Rihanna. Millions Chesney bring mostly touring and the annual appearance of new albums (Life on a Rock record out this year). Musician likes to relax in a country house in his home state of Tennessee or the Virgin Islands. This place inspired him to launch his own brand of rum Blue Chair Bay in early 2013.