10 most useless features of smartphones

These "chips" can already be used, but it is not always clear what they are for

Competition among manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets in recent years has become a real arms race - each new model flaunts features and chips, which can not boast of competitors. Sometimes, in an effort to create a unique product developers have gone so far that many of the functions, to ensure your gadget the most attention from consumers, in fact, completely useless or are working solely on the manufacturer's image.

1. Dual Shooting mode

10 most useless features of smartphones

This curious feature present on some models of smartphones "Samsung" and "LG" and allows you to simultaneously take pictures with both cameras gadget. Photographing anything, you can capture the expression of his face at that moment, with a small self-portrait appears in the corner of the main photo. Of course, it is interesting to recall the case, which was a grimace of you during an event, but in general it is a nice trinket, no more.

2. Parallax wallpaper, "Apple"

10 most useless features of smartphones

The seventh version of the iOS operating system from "Apple" allows you to set the table on a working iPhone or iPad, the so-called wallpaper with parallax effect, the main innovation of which is the fact that their situation varies depending on the movement of the gadget space. Achieve the effect of "floating" interface managed by a gyroscope and accelerometer, tracking the position of the tablet or the smartphone space. All this looks like fun, but it has no practical value - feature only shows the power of the newest line of "apple" devices.

Appendix 3. "Air Call Accept", the platform "Android"

10 most useless features of smartphones

The owners of the most advanced smartphones "Samsung" and other devices using the platform "Android" can enjoy the ability to control a gadget, even without touching it: the user performs the necessary manipulations, running a hand over the infrared sensor built into the unit.

The paid version of the application differs significantly enhanced functionality: you can not only make and receive calls, but also include speakerphone, send e-mail about the rejected call and mute the sound if you wish to ignore the caller.

Developers are confident that their invention will help people less distracted by conversations, when they are behind the wheel, but often on the mysterious movements require more time and attention than it is to simply press the "Reply" button.

4. "LG" with an unusual orientation of

10 most useless features of smartphones

The vast majority of smart phones and tablet hardware buttons like the volume control buttons or the on-off device located on the top or side faces, but the company "LG" has decided to go his own way. At the presentation of the flagship "G2" models the attention of journalists and consumers immediately attracted an unusual arrangement of the main buttons - on the back of the device.

As stated by the Korean corporation, the original decision was dictated by concern for consumers, who have repeatedly complained that, for example, when shooting video and photos is difficult to keep in the hands of the unit with a large screen sizes, if you have to feel for the tiny buttons on its sidewalls. According to the company, innovation facilitates the use of the gadget in one hand, but how such a decision advisable, it is not clear - there are both positive and negative reviews about this among the characteristic features of a smartphone.

5. "Smart Scroll" from "Samsung" function

10 most useless features of smartphones

One gets the impression that the producers of electronic devices and application developers hope to eventually wean people do use your hands to control gadgets. Among other experiments in this direction continues Korean giant "Samsung" - smartphones "Galaxy S4" and "Galaxy Note 3" offer the user to scroll web pages with a single movement of the eyes, with the help of "Smart Scroll" function (can be translated as "clever scrolling" ).

The technology is implemented by "DigitalOptics Corporation" ( "DOC") and yet is more of a decorative character - many familiar to use the old-fashioned scrolling with your fingers. However, according to experts, "Smart Scroll" - only one of the first developments of "DOC", which will be used in the gadget. The company is also involved in the creation of facial recognition system and some other projects.

6. Quick Start camera ( "Quick Capture Camera"), "Motorola X"

10 most useless features of smartphones

On most gadgets to enter the photo or video mode it is not difficult - it is necessary only to press one or two buttons. However, "the Motorola" assures that feature its flagship "X" is much more convenient: to activate the camera, double "shake up" the device, and to take a picture, just touch the screen.

Of course, in some cases it saves a split second, but more often to make good photos, a fast response can not do, and constantly shaking like a gadget is not all. Fortunately, the developers have provided an option to disable Quick Launch.

7. "Smart Stay" function

10 most useless features of smartphones

Like many other gadgets feature, "Smart Stay" from "Samsung" uses a fashionable piece of tracking the position of the user's eyes. If a person looks at the screen, built-in application does not turn off the backlight, and if, for example, while watching the video to look to the side, playback stops. Perhaps it is really convenient, but apparently, the company admits that overly sensitive reaction gadget on eye movement may get bored - you can turn off the function.

8. Snapshot "HTC Zoe"

10 most useless features of smartphones

Modern smartphones and tablets allow anyone to feel like a professional art photographer or filmmaker: experts of the company from Cupertino, and developers based devices "Android" coming up with more and more new possibilities for processing images and videos.

Taiwanese manufacturer "HTC", trying to keep up with the market leaders, invented a system of "HTC Zoe", allows you to record a 3-second video, from which you can obtain high-quality pictures. The problem is that the function is only available to owners of "HTC", and to view videos and pictures have to use a special service from the manufacturer - "HTC Zoe" does not allow to upload videos and photos to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

9. Photos with sound

10 most useless features of smartphones

"Samsung" introduced this chip is specially for those who when viewing photos is not enough suitable soundtrack. When a picture with the use of the patented technology "Sound & Shot" can write short comment (maximum of eight seconds), which will sound when you're looking at photos. Unfortunately, this feature is practically useless - to transfer the image on the computer along with the audio track is not possible.

10. "Group Play" in "Samsung" gadgets function

10 most useless features of smartphones

Wireless headsets and headphones, using the data transfer protocol "Bluetooth" is much more convenient legacy wired peripherals. This saves people from having lots of wires between the gadget and the headset, which also constantly torn and are pressed.

"Samsung" corporation has gone even further - it proposes to use wireless data transfer for music playback on devices that are within the capabilities of Wi-Fi-transmitter gadget. In other words, you can put your favorite song not only on their smartphone, but also to all who are in the immediate vicinity, of course, provided that it is too products "Samsung" and they have this function.

"Group Play" is able to transfer music and image, but to get at least some pleasure from the "toys", you need to bring together, at least, a few owners of the flagship models of the Korean manufacturer.