The most original hotels in historic buildings

The largest publisher of guidebooks and other materials to tourists in English Fodor's has presented the 100 best hotels. Luxury Travel Industry for Fodor's award is presented annually in several categories, including, for example, hotels in the best beaches, the best cuisine, located in the most exotic setting and better than others retained a local flavor.

Participants put forward for the award Fodor's staff. The list includes 4000 hotels from among the 17,000 who make annual reviews. The winners are determined 14 Fodor's experienced editors.

One of the most interesting categories - hotels, opened in a renovated historic building. Hotel in a former monastery, the train station, the embassy, ​​the site of a coffee plantation and other "reincarnation" of buildings, see below.

A former coffee plantation mansion in

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

This five-star hotel located in the historic center of Rio, on the hill of Santa Tereza. It is located in a family house, which was once part of a coffee plantation. It has kept the elements of Brazilian folk art, everywhere apart tropical plants. Owners rely on the use of natural materials such as linen are offered only bamboo. The desire for nature does not prevent equip room LCD TVs. The rooms are huge beds and marble bathrooms, some have verandas. The hotel's pool, where in the evenings sipping a caipirinha, surrounded by tropical plants.

The former Dominican monastery

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Mandarin Oriental Prague, Prague

The original features of the medieval Dominican monastery (Catholic monastic body) as Fodor's commentators write, can be traced in all areas of the hotel, including the spa and Essensia restaurant. Rooms with exposed beams and vaulted ceilings are decorated luxuriously, but some are not great. Of the rooms have panoramic views of the city. The on-site spa offering national beauty treatments, such as with the use of linden blossom. The restaurant serves European and Asian cuisine. The hotel is centrally located, close to attractions such as the Charles Bridge.

A former train station

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Union Station, Nashville, Tennessee

Built in 1900, the building served as the station until 1977. Then he made the list of National Historic Landmark, and ceased to be used for practical purposes. The building is idle. In the hotel it was turned in late 1980, and in its present form Union Station Hotel opened in the 2000s (the restoration cost $ 11 million). A former railway station built in the Gothic-romantic style: with a vaulted ceiling in the lobby, original vitrazhamii and medallions in the form of gold leaf. Among the characteristic features of the hotel-station - marble floors, oak walls, limestone fireplaces, bas-reliefs on the walls. Each room has its own characteristics, but all necessarily present a high ceiling, plush blankets on the beds, flat screen TVs with internet access. Some have marble bathrooms. Local restaurant in the evening illuminated by the fire from the fireplace.

The former palaces of the Ottoman Empire

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Efendi Hotel, Bay of Acre, Israel

Two well-known since the times of the Ottoman Empire palace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea are combined into one hotel. Opened in 2012, the hotel accommodates 12 rooms with unique décor in each. Required decor element - plaster ceilings and wood coating of fine elements.

Over his design for more than eight years working together a group of Venetian and Israeli architects and restorers. They restored the items created even during the Crusades, restored fresco accidentally found in 1878. It offers breakfast and a hammam in the spa. Located in the center of the old town, near the bazaar and the harbor.

A former convent of the XVII century

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Sofitel California Santa Clara, Cartagena, Colombia

On the transformation of the XVII century the monastery of Santa Clara spent three years in a luxury hotel. It was finally restored in the late 1990s. The architects have kept the corridors with arches, patios with flowers, flickering candle lighting, water wells. Of rooms scattered in the so-called Republican and Colonial wings overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Many rooms have balconies and terraces. Refectory nuns converted into a modern restaurant with an impressive wine selection. A small bar will fit in the monastery kitchen. Larger bar in the hotel also have: it offer a variety of cocktails, cigars and dancing to live music (and participating guests and locals). Finally, there has not been without a pool, a spa with a hammam and traditional Colombian procedures, as well as a huge jug with Colombian chocolate at the reception.

A former Victorian house

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Du Vin, Edinburgh

The original interior of the building Du Vin chain has added a modern design, opened a bar and restaurant. The rooms travelers waiting deep baths and plasma TVs. The hotel has a French bistro, a bar on the mezzanine floor, puffing a cigar room, a tasting room, thoroughly stocked wine cellar. The hotel lives up location in one of the major cities of Scotland: It offers 270 varieties of whiskey. Du Vin is located next to the University, surrounded by bars and restaurants.

The former exhibition hall

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna, Vienna

Neorennesans building in style, built in the center of Vienna in 1873, served as an exhibition hall. The luxury hotel was transformed after his 140 years. Under the brand Kempinski opened a luxury hotel with 152 rooms, two restaurants, two bars, a spa, and the largest in Vienna cigar room. The interiors have been preserved neorennesansa features, but at the same time there were elements of modern design and things like coffee machine, flat-screen TVs and "iPads" in every guestroom.

The hotel has a sauna in the Turkish style, gym, swimming pool. The restaurant promises to dish on his grandmother's recipes from natural products. At night from Thursday to Saturday play DJ-sets in the lobby, poolside cocktail bar & restaurant

The former castle of the Roman era

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Hotel Vestibul Palace, Split, Croatia

Created by the Romans rebuilt the castle in Split three times and eventually turned into a hotel. The interior is preserved brickwork Roman era. In the design of modern woven design in minimalist style. The restaurant is located at the bottom, and rooms with plasma TVs upstairs. The hotel has a bar with a terrace.

The former Danish Embassy of the Kingdom of

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Das Sue, Berlin

The building, which was formerly the Danish embassy, ​​still preserved the grandeur of a government building: classical facade, twisted ladder. But these elements are mixed with sovremennm design. 80 guestrooms are spread over the historical and the modern wing, from a single window facing the courtyard, the other - the park and the zoo. Some apartments have balconies and terraces. Necessarily in each room - high ceilings, dark wood floors, free Wi-Fi, a TV. Two cafes in charge of the owner of a star "Michelin" Catalan chef Paco Perez. Basically, it serves close to your heart Perez Mediterranean cuisine, Spanish wine and tapas. The hotel has a fitness room, swimming pool, sauna, spa.

Former British Consulate

The most original hotels in historic buildings

The Chedi, Chiang Mai, Thailand

In the former British Consulate is now a hotel with luxury rooms and eclectic design - sleek lines of modern design combined with the rigor of the British representative of the last century. The hotel has a complimentary mini-bar and a private terrace overlooking the river and garden views. The chic restaurant is decorated in teak and leather, and a 33-meter swimming pool is surrounded by a lotus. The hotel is located a few steps from the Mae Ping River and one of the busiest streets of the city.

The former mansion of the XV century in the Muslim style of

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Casa Morisca, Granada

Architect Carlos Sanchez managed to turn his own mansion of the XV century in a five star hotel so well that he even won the Spanish National Restoration Award Prize. He retained elements of the ornament, masonry arches ceilings, wooden pololki, an old swimming pool. Name Open in 2012 the hotel by chance: the Moors called the Muslims who lived in Granada until the end of the XV century. Emirate of Granada fell in 1492, and over the territory was ruled by Catholics. Ranked Among the Moriscos were many talented architects who created the building in the style of native culture, for example, to erect arches and constructed wooden ceilings. The hotel rooms are small, but they preserved the architectural style of the Moors. Full restaurant at the hotel there: Guests are offered breakfast only for extra 9 euros. However, the bar is open around the clock, and enjoy a drink offering on the patio in the midst of the garden.

The former hotel abandoned building

The most original hotels in historic buildings

21C Museum, Cincinnati, United States

This building back the original function at the end of 2012. Opened here Hotel 21C Museum, which hosts cultural events and exhibitions of contemporary art. In 1912, the architectural firm Joseph G. Steinkamp & Brother, has worked in the Art Deco style, built a luxury hotel Metropole. He was very popular. Among other things, it featured a spiral staircase on two floors and a ballroom with an ornament. However, in 1971 this house accommodated under budget accommodation, and then the building was unattended until it was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

It was restored to revive the original features such as a mosaic in the floor of the elevator and the famous staircase. Today, there is a spacious hall for exhibitions and installations, where they show the work of contemporary artists. Moreover, the exhibition is free and open 24 hours a day. Rooms feature a modern design, they hang works by artists who have a coffee machine, charging for IPod, free Wi-Fi. Living promise food from chef Methropole popular restaurant, beer, bourbon on a special terrace for cocktails.

The former factory for the production of barrels

The most original hotels in historic buildings

Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

Cooperage (barrel factory production) in Brooklyn, launched in 1901, and a new life as a hotel it is building acquired in 2012. On the reconstruction it took five years. Creators retained smokestacks, but thoroughly take care of comfort, such as floor heating. Most rooms have views of the Manhattan skyline, but a good view can be enjoyed from the rooftop bar. The staff does not bring food into the room, but the hotel has a cozy restaurant on the ground floor.