Rules of life Yuri Dombrowski

• Rules of life Yuri Dombrowski

Rules of life Yuri Dombrowski

Skeptics say that another life is not perfect! No, she was beautiful, that the existence of something is often unbearable - Wow! But this is different.

In every joy is cut exactly according to his measure. It neither steal nor to assign: another it just does not fit.

Never, no one is broken as much as crushed their own arguments.

IN YOUR LIFE I have seen demons abound; places "where ever dance and sing" - too.

For each person his profession to be the best, if not from his life nothing good happens.

I am a gypsy, great-grandson of the Roma, who was exiled in 1863, together with the Polish insurgents somewhere in places not so remote, that the great-grandfather was remonterom that is supplied horses Polish insurgents, that for this he was tried and deprived of all property rights, exiled under Irkutsk and attributed to the Polish colony. Hence the name of a lush, which I now know.

As I have a stuffy seven or ten plates, and here I am hoarse them as soon as a finger poke. Here you go: "If the enemy does not give up - he is destroyed", "Under the banner of Lenin, under Stalin's leadership", "Life has become better, comrades, life has become merrier", "Thank you Comrade Stalin for our happy childhood", "Best Friend scientists the best writers friend, the best friend of athletes, the best friend of firefighters - Stalin "," the most valuable thing on earth - people, "" Who is not with us is against us "," idiotic disease - complacency. " All this together is called the "new Soviet man" and "features of the new Soviet man." I am eternally SOMEONE annoying and not good enough.

IN THE WORLD NOW GOES GREAT FEAR. All are afraid of everything. All important to only one thing: to sit and wait.

How much evil he brought into the world preaching impartiality, neutrality of science and ideology. After all, they - the preachers supraclass humanism, the people "standing above the fray," and opened the green light to fascism.

JOKES is now in the price, very-very ordinary and not funny pulls for five years, and if also mentioned Stalin - is less than eight will not get off.

ALL improper with what must fight hooliganism offers christen.

THIS CRYING or battling at once, or comes late.

EVERYTHING YOU DO NOT LIKE everyman in apartment squabbles, called sabotage, propaganda (in 1938), antiideynostyu (in 1946), cosmopolitanism (in 1949), parasitism (in 1962), bullying (in 1966- m).

In 1936, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Dombrowski-Russian, in 1939 - Dombrowski, a Pole, in 1949 - Dombrowski-Jew, and the verdict was always really true nationality.

I was imprisoned for advocating racial theory, t. E. For having written anti-racist and anti-fascist novel "Monkey arrives at his skull" ( "Owls. Writer", 1959). "From him would not mind himself Fascist Sartre," - wrote on the manuscript in the "Kaz. truth "ten days before my landing. And I read there with great pleasure that in ten years: "Fascist thugs smashed home a progressive writer Sartre." Like this! In Kolyma, the Far East and in the end in a terrible Taishet Ozerlag I saw the same as I - does not have assumed anything - and people confess to anything and buried hundreds.

ALL MY former comrades in the camps - all saboteurs, spies, terrorists, agents of foreign intelligence services or receive pensions, or were rehabilitated posthumously (sometimes even obituaries). They were all Polkan! That is, the Acting wolves!

CONSCIENCE - gun writer production. No it - and nothing else.

If we talk about style, it is the most important for me is accidentally dropped by Albal phrase: "You want to write down what was rain? Well and write - "was rain."

Most importantly - to write so that the phrase immediately comes into the mind, almost all our literary perceptions are either visual or auditory to. Hence, it is necessary to refer to the sight and hearing. And this is - to write simply, clearly and visibly.

TROUBLE WHEN powerlessness will begin to show effect.

Three-quarters of the traitor - it failed martyrs.

WHO IS THE JUDAS? Man, scary overestimated their strength. Shouldered the burden does not in itself and collapsed under it. It is an eternal lesson for all of us - weak and flimsy. Not enough glybinu more than you can carry, not heroics in vain.

Brock never do anything for yourself, for that they are honest people who need only whisper the word, and all will be fashioned in two or three hours in the best possible way. That for a person better, worse - and he alone knows. Nobody else he did not ukazchik here.

I repeated from Cervantes - on the title page of the first edition of "Don Quixote" was painted by the falcon throw off the cap and is written in Latin: "After darkness I hope for light." That's what I hope.

I AM RUSSIAN. But it is not the Soviet. And anyway, I intend to become a British citizen, because in this country are exposed only to gentlemen who respect others privacy and correspondence. Normal aspects of life that you, of course, unfamiliar.

HAVE YOU noticed, incidentally, that when brute force is released from its legal and humanitarian shell is born, so to speak, in a crystalline pure form, it always claims to divinity?

YOU - not the people. People always believe their power.